November is closing in, which means that Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are getting ready for a new set of seasonal items. On the menu for this upcoming season is the mushroom set, which can be created by gathering mushrooms during the mushrooming season.

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It's always exciting when a new line of furniture items become available, especially for players who have kept from time traveling to fall. As with any set, the mushroom set is full of a few coveted items, along with some that really just aren't that great looking. Below are all the items from the New Horizons mushroom set ranked.

12 Mush Partition

The mush partition just isn't really an aesthetically pleasing item. It's incredibly short, unlike other partitions in the game, and, for many fans, is hard to place around the island, as it simply just doesn't look as good as the rest of the sets or the naturally growing mushrooms.

The mush partition looks awkward, and, while fans know what the design is trying to go for, it just isn't winning anyone over.


11 Mush Wand

The mush wand is a fall-themed take on the other wands in the game that lets players cycle through several favorite outfits. Many fans have noted that it is a bit strange looking unless you have the right outfit, and many players note that it looks more like a cooking ingredient than a wand. The mush wand would go great with a custom forest themed outfit or the right fairy design.

10 Mush Umbrella

The mush umbrella is the only apparel item from the series, and players will need to turn to custom designs to create a matching outfit. While the item does have a unique white rod for characters to hold onto, there are tons of mushroom designs already out there for players to use.

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However, it's truly only a matter of time before umbrella customization returns to the series, making the mush umbrella less appealing.

9 Forest Flooring

The forest flooring is a great choice for players who want to have a fantasy or woodsy themed room in their homes. This is the most expensive item in the mushroom series to craft, as fans will need to search their island to find a rare mushroom, which is hidden in the ground. The forest flooring is as unique as the other seasonal flooring designs and will be highly coveted by players.

8 Forest Wall

For fans who have the forest flooring, the forest wall is a must, as the two are part of a matching set that looks incredible when paired together. Luckily, the forest wall doesn't cost as much to craft as the forest flooring, which should be a huge relief for players trying to complete the whole set.

The forest wall can easily be used with custom fall flooring patterns, as well, for an even more unique look.

7 Mush Table

The mush table can be customized to fans' liking, as it the case with many of the other furniture items in the mushroom set. The table is essentially just a giant round mushroom that is perfect for decorating houses or placing around the island. Like with other tables, fans can throw items on top of the table to give it an even more interesting look.

6 Mush Stool

For players who have the mush table, the mush stool is a must. This is a smaller mushroom that can be used to easily make a fairy circle or just placed around the island to give fans guests a unique way to rest after catching some bugs. The mush stool is the easiest to craft items in the series, so making multiples will be a breeze.

5 Mushroom Wreath

The mushroom wreath is likely the first DIY recipe players will get from the set. This is because it's given to you by morning announcements by Isabelle. The wreath can be placed on players' houses or on the doors of animals around the island to give it a more fall time look.

The mushroom wreath does take quite a few different items to craft, which makes it harder to justify duplicating.

4 Mush Parasol

Despite the confusing name, this isn't an item that players can use as an accessory. The parasol is a giant towering mushroom that many villagers would love to take a nap under, and the item looks great when placed outdoors.

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The mush parasol is similar to some other mush items from the older Animal Crossing games.

3 Mush Wall

The mush wall is a unique wallpaper that sadly doesn't have a matching flooring item. Luckily, most players will probably have a matching pattern in no time. I

f fans are looking for a more casual way to express love for the mushroom series, then this item works year-round. The mush wall is an adorable wallpaper design that can match a variety of different room designs.

2 Mush Log

The mush log is considered to be one of the best items in the mush series. It can easily be placed in the middle of island forests to create a fantasy look and is just an all-around innovative design for a furniture island. The mush log is the only multi-part crafting recipe that will need you to craft log stools before making the recipe.

1 Mush Lamp

The mush lamp is currently one of the most popular items in the game. The mush lamp glows all over and can be customized to have a wide variety of hues. It is a must for anyone trying to create a fantasy or fairy theme on their island and may just be the most popular lamp in the series.

The mush lamp is easy to duplicate and has a low-cost crafting recipe, which makes it even more desirable.

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