Sony has had some of the most iconic characters across their four console generations. Nathan Drake, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon are just a few. Unfortunately for Sony, they have also had the pleasure of having some of the most offensive characters in video game history grace their consoles. We are talking about walking cringe fests. Characters that will make you feel ashamed that you ever played those games. Naturally, Sony would like to forget about them as well.

These characters either are incredibly offensive towards themselves and the group they represent or they are just plain wrong to their core. These are the most sexist, racist, and downright face-palming characters in gaming history. Sony would love you to remember the first characters I mentioned and sweep these ones on the list under a rug.

What makes a character so offensive the console creator and game publisher would want you to forget they ever were approved, created, QA tested, and then shipped worldwide? The character probably made a lot of seasoned gamers blush. Maybe a few parents’ groups tried to get the game banned because of the character. Most likely, the only reason you remember the game at all is because of how offensive the character is to this day. You might not even remember anything else about the game. With all that being said, let's take an unfortunate and embarrassing trip down memory lane to revisit some offensive Sony characters they want you to forget about.

15 Ivy Valentine (Soulcalibur)


Regardless of what the developers claim, Ivy's outfits keep getting skimpier and skimpier, calling more attention to her looks than her actual fighting prowess. Yes, she is one of the best fighters in the series, but the developers can’t get past the horny teenager shtick.

From a purely practical standpoint, Ivy’s outfits are crazy. Not only are they not practical, no human on earth could keep them on standing still, let alone pulling off the moves Ivy does. Fighting games are notorious for objectifying women and Ivy is the poster child for it. Rather than allowing her ability as an awesome fighter to dominate her character, the developers want little to be left for the imagination. Don’t even get me started on the jiggle physics that go along with her.


14 Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)


When the trailers for RE5 came out, it did look like white people killing black people. It was convenient that later Sheva was introduced and the zombies became multi-racial, but that part of it is just speculation. The true offense is Sheva’s character and clothing options that scream tokenism.

An unlockable character skin for Sheva is a bit more tribal and risqué than what is standard issue for most RE heroes. A leopard print thong bikini is not anyone’s choice when fighting zombies. The developers once again threw together a sexist representation of a female character to sell games.

Her character is bland and non-existent, which only fuels her tokenism as the sexy and wild African. Say what you will about the reason behind her inclusion in the game, but it could have at least been non-offensive.

13 Rikku (Final Fantasy X)


Oh, Square Enix, when will you ever learn. Rikku is an over-sexualized 15-year-old that wears a very small outfit for the entire game that shows off her G-string. It may be western sensibilities talking, but it is uncomfortable characterization of a strong young girl who is fighting to save the world.

Rikku is a good female character that the gamer gets to know throughout FFX. It is just that her outfit at that age is over the top for the sake of getting male gamers excited. To have a 15-year-old have such a central and adult love story in the game also doesn’t help.

12 Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)


Quiet drinks through her skin, therefore she needs more of it exposed. That is the reason why she is in a bikini for the entire game. It might be the weakest excuse by a developer to put a woman in a bikini. It would have been less offensive to just come out and be honest; “She’s in a bikini because that sells games.”

The tactical gear she wears over her bikini is just laughable. The developers thought, “Well if we make it look more tactical, it won't be as bad.” This is insane. Quiet can't be equal to the male characters because of a power she does not necessarily need to use all the time. How often does she need to drink really? The objectification of Quiet is out of place in Phantom Pain and is offensive.

11 Larry (Leisure Suit Larry Series)


Everyone knew the remakes of one of the most raunchy games in history were going to be terrible and offensive. It is just surprising that it happened. Larry is a short 40 year-old man that views women as play things and not real people. His sole purpose is to get laid at every turn, with over the top mini games to win over shallow female NPCs.

The games themselves are one cheesy Penthouse letter come to life after another. They treat an entire gender as a thing or a goal. It is sad that these games exist and it is even sadder that Sony allowed multiple games from this franchise on its consoles. Sony must be hoping that we all move on from this and never speak of Larry every again.

10 Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem Forever)


Forget the language, the violence, and attitude, Duke is offensive because how he treats women. Actually, he's also offensive because of the language he uses. Duke’s offensive interactions with women make Leisure Suit Larry look like a positive role model.

Duke literally kills two nude women who plead with him not to kill them because of their post-alien baby weight. They promise to lose the weight if he lets them live. Astoudingly, you cannot progress if you do not kill them. There are a lot of offensive moments on this list but that is one of the most shocking. The offensive nature of the game is Duke’s calling card. It is supposed to be tongue in cheek. Is it really tongue in cheek when your game has moments like that?

9 Auntie Poulet (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)


Fun fact: Auntie Poulet is voiced by Miss Cleo. That is where the fun ends with this offensive character. Auntie is a voodoo priestess stereotype that has Tommy Vercetti kill Cuban NPCs for her after drugging him.

Auntie Poulet leans into the whole voodoo stereotype to the point where she becomes unbelievable as a character. It is ridiculously over the top and offensive. Women from Haiti are not all voodoo priestesses that use their magic to get their way.

The mission you do for her, after being drugged by her, just furthers her inappropriate narrative. GTA is not the place to go for positive portrayals of races or genders, but Auntie takes the cake for being so deeply committed to this outdated and offensive stereotype.

