It seems quite obvious by now that a lot of video games need to be made, as we all have great ideas that we know could be amazing in game form. Imagine your idea was going to happen. Just think: your idea for a game was going to go down and you were going to lead the team that makes it. Your dream game was going to come true, and a lot of people heard you were making it. They got excited too.

Now you're invested and so are they. Many fans want anything new that could possibly be given. You're always trying to keep it under wraps because you knew, once it was done, it could be amazing. Imagine you're now getting going with the best parts of the game and it's going very well. Then, production stops and the money runs dry. The studio no longer wants to fund your dream game.

It disappoints many fans, including the entire team who was working hard on the game. This is not something that everyone has to imagine, as it happened to them. A lot of games have been close to getting developed only for the plug to be pulled before it could happen. These are not just your random game either, but a game that includes major characters you may even know.

Plugs being pulled are not an uncommon thing in gaming, as it happens far more than studios want to admit. However, there were some awesome games that never had the opportunity to get made for one reason or another. We found fifteen of them that will make you want to strangle studio heads. Enjoy!

15 This Was Gone Until The SNES Classic


Imagine, your studio creates a hit game and then you're tasked to create a second one that would capitalize on the first. You may see a ton of money and success from it. It is now finished and ready to be released... yet it never gets released. This is the story of Star Fox 2. What caused a finished game to not be released? Especially Star Fox, which was already so big in its time? Nintendo stopped the game before its release in 1995 due to what they did with their 3D battle sequences.

There was an issue regarding the fact one had to travel openly across the map of a local solar system when they went from fight to fight. They spoke highly about the advanced 3D technology in the game, which was well ahead of Super Nintendo standards, but this wasn't enough. Interestingly, the developers expected the Nintendo 64 to come out about a year earlier. Lead Developer Dylan Cuthbert told Eurogamer that the game was cancelled because there was a fear over public perception regarding what a 3D should look like. What was so sad in the end was that Argonaut founder Jez San claimed that Nintendo "canned Star Fox 2 even though it was finished and used much of our code in Star Fox 64 without paying us a penny." This game finally got released on the Super NES Classic.


14 Steampunk Batman



Okay, let's clear the air here. The last few Batman Arkham games made by Rocksteady were amazing, and to even try to point to them being bad would illogical to say the least. But they weren't the only Batman games in planning. Batman by Gaslight was a comic featured in the Victorian Era England territory, in which Batman would be hunting down the greatest uncaught bad man in history, Jack the Ripper. The idea was good and the concept was perfect, thus making the comic quite popular.

The video game was based on this, and even concept menus and footage was developed. What stopped this was being done? First, the studio behind the concept was called Day 1, and due to their size, they needed a major partner, so they sought out THQ. It was up to them to not only get the rights for Batman from Warner Bros. but also help monetarily with the movement of the game.

Sadly, THQ soon went out of business. Without a major partner who could help monetarily and gain the major rights to Batman for this to happen, the concept was thrown out. As luck would have it, the comic is now being created into an animated movie. And since Rocksteady has proven they can kill with a Batman game... perhaps they can try their hand at a new game. Something tells us they are not done with superhero games yet.

13 We Hope You Still Have The Demo

Lisa In P.T. (Silent Hills)
Via: Silent Hill Wiki

So get this, you have an opportunity to make an amazing game that stars The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus... and then you're pulled. The game was Silent Hills. The way people found out about it was a random, free, playable trailer on the PlayStation Store. You would navigate the same hallway and run across creepy and disturbing things along the way, as well as figure out puzzles that would lead you to different things. By the time you got to the end, a trailer for the new Silent Hills game would play. It was universally loved.

The game was being made by one hell of a team too. The legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Sadly, it was cancelled. However, Kojima would leave the studio and would form his own. Interestingly, he would start a new game also involving Norman. This time, it was a game called Death Stranding, which looks incredible.

12 Before Overwatch, There Was...


This game was a concept that Blizzard had. The idea for the game was well-liked by the studio and sounds pretty familiar. After the massive success of World of Warcraft, Blizzard wanted to try something new and this was a good way of going about it.

Titan was a game that would have been in a first-person shooter combat system. The game would have taken place in a futuristic version of Earth after an alien invasion, where players would perform odd day jobs when they weren't fighting anything or anyone. Blizzard kept this going for seven years, with the game seemingly developed to near completion before they pulled it in 2013.

