Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced several new features to the series' formula. For instance, instead of letting villagers set up camp wherever they like, the player has the option to choose their house location for them. There are also fewer restrictions for outdoor decorating, and a reward system for completing in-game tasks like spending a certain amount of bells or collecting materials for crafting.

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Some things never change, however. Animal Crossing has always been a quirky series, and there are still things about the game that make absolutely no sense. This time around, some of them have to do with the deserted island setting that gives the player more flexibility than ever before to customize their surroundings.

10 How Many Islands Are There?

The introduction sequence with Timmy and Tommy asks the player to choose from four islands, each with a different configuration of rivers, cliffs, and beaches. The island is randomly generated based on a conversation with the younger Nooks so that no two players have the same experience.

So, how many of these islands are there, exactly? It seems almost impossible to have a finite number when there are millions of people playing the game. Tom Nook may be an enterprising businessman whose reputation precedes him, but even he would struggle to gain ownership of enough islands to cover the world's oceans.


9 How Does Resident Services Stay Open 24/7?

Resident Services is one of the most important locations in the game. It's the heart of the island and one of the few buildings the player can't move. After its upgrade from a tent to a building, Tom Nook and Isabelle can be found at their desks 24/7, ready to help out the player with infrastructure needs and residential matters respectively. Their work ethic is admirable, but how is it possible that they never leave?

8 Why Are All The Islands Deserted?

It's unlikely that so many islands would be completely deserted and ready to be transformed into a beautiful paradise. Who lived on the island before Tom Nook started his latest business venture?

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The mystery balloons, messages in bottles, and Gulliver repeatedly washing up on the island's shores suggests that it isn't as remote as it seems. Perhaps the Nooks paid off the former residents with a handsome sum.

7 Why Is There Only One Villager On The Mystery Island?

Occasionally the player may run into another villager when they take a mystery tour. The player can invite the villager to live on their island or strike up a temporary friendship for the day. This only happens when there's an unoccupied plot of land on the player's island, and there is never more than one villager on the tour, as it seems that Dodo Airlines has a two-guest policy.

6 Why Are All The Islands Square?

After the player receives the Island Designer app, they can terraform the island as they see fit. Of course, because the app is a Nook product, they first have to save up some bells to buy the necessary permits. Then they can begin working on the island of their dreams.

After waterscaping, landscaping, and cliffscaping, it becomes clear that the land follows a geometric pattern, creating frustration if the player wants a less developed look. This may answer questions one and three above: maybe these are all manmade islands commissioned by Nook Inc.

5 Where Do Celeste, The Nooks, And The Able Sisters Live?

The villagers all have their residences to call home, but some characters aren't so lucky. It's possible that the Nooks and Able sisters live at their respective businesses, but where on earth does Celeste go when she's not taking a walk on a clear night? The most logical place for her to stay would be the museum, where she has yet to make an appearance.

4 Who Cleans Up All The Mystery Islands?

Although Dodo Airlines promises to take the player to a different island on every trip, most of them tend to follow the same layout, implying that there are repeat islands.

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The goal of every mystery tour is to strip the island of its resources and bring home as much raw material as possible. So, why do the islands look untouched on every visit? Someone is putting the flora and fauna back in their places.

3 How Do Plants Survive All Year Round?

It's not even summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but, as time-traveling reveals, the flowers planted in the spring will continue to blossom through the cold weather months. The same goes for trees, which continue to bear fruit all year round, even when there's snow on the ground. This obviously does not line up with how seasons work. There must be something in the soil that makes these hardy plants live forever.

2 Who Is Hiding All This Treasure?

While going about their daily business, players may come across a crack in the earth indicating a fossil is buried there, or a glowing spot that they can dig up to find bells. These valuable items appear at random, and almost always in a spot that was empty just a few hours before. Who is planting them for the player to find? They're very eager to keep the player on as Resident Representative.

1 How Does Infrastructure Appear Overnight?

When a villager moves out, the player wakes up to an empty plot of land where the house used to be. The plot of land stays vacant until a new villager moves in, at which point the same thing happens in reverse; the new house appears overnight without so much as a peep. It's the same deal when building or demolishing a bridge or incline. This is just how infrastructure works in Animal Crossing. If only things were that easy in real life.

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