Let's be honest — cicada shells aren't an exciting insect in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In fact, they aren't even real insects! They're just empty shells left behind by cicadas who have recently shed their exoskeleton. Nonetheless, you'll need to scoop one of these up if you're hoping to fill out the Critterpedia and fully stock the Museum. Here's how to find the non-bug cicada shell in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Limited Availability Of Cicada Shells

For better or for worse, these bugs are only around on your island for two months out of the year. Northern Hemisphere players can encounter them during the months of July and August, while Southerners can spot them in January and February. They can be found all day long, but there's only one spot in particular you'll find them — tree trunks. Oddly enough, they seem to be a rare spawn, with players struggling to find them despite hours of searching. These bug lookalikes won't fly away when disturbed, so feel free to run around the island as fast as you can, scouring each tree that you pass.

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For what it's worth, cicada shells were also rare in New Leaf, but players report having a better chance of finding them later in the evening. It's hard to say if this is also true in New Horizons, but it never hurts to do some late-night bug-hunting.

Selling Cicada Shells Is Silly

Don't bother trying to get rich off of these shells, as they'll only net you a measly 10 bells. Considering the difficulty some players are having in finding these things, it's odd to think they are the least valuable bug on the island. That's right — there's not a single bug in New Horizons that sells for less than the cicada shell. Then again, it's not even a bug… it's just some leftover bug skin. I'm surprised Timmy and Tommy even buy it at all.

Keep your eyes glued to tree trunks during the summer months, and you'll find yourself a cicada shell before you know it. Just don't feel pressured to collect more than one.


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