Interestingly, Blizzard did not totally ruin what they completed. A game by the name of Overwatch was built from the remains of Titan by the studio. It did okay with fans we've heard.

11 The Fall Of The House Of Mouse


Disney seems to touch anything and it turns to gold. Their toy business has always been booming and that is a huge thing. But what if they could do one better? They introduced something called Disney Infinity, where you could buy specifically designed toys that when you used them as part of a game you bought on the side, they would become playable characters for you. It encouraged kids and collectors alike to buy and buy. They even offered major updates if things went wrong.

The Disney Infinity 4.0 game was cancelled due to lower than expected sales for the previous game. The new one would have included material from the Rogue One film, but we will never see it come to pass. Unless, of course, Disney finds another way to utilize this world...

10 Not One, But Two Cancellations


There was a game called Mega Man Universe, which planned to make a major creation tool game. Sadly, the game was not well-liked. It apparently had a bad art style to it and the fans who played it at press events did not like it. It was cancelled in March of 2011.

This is not the only Mega Man pulled. While that one made some sense, a game by the name of Mega Man Legends 3 looked to be amazing. The idea behind it was to continue the series that began on PlayStation and bring it to the Nintendo 3DS. Due to the other game being cancelled, it seems the studio did not want to deal with Mega Man anymore, thus also cancelled this one in 2011, though many people believe the reason for so many cuts to the franchise was due to Keiji Inafune leaving the company a year prior.

9 Guillermo Doesn't Have A Lot Of Luck


You gotta hand it to Guillermo del Toro. He had a lot of things taken out of the works for him by video game studios, but inSANE was probably one of the better projects he never could finish. In fact, this came before the Silent Hills issue. The famed horror director was working with a pretty good studio to make this game happen, Volition. For those unaware, they made the games Saints Row and Red Faction, which worked pretty well for them.

The idea for this was to make it a horror trilogy, and in 2010 the studio seemed on board big time when they announced it. Adding del Toro to a great studio with good developers was a perfect combination. Sadly, the entire project was pulled. While it seems pretty obvious that it would have been one heck of a horror game or trilogy of them, we never got to see it. It seems del Toro could not catch a break for a while in the video game industry, but don't worry, he turned out alright.

8 For Fans Of Final Fantasy


One of the ones that hits home for many gamers is the cancellation of Scalebound. It was a very ambitious game that many felt could be a counter to Final Fantasy games. You would be able to control dragons, and hunt down other mystical creatures. While the story was never fully explained, it did make us feel it was going to be amazing. In fact, gameplay for the game was shown just last year to rave reviews by gamers.

Sadly, the game was not going the way developers wanted. This was set to be a Microsoft exclusive, made by Platinum Games, the same studio that brought us the Legend of Korra, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Bayonetta. The reason for the game being cancelled came down to creative differences. The studio is a Japanese one, and Microsoft is run by western minds. So the idea for the creative plans in the game clashed, thus causing problems between the two companies.

7 A Prehistoric Romp


Developed by Intrepid, a Lionhead satellite, the B.C. game was exactly what it sounded like. It featured dinosaurs, and a working, real-life oriented food chain. Meaning if the human would have been eaten by a certain dinosaur, you would be in trouble.

This game was not a next-gen console game, but an idea from the early 2000s that was thought to be terrific for the older systems. The A.I. was impressive and ahead of its time. You would evolve and grow among your tribe. The work stopped when things were 75% complete, because Lionhead and Intrepid would not share proprietary technology. Lionhead also wanted to push out Fable for Xbox 360 release, which was about to come out at the time. They put all their efforts behind Fable for Xbox 360 and killed B.C. to make it happen.

6 This Game's Just A Ghost Now


Blizzard Entertainment is not entitled to one stopped game that could have been amazing. People forget how incredible this studio is and how many amazing ideas they have, and StarCraft: Ghost was one of them. The game was a third-person shooter, which was becoming quite popular at the time. It was stealthy and focused on a main character by the name of Nova, a sort of psychic spy operating in the years after StarCraft's Brood War expansion. The game was subject to a ton of halts and delays, causing it to continue to fall behind expected release times. Blizzard decided to halt production while they did better research on potential seventh-generation consoles or what we now know as "next-gen" consoles.

