The release of DOOM Eternal is upon us, and all advance reviews have agreed that it's one of the best first-person shooters in a while, with a campaign that elevates the brutal combat above the high bar set by its predecessor and innovates on the tactics the Doom Slayer implements in his gory and energetic dismantling of Hell's armies. With the game's launch finally here (and more time than ever to play video games), there are ways to prepare for the onslaught that awaits. One of the best features in 2016's DOOM is the SnapMap mode, where players can design and share their own DOOM levels. Let's look at ten of the best ones to get in the mood for DOOM Eternal.

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10 Time Traveler

While the Doom Slayer might be an inter-dimensional traveler known for single-handedly thwarting the evil machinations of the demonic spawn that invade Mars and Earth, he has not achieved the level of fourth-dimension warping that marks a time traveler. But thanks to the SnapMap from ByManStudio, DOOM players can enjoy a mind-tripping journey. The short story set in the Mars facility is an engaging experience that will have you slipping between realities as you explore the map.


9 Devil City Ransom

If you love '90s arcade fighting games, then you'll love this SnapMap from ZMannZilla. It's a gloriously over-the-top shoot-em-up that replaces punches and kicks with two shotguns and a whole lotta attitude.

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Defeat bosses full of personality and upgrade your gear at the store to achieve that high score. ZManZilla has done a good job infusing a sense of nostalgia and whimsy to an otherwise violent and bloody game.

8 The Resurrected

The first level of the Bloody Hell campaign from Spindleshanks is a frenzied push through the bowels of hell and the overrun facilities of the UAC. The Doom Slayer will find a lot of demons to smear on the walls as he explores a satisfying mix of custom geo design and modules. If this is any indication of the rest of the Bloody Hell campaign, then Spindleshanks is a talented SnapMap creator, and you should it check out.

7 Outcast M1

What's better than visiting a Roman cathedral? How about visiting a Roman cathedral while wiping any demon spawn from the sacred grounds with a Super Shotgun and a thirst for vengeance? And it's even better when the map designed by Void Runner has the old-school DOOM vibe with a fun and well-built single-player mission.

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There are more missions if you like this one, and it was one of the best examples of full custom geo with the original gameplay style that made the series what it is today.

6 Third Rail

In a roughly fifteen-minute single-player mission, the Doom Slayer will have to team up with VEGA to restore power to a Tram. This is a tough job by itself. But it's even harder when demons are trying to destroy you around every corner. Maki has made an exciting SnapMap here that deserves to be played. It's garnered enough respect in the DOOM community that people have upvoted it many times, and we can see why. It's got all the classic DOOM qualities that make for a fun mission.

5 Doomtris

Of course, where there is level design, there is a custom version of Tetris. And the DOOM SnapMaps are no different. BehemothProgrammer designed this homage to Tetris with very basic visual design and a color palette that reflects the weird aesthetic of a block-stacking arcade game within a violent R-rated first-person shooter.

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It doesn't make sense. But, then again, it makes perfect sense. If you want a fun and quick minigame in SnapMaps, then you could do worse than Doomtris.

4 Onslaught

Designed by someone at id Software, Onslaught is a tower defense game within DOOM. One to four players must survive wave after wave of demons in order to buy upgrades to their arsenal and compete for the high score. It's arcade and minigame glory all packed into a SnapMap. If that isn't something to revel in, we're not sure what is. DOOM Eternal is finally here, and nothing will prepare you like waves of demons attacking you until you can't fend them off any longer.

3 ! DOOM Zombies

ButterfortheKing has created a Call of Duty-esque zombies game within DOOM, so players can enjoy this survival mode that requires the Doom Slayer to hunt for keycards and power cores in order to escape the ship, all while fighting off waves of demons. Just like a CoD zombies mode, this will require you to upgrade your weapons and unlock different parts of the map in order to progress. It's a challenging game, and one of our favorite SnapMaps designed by the community.

2 Tormented Souls

If you're looking for another campaign after you finish DOOM and before you unleash carnage in DOOM Eternal, then BloodShot12 has created an excellent player experience in SnapMaps with his Tormented Souls campaign. The first level, Quantum Hazard, is just a taste of the four-part campaign, and it demonstrates the great design of this player-made story. Be sure to read the data logs carefully to find out what happened at the facility and how to progress through the narrative.

1 Halo: The Pillar of Autumn

Yes, you read that correctly. SevenXof has reimagined the classic first-person shooter mission in DOOM SnapMaps, and one to four players can reminisce about their life of gaming while playing one game inside of another. It's like Inception, but with Halo inside of DOOM inside of an FPS inside of a game. Follow all of that? No? Well, it doesn't really matter. Just hop on and play some Halo, courtesy of SevenXof.

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