GameStop (or EB Games, in some countries) is arguably one of the most well-known retail stores out there, especially for fans of video games. For many of us, especially when we were younger, we all had dreams of working at a GameStop. The retail giant has over seven thousand stores across the globe, and owns various ventures such as Kongregate, Game Informer, and is an authorized agent store for Cricket Wireless.

To those unaware, GameStop offers a fair bit of services and products. Primarily, it is a store that sells video games both new and used. They've also begun to sell used electronics such as phones and tablets. GameStop also offers trade in services, which is probably its most infamous service. At its core, customers can trade in their games or consoles for either cash or in-store credit to use for a different game or console. However, GameStop is well known for paying much, much less than its original amount. A full price game could net you less than four dollars if it's old. This leads to many angry customers, and many people getting a sour taste in GameStop's business practices, with many painting them as "money hungry." This leads to many angry customers who will over react and by the subject of many stories from employees new and former alike.

This article will focus on the stories of GameStop employees, and just how ridiculous it can be working there. From angry customers to peculiar interactions, these are fifteen horror stories about working at GameStop.

15 Not All Trades Are Equal Trades


An employee received a phone call from someone asking about the trade in value and the price of Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy was a little higher, and the employee said that he'd have to pay the difference, and he was fine with that. In the state the GameStop was in, it was considered to be a pawn shop and as such, the customer needed to be 18 to pawn their trade-in. The customer was 17, so he got his mother. She verifies it, and the employee explains that it'd be $1.10 extra for the game. This angered her, and hearing the trade policy only enrages her more. In her mind, it should be an even game for game trade. The Assistant Manager comes to talk with her, and before leaving (and paying for the game) the customer states that "if she worked [there] the service would be much better and [they] were terrible."


14 GameStop Might As Well Be A Daycare

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At the same GameStop as the last story, there was a sandwich place right next to it where people would love to eat lunch and dinner. Sounds simple enough; however, they would send their kids to the GameStop while they would eat. The kids would cause havoc for the GameStop employees to deal with. The children would take items off the shelves and set them down anywhere else, make a mess, and constantly be loud. It would continue until their parents would come into the store and get them. In some cases they never even came in, the parents would simply tap on the glass and motion for them it was time to go. The employee recalled that he got a chuckle from seeing adults and children walk into the windows, but the joy would leave quickly come closing.

This is a common occurrence, too: other employees have complained about parents letting their kids not only urinate on the floor, but also steal things because they're going around completely unsupervised.

13 Maybe Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry At GameStop...


According to one Reddit user, a girl came into the GameStop they were working in fairly often, always with large amounts of things to trade in. After a few weeks, a man came in, asking if someone had been in recently trading in specific games and systems; he even had the serial numbers, which checked with the ones that the girl had traded in earlier. Since the trades had already gone through, the man had to go through the police in order to investigate the sale of the systems. As it turns out, the guy had been actively deployed by the military recently, and also had been going through a bit of a nasty divorce, and this was his (ex) wife trying to get revenge on him by selling all his things. Since the GameStop had had her fingerprint, she was able to be charged. The ex-wife, upon finding this out, returned to the GameStop, angry that there were now charges against her for theft. Angrily, she destroyed a PS4 and a TV at the store... and then got arrested for it.

12 Can't Help With That...


When at work, it is more than possible to get hit on by a customer. It almost always is an embarrassing and very uncomfortable experience for everyone involved with the interaction. This would be true for a female GameStop worker, and she states it's a frequent exchange between male customers. When she asks if she can help guys with anything, they frequently respond something along the lines of "yeah sweetie, I need a girlfriend." The woman will then reply with "I'm engaged." After that, the customer will likely quickly leave the store with the friends they were with laughing at them. The kicker to all of this? The woman's fiancé is a coworker she met while working at GameStop. She doesn't state if this interaction has happened with the two of them working, but it'd only add onto the awkwardness.

11 That's A Way To Put It

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GameStop is a place to see all kinds of interesting characters, from young kids to parents with questionable agendas. This GameStop employee saw a rather dressed-down older man (think redneck) come into the store and shop around for games. He then threw the games down onto the counter, saying "Welp, this oughta keep the midgets happy for a while." Thinking the guy was just joking, the employee smiled and asked him how old his kids were. The customer then responded "Kids? Ha! I guess most people would think that." The conversation grew into an awkward silence as the employee finished the transaction and would ring him up. After it was all said and done, the employee nervously told the customer to have a good day.

10 No Return Policy On That, Unfortunately


A GameStop employee recalled probably the most unique interaction on this list, and it is hard to believe it actually happened. A customer had returned his old PlayStation 2 console for a trade-in, which went by smoothly. However, the customer called the store the next day. The employee answered the phone with the usual greeting. The customer explained who he was and the employee remembered serving him the day before. The customer would then explained that he'd left illegal substances inside of the PlayStation 2 and he "needed it back." The employee, not fully believing the customer, joked around: "Can't help you there, we already smoked it all." This led to the customer hanging up, and it's unclear whether or not there was actually any funny business with this PlayStation. It's by far one of the most unique phone calls an employee at any location would have with someone.