For some time, they never gave up on the project, which made people feel that it could be coming after nearly a decade. Then in 2014, Blizzard's CEO, Michael Morhaime confirmed the project was dead. Nova was kept alive despite this, and can be seen in Heroes of the Storm as well as a StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm mission. So there could always be a Nova solo game that goes back to the roots of what the original game would have had. It isn't like Blizzard is hurting for cash these days.

5 Next-Gen Issues


The original Prey game was pretty popular for fans. They enjoyed it and thus, a second installment made sense. Plus, a lot of new ways of developing games was being implemented for the time. So with the knowledge they had, a second game was not only needed but smart to do. And Bethesda did what we would assume, they worked on Prey 2 and out an incredible cinematic trailer for E3 as well as a beloved demo too, all in 2011. The thought was that it would be released in 2012, possibly the next Spring or Fall at worst.

That did not occur. Instead, the plan to cut them game seemed to occur and we never really saw any update after. Then the original 2006 title was rebooted for 2017's Prey. This was done as a way to take advantage of the next-gen opportunity, and still manage to open up opportunities for Bethesda outside of Fallout for them. As luck would have it, just as they saw with the original, Prey turned out very well with gamers. That said, we could see an updated Prey 2 one day. So this one is not quite done, but the original one certainly is.

4 When IPs Change Owners


Think about this one. A new Star Wars game called Star Wars 1313 that focused on growing as a young Boba Fett character, whom you played as. All of this while going through the unseen and very interesting underworld of Coruscant. The plan for the game was pretty interesting. Rumored to play similar to that of a game like Uncharted, developers were making a cover-based combat system with a major focus on the overall spectacle of the world.

For its time, this game reportedly had amazing visuals, which was clearly needed. Why did a game like this get shut down? Well, developer LucasArts closed in April of 2013 and of course we now see the entire Star Wars brand owned by Disney. While they have allowed games to be made using the brand, the problem is that they do not come close to the original plan. We will likely never see this game.

3 James Bond He Ain't


Agent was announced in 2009, interestingly with a partnership that excited a lot of people, Rockstar and PlayStation. Of course, we all know Rockstar made Grand Theft Auto and Sony has been known to put out some badass exclusives in recent years. What we saw from Agent was a logo, some environment art, and rumored gameplay had it working well. However, nothing was really known of what happened.

The game's story sounded quite appealing in concept. It was a spy tale set in the 1970s during the Cold War, but that is about all. What is so sad about this entire thing is that around 8 years have passed and we have not heard a peep from either side regarding the hold-up. The game has not been officially canned, and now there seems to be some new concept art among other things pop-up, along with a renewal for the title by Rockstar. So, let us hold on to hope for this one!

2 Even Tom Clancy Isn't Safe


Tom Clancy games always seem to catch the eye of gamers, as the brand tends to always have an interesting idea coming out. One of the games that seemed amazing that we will never see is Rainbow Six: Patriots. The game was a tactical first-person shooter that would address various issues going on and center on a group of insurgents called the "True Patriots." Impressive cinematics were seen, and the entire idea made sense. So what happened?

It all came down to next-generation consoles. According to an interview by technical artist for the game, Oliver Couture, the team felt the fully destructive environments they had lined up for the next-generation consoles just blew away anything Patriots would be able to offer. Saying they thought it "was just a better solution to clean the slate, reset, and make what’s best for the players."

1 A Great Cancelled Superhero Game


Imagine an open-world game based on the world of The Flash, the Wally West version, set within the first 12 months of West becoming the new scarlet speedster. The idea would be to follow him on his journey to learning how to be the new Flash. It was in development for just over a year and given the title The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive. The launch was expected at the end of 2009 as well. The company making it was sold to another company, which was run mostly by film people with no background in gaming. Many mistakes would go down, and money would become an issue.

Flash needed money to fund its make, and Brash was cutting corners in order to save money and still fund Flash. They hoped to earn money and fund more ambitious projects like this, but the games would turn out badly. Gamers gave horrible reviews for their games, and sales were terrible. Eventually, the company making it went out of business, thus meaning the end of The Flash game.

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