Contrary to what most fans originally believed, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity did not end up a proper prequel to Breath of the Wild. In actuality, Age of Calamity is a full on sequel that can only exist because of the events of Breath of the Wild. The end result is a story that pivots from the intended Calamity, giving Link and Zelda a chance to clutch the victory their alternate selves let slip by them. While this narrative shift might be disappointing, it does give Age of Calamity’s story a unique flavor in comparison to Breath of the Wild.

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It goes without saying, but Age of Calamity also has a considerably happier ending than Breath of the Wild’s backstory. The story plays out like a more traditional fantasy epic, with Link and Zelda fighting off Ganon’s forces every step of the way. This isn’t to say Age of Calamity is lacking in pathos, however, as Calamity Ganon’s defeat is ultimately tied to the loss of Terrako – Zelda’s only connection to her mother. With enough effort, players can unlock Age of Calamity’s secret ending and reunite Princess Zelda with a lost friend – and a new playable character.

Finish Chapter 7

Calamity Ganon AoC

Before players can unlock the Secret Ending, they need to unlock the actual ending first. Age of Calamity’s final chapter is Chapter 7, which is split into three story missions: The Great Plateau (detailing King Rhoam’s last stand), All Hyrule United (a massive field battle), and The Future of Hyrule (the actual final showdown with Calamity Ganon).


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After completing The Future of Hyrule, the credits will roll and Age of Calamity will ease into its post-game. During The Future of Hyrule, Terrako sacrifices themselves to save Zelda. The post-game focuses on slowly rebuilding Terrako by obtaining different components across multiple Challenges and Side Quests.

Rebuild Terrako

Terrako Age of Calamity

After beating Chapter 7, several Terrako missions will start popping up on the overworld. Rebuilding Terrako for Zelda requires obtaining a total of 50 Terrako Components over the course of seven different Challenges and eight Side Quests. You’ll need to complete very Terrako mission to unlock Terrako, so there’s no use skipping any. 45 Components can be found from the following missions:

  • Invading Terrors (Challenge)
  • The Master Kohga Chronicles! (Challenge)
  • Rampaging Malice (Challenge)
  • Hunting Partners (Challenge)
  • Shadow of Ganon (Challenge)
  • Guardian Graveyard (Challenge)
  • Search for Parts (Quest)
  • Gathering the Facts (Quest)
  • The Eye That Sees Far (Quest)
  • Let’s Dance (Quest)
  • A Secret in Song (Quest)
  • Right under Our Noses (Quest)
  • No Extreme Too Extreme (Quest)
  • Searching Eventide Island (Quest)

Once you have 45 Terrako Components, a final mission will spawn in Hyrule that’ll reward you with the last five parts to finally rebuild Terrako. When you’re ready, start up A Royal Investigation.

A Royal Investigation

Age of Calamity Zelda and Terrako

One of the hardest Challenges in the game, A Royal Investigation pits Princess Zelda against multiple different Lynel. The mission’s recommended level is 61 and it’s advised to unlock as much of Zelda’s move pool as possible (while also upgrading her Hearts). Cook The Ceremonial Platter if Zelda’s low on Hearts, otherwise stick to Meals that’ll buff her offense and defense so you kill each Lynel as fast as possible.

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Your goal in A Royal Investigation is to capture outputs guarded by Lynels. There will be an Electric, Ice, and Flame Lynel to contend with, so be prepared. After all three Lynels have been defeated, two Malice Lynels will spawn and start wreaking havoc. Zelda will only have five minutes to put them down, but succeed and you’ll have all 50 Components needed to rebuild Terrako.

The Secret Ending

Age of Calamity Zelda hugging Terrako

As your reward for finding all 50 Terrako Components, you’ll be treated to a cutscene where Robbie manages to repair Terrako, even restoring its memories in the process. Age of Calamity ends with Terrako and Zelda finally reunited, averting so much of the tragedy the Princess ends up suffering in Breath of the Wild. The end credits are also revised to show what each character is up to after the war. Notably, Terrako and Impa are finally on friendly terms, and Sooga seems to have survived – returning to Master Kohga after he seemingly died.

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