Mother's day is upon us and Animal Crossing is celebrating moms everywhere with a special little flower mug.

Players can get the adorable 'Thank-You Mom mug' up until the end of May. It's a perfect way to commemorate Mother's Day on the island and it will look cute on a shelf or table. If families are playing together its a perfect gift to send over to your mom's island and will definitely make for a nice surprise. Getting the mug couldn't be easier and moms will appreciate the extra little love whether it's sending it over to their island or displaying it in your avatar's home.

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The pattern is simple and the mug isn't that big, just a 1 x 1 so it won't take up a lot of space, but will be large enough to notice and enjoy. Its colors are perfect for giving the home a little springtime touch.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is really good at keeping up with seasonal events and this isn't one to miss out on.


To get the Mother's Day mug, first trot on over to the Nook Stop and access to Nook Shopping at the atm.

Once the Nook Shopping is open go into Special Goods and from there flip over to the Seasonal tab. There the 'Thank You Mom' mug is available.

Now, just because its a special mug for a special lady doesn't mean it's going to be free. Be sure to have some extra bells saved because the Mother's Day mug cost 600 bells. This isn't a lot compared to what other items and projects cost in the Animal Crossing world but still, it's nice to have some extra bells put aside.

And that's all there is to it! Just wait a day and the mug will be in the mailbox, ready to use and display.

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