It has been seven years of mass mayhem perpetuated in every conceivable way across the vast city of Grand Theft Auto V. With little to no updates, except for the online portion, San Andreas and its northern mountain ranges have remained relatively untouched since their relaunch on current consoles.

A revisit to previous titles, though frustrating given their outdated controls, offers up a tiny glimpse of the future. Despite being a long way off, the ever-mythical Grand Theft Auto VI brews in a vacuum of uncertainty and speculated half-completion. It will be an explosive release to be sure, but most intriguing is its potential setting.

GTA V took us home to CJ's hood, but what shall the future hold for Rockstar's next open-world?

5 Vice City

Via Rockstar

It's 1986 and Out of Touch by Hall & Oates emanates from the speakers as the Stinger cruises steadily down Ocean Drive. Vice City had not only an electrifying soundtrack but a city that echoed the underlying themes of its narrative. The play on the title itself, "GTA VIce City," has already been drafted into various fan-made cover designs on Reddit, but it all depends on how Rockstar implements the city into the story, and if they even plan on taking the sequel there.

Re-inviting fans to a post-modern iteration on a place last visited in Vice City Stories, GTA VI could include a nod to its franchise counterpart with a portion of its narrative revolving around the drug trade in Guarma. Despite being a staple of the cocaine-addled Rockstar map, a Vice City-set GTA sequel doesn't necessarily require the 1980s tone. It does, however, require an epic soundtrack.


4 San Fierro

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The sun-streaked structures and rollercoaster streets of San Fierro created an area on the San Andreas map unrivaled for its thrilling car chases and breathtaking scenery. Arriving in the San Francisco look-alike for the very first time is itself a highlight of the story, a mission with the Truth aptly titled: "Are you going to San Fierro?" It's home to a thriving seaport, a Big Pointy Building, and the iconic Grant Bridge. What more could be asked in a potential Grand Theft Auto VI setting?

A glamour and gambling-fueled nightlife.

3 Las Venturas

Via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V's only disservice was ridding the map of the glitzy, neon Las Venturas. Players came here to bet big, losing all of the cash gained from those painstaking missions on a track race gone awry. Or a crisp $1 million wasted on red with an unlucky spin at Roulette. San Andreas had its own gambling player stat, which was boosted by winning larger and larger amounts of in-game buy-ins.

It would be interesting to see how Rockstar breathed life back into Las Venturas and San Fierro using next-gen capabilities. Doubtful as it may be, they could potentially even add in the GTA V map along the way, but maybe the West Coast is now a thing of the past?

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2 Liberty City

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Star setting of three major Grand Theft Auto titles, Rockstar's New York City is a skyscraper haven with narrow streets and minuscule vegetation. Due to its deeply-rooted nature in the franchise, it wouldn't be surprising to see Liberty City as the backdrop of GTA VI. It may have garnered flack in Grand Theft Auto IV, a story that did away with the tried and true rags to riches tale for a more realistic take on Niko Bellick's new urban life, yet it remains a classic Rockstar destination.

Whether appearing in GTA VI or not, Liberty City will still find some way of being pivotal to the overarching plot.

1 Anywhere, USA

Via Rockstar Games

Typically ignored due to its age, Grand Theft Auto 2 dropped players into an area called Anywhere, USA. With rumors thus far largely suggesting that GTA VI will have far less content than its predecessors, Anywhere may very well be prime real estate for the sequel to expand upon.

The addition can be viewed not merely as a franchise call-back, but also as a metaphor, referring to literally anywhere in the United States. A Grand Theft Auto based in Chicago, Washington DC, or even Seattle would be a well-received take on the franchise. The sixth entry could even feature a multitude of US cities condensed into one map, akin to Red Dead Redemption II.

Bonus: International

Dropping players into any large-scale overseas city would be a simultaneously fresh and interesting new twist on the Grand Theft Auto formula. The setting in question could be any one of the vast and beautiful international urban locales: Paris, London, Kyoto, Singapore, Cologne, Sydney, Buenos Aires, and more.

Rockstar could get real bold by taking their beloved franchise into a completely new direction: the literal future. Similar to how Vice City and Vice City Stories explored the 1980s and San Andreas was based in the early 90s, a new GTA could take fans to a futuristic world, akin to Cyberpunk 2077. GTA VI needs to mature, after all, made all the more poignant by Dan Houser's words spoken in 2018, who then relayed his thankfulness for taking a step back from the controversial franchise.

GTAVI, like its predecessor, will be with players for many years to come following its debut. The map it presents will have to be as extensive as it is detailed, littered with many explorable interiors and diverse geographical sections. If anyone can pull it off, it's the open-world wizards at Rockstar.

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