8 The Women Of Killer Is Dead (Killer Is Dead)


The women in Killer is Dead are nothing more than sexual conquests to be completed. Suda 51 has made a name for himself in the WTF department over the years, but Sony would like you to forget that he also makes misogynistic games.

The Gigolo missions have you court these women by flirting and showering them with gifts with the ultimate goal being 'love making'. The gamer just has to look at the woman’s body parts to achieve their goal. These side missions actually had many reviewers docking points from their overall scores.

It is unclear what any of this had to do with the rest of the game, but it is clear that the women of Killer is Dead are offensive representations of women that Sony would like to move on from.

7 Ashley (Resident Evil 4)


Although not as sexual as Sheva, Ashley does not help the Resident Evil franchise. The president's daughter is a damsel in distress that the player begins to loather not only for her vapid, tasteless portrayal, but also because saving her butt is frustrating and infuriating.

Damsels in distress are an unfortunate video game staple that demeans women and is offensive. Ashley is the most pathetic version of this trope. She can barely stand on her own two feet, let alone stop from being taken repeatedly. It is really upsetting to watch as such an underdeveloped character drives the plot. After recovering Ashley for the tenth time, the gamer wishes she could at least hold a gun, for women and sanity's sake.

6 James Earl Cash (Manhunt 2)


Manhunt is not meant for the faint of heart. That is why parent groups wanted to never let it see the light of day. The game forces the player to take part in the brutal killing and torture of any enemy Cash can get his hands on. The violently sadistic nature of each kill leaves little to the imagination.

Cash is an offensive character because how he disposes of each enemy. The snuff film angle really has not been replicated since the second entry in the series. You could say he is being told to do such things by the Director, but how quickly Cash takes to it all is in his nature. Cash was created to be the gamers vehicle into this world of gore. Sony really hopes you can move on and forget about it.

5 Sammy Wasabi (Freaky Flyers)


There are no good characters in Freaky Flyers, as the stereotypes are laid on pretty thick in this game. Sammy Wasabi might be one of the worst one though. Sammy Wasabi is a horrible Asian stereotype that has buck teeth and flies a plane called the Kamikaze Express.

Sammy is also a genius inventor who uses his inventions to inflict damage on others. The stereotype keeps getting worse. Then, there is his accent, which filled to the brim with R’s instead of L’s and poor grammar. It is so uncomfortable to watch. It makes old Looney Tunes cartoons look harmless and cute. There isn’t a redeeming quality about Sammy. The PS2 had a lot of 'out there' games, but Freaky Flyers hands down is the most racist.

4 Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy VII)


Although he is the first black character in the series, he is unfortunately a walking stereo-type from his mannerisms, lack of intelligence, and over the top speech. Japanese developers have continually had a hard time portraying other races in a positive light. In fact, that might be an undertone throughout this list. Barret might be the most infamous example of a Japanese developer trying to create a Western black man for Western audiences.

Barret is one bad mothereffe, but that does not make up for his representation. His tattoos and Mr. T like appearance are just the cherry on top of this sundae. Gamers grew to look past his exterior as they progressed through FFVII. He is a solid character underneath it all, but first impressions matter, and this one was super offensive.

3 Every Person In Gun (Gun)


A cowboy video game that doesn’t offend Native Americans is rare. Honestly, it might not even exist. Gun had the honored distinction of The Association for American Indian Development calling for a boycott of this game because of the stereo typical portrayal of both the Native people and the white people who violently hated them.

This game has not stood the test of time and is offensive towards Native people. When it came out, it was well reviewed and was the top dog of Western games until Red Dead Redemption. The Native Americans are portrayed like the older Western movies, making them savages without any recognizable human traits. The white people are just as despicable and inhuman. There are just so many moments of violence and hatred that every character in Gun makes this list for being astronomically offensive.

2 B.T. (Boxing)


Boxing for the PS1 might have passed by a few fighting fans back in the day, but it had quite an offensive character in it. B.T. is a large black boxer who fights while sucking on a pacifier in his mouth. This caricature is a damaging portrayal of black people being infantile and lesser.

Like Barret from FFVII, B.T. is reduced to an offensive caricature that has perpetuated western culture for hundreds of years. B.T. is not seen as a real man or a real fighter. He is a big oaf with a gimmick that makes him pathetic. Like boxing games in the past, Boxing tries to go for laughs at the expense of other cultures and races.  Sony would like it if gamers were to move on and forget about this little misstep in their past.

1 Belladonna (Thrill Kill)


In the first game to receive the AO rating, Belladonna is dominatrix that moans, pantomimes sexual acts on other characters, and has one of the most offensive back stories. She snapped and became a murderous and lustful dominatrix after she found her husband cheating on her with her sister. She kills them both and begins her bizarre sexually charged rampage.

That might be the worst background for any character in video game history. She is nothing more than an oversexed woman out for revenge. Belladonna’s existence portrays so many groups in a bad light from women, to BDSM practitioners, to sisters, and even female fighting game characters. Belladonna is so offensive that there is no defending her. She is a walking representation of what Sony and others want you to forget ever happened.

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