The pressure of making the most picture-perfect Animal Crossing: New Horizons island can sometimes get overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming. One of the prettiest and most aesthetically pleasing island decorations in the game are the precious Star Fragments - leftover pieces of shooting stars that players can collect the night after wishing upon a shooting star. They're beautiful, but collecting a bunch can take a good amount of time. However, some talented players have found a hack to get all the star fragments they want - by growing them on trees.

One of the newest New Horizons trends involves hackers creating special trees that hold a variety of rare objects.  The trend was first reported by Animal Crossing World, which notes that players have ben showcasing pictures of their trees on various trading communities. Beyond farming star fragments, hackers have also been spotted creating special trees that grow hearts, cupcakes, and other rare items.

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The star fragment trees, in particular, are extra impressive, as they give off a beautiful glow at nighttime, just like their counterparts that can be obtained normally through the game's legitimate mechanics.


Several hackers have disclosed trees are modified Money Trees, meaning that once they're shaken and the star fragments fall off, they won't re-appear.

Though these trees don't serve any real in-game purpose (besides looking exceptionally pretty), players have been trading their trees by visiting other people's islands and digging up their trees, or inviting other players to a player's own island and having them plant one there. For those who don't have any hacker friends, the trees are also obtainable through some eBay sellers as well.

While these trees will definitely turn your island into a gorgeous nighttime paradise, it's important to note Nintendo's history of banning systems and players who mess with code; so it probably isn't worth it to try this and potentially get locked out of Animal Crossing for good.

However, it would undoubtedly be cool for the New Horizons developers to add something like this in a future game update.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Animal Crossing World

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