9 Honestly I'm Not Sure What This Customer Expected

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A customer comes into a GameStop to return their PlayStation 3, wanting their money back believing it "sucks." The employee apologizes that they feel that way and checks the receipt. They explain to the customer that since it's been three weeks they can't return it, as the return policy is only one week. The customer then goes off on them, saying that they had one full month to return it. The employee explains that that policy is only if there is an issue with the console itself, which there isn't in this case. The customer goes off and demands that the employee give her the refund. The customer resigns to trading it in, but it's not complete and missing a controller and wiring. After learning that he'd only get $60, the customer stomped off and would return before he left to drop an "f-bomb" to the employee.

8 There Are Public Toilets For That!

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While most of the entries on this list deal with angry customers, this one takes the cake for most disgusting. A GameStop employee recalls a customer who browses around and puts various games and accessories on hold but would never actually buy them. The employee would hear that this customer, before he worked there, would go to the bathroom in the store (number two!) in his pants and shake it out onto the floor. It gets worse, as they can for one reason or another not refuse service to the man. This customer would repeatedly come in and do the same thing. So, to recap, this GameStop has a customer they can't ban for whatever reason, who uses their store as a restroom and doesn't even actually buy anything from the store itself. Gross!

7 This Probably Isn't A Good Reason To Trade Something In

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This is another case of a woman getting hit on while at work. An employee was finishing taking stock counts for the week when a customer comes in wanting to trade in an iPhone. The employee would happily do so, and brought up all the information for his rewards card and check for anything that was potentially wrong with the phone. The employee asked if there was any reason why he was trading it in. The customer would responded by saying "Yeah, the reason I'm trading it in is because it doesn't have your phone number in it." The employee was unsure how to react and was trying to process it. She would respond with "I'm sorry, but I have a boyfriend" awkwardly. The customer tried to continue and told her that if ever she wanted to talk, his information was in the system.

6 They Don't Make ESRB Ratings For That


A seasonal employee is hired on during the peak times of a business and as such runs into a fair bit of unique characters. The recently hired employee would have his first taste of "interesting" customers. An older man would come into the GameStop and asks the employee if they sell adult videos. After the employee tells them no, the customer asked if he knows the nearest adult theater, and refused to leave until the employee looked it up on his phone. The older man refused to believe that the GameStop did not sell the adult material, and tried to pry the information out of the poor employee. It's an interesting misunderstanding and most likely one of the most "out there" ones an employee can experience having to deal with.

5 At Least The System Worked

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An employee would have probably the most embarrassing situation happen to them, due to a customer. It was the day after Christmas, and as such the store was packed. A customer came in to trade in his PlayStation 3 and a bunch of games for the system in order to get a PlayStation 4. However, when someone trades in a console, the employees have to test it first. With the PlayStation 3 you can set your own background, and the background for this customer's was a woman committing adult acts. As soon as the employee could he quickly turned it off in order to spare the eyes of everyone in the store. Of all the unexpected things to see when testing to see if a console works, this is by far the most shocking.

4 Trust Me, I Worked Here

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A customer came into the store with his PlayStation 4 saying that he bought it recently and didn't like it at all and wanted to return it. The employee asked if the customer had the receipt, and he did not. The employee asked if he was a member, but the customer stated that while he had a card, he never used it. The employee then explained that he can't process the return without that or a receipt. The customer responded that he used to work at the GameStop, and "knew" that the GameStop can do it other ways. The employee simply said he couldn't do it. The customer asked for a supervisor. The employee than walked away and came back as a supervisor, because he was the one on duty. The customer simply cussed him off as he left.

3 It's Kind Of For The Better Though

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An older man walks into a GameStop and begins talking to the employee working. He initiated the conversation with "Hey there cutie! What kind of games to you play?" The employee was rather confused, but nervously answered with JRPG and adventure games. The customer asked if he was excited for the new Xenoblade game. The employee loosened up and said how he was. The customer then asked the employee to come on a dinner date with him and that the employee could play his copy... and then winked. The employee then explained that he was a 21 year old dude, and that his name tag had just been facing the wrong way. When the customer found that out, he explained that he thought the employee was a flat chested teen girl, and told him to lift some weights.

2 At Least The Kids Get It


At a GameStop, two kids entered with their mother. They're looking around the store for about a half hour, before finally coming to the counter with four M-rated games. The employee, as per policy, asked if the mother was okay with them buying it. The mother wouldn't respond and just stared at her. The employee asked again, and was met with the same (non) response. One of the kids got it and tells the mother that she had to say it was okay. The mother simply shouted "Just buy the damn games!" and gave them her ID instead of saying it was fine. The child then simply handed it to the employee. They decided that it was enough of a yes and proceeded to finish the transaction.

1 I Guess That System Isn't A GameStop Exclusive After All


A GameStop employee was working when it was somewhat busy, and there was about five customers in line. A young child, no older than 14, walked straight up to the counter, and demanded service. However, he was forced to wait until the line was done. The employee asked what he can do for the lad. The child gives a loud sigh and asked if they have the new PS Vita 2. The employee asked if he meant the PS Vita 2000, but the child cut him off and shouted it was the PS Vita 2 and he saw a YouTube video about it. The child stated he knew that GameStop carried it. The kid shouted "There it is!" and pointed to a PSP Go. The employee explained what it was, but the kid simply said "no" and walked out of the store.

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