The cute little animal villagers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have become a hot topic among fans. Everyone has villagers they love, and ones they hate. Certain ones are so craved to the point where hundreds of dollars are spent on them. Just a reminder, this is done while there is always the chance that you can find them for free! That is how badly people want these villagers.

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So which villagers do fans love so much? The best of the best appear to be Raymond and Marshal. They are both smug villagers who are intensely popular among fans. However, who is better? Many fans have shared their opinions online and here are the reasons why each one could be better than the other.

10 Raymond: He Is New

Raymond is one of the shiny new villagers to be introduced in New Horizons, along with Audie, Cyd, Dom, Megan, Judy, Sherb, and Reneigh. However, he took the spotlight among them. Sherb, Judy, and Audie are also quite popular.

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This is mostly due to them just being new! Older fans who played other Animal Crossing games love to see some fresh new faces on their islands.


9 Marshal: He Is Small

Some animals are more popular than others, and squirrels are well-loved by the Animal Crossing fandom. This is due to their fluffy tails, little ears, and tiny legs. Their size just makes them adorable!

Adding size to his smug personality, Marshal is even cuter.

8 Raymond: He Has Broken The Animal Crossing Black Market

At this point, having Raymond on your island is a status symbol. Even those who don't care for him may want to keep him just because everyone else wants him.

The black market of Animal Crossing is done via online where fans trade Nook miles and more for certain villagers to come to their island. Since Raymond is so widely sought out, fans are asking for up to hundreds of Nook Mile tickets for him. That is a lot!

7 Marshal: Looks Grumpy But Is Smug

Due to his grumpy face, Marshal can surprise you with his personality. While he may seem like a grumpy villager at first, he is actually smug like Raymond! There is something so endearing about Marshal's face not matching his personality.

6 Raymond: Office Cat

Raymond's house is very interesting. He appears to be a total office worker and it's hilarious! What kind of business is he conducting? Is he a CEO who doesn't understand how retirement works? Does he pretend to be doing work but is actually writing fan fiction all day?

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Whatever his deal is, fans love that he is so professional-looking.

5 Marshal: Cute Marshmallow Colors

Fans are drawn to certain colors of villagers. It is honestly worth a psychological study. Lighter or pastel colors appear to be most popular, and Marshal is so light that he looks like a  marshmallow. Some fans even think his name is based off of the idea of a marshmallow as well.

Other light and pastel-colored villagers that are popular include Judy, Diana, Sherb, Merengue, Whitney, Marina, and Coco.

4 Raymond: Different Colored Eyes

The different color eyes Raymond has are quite unique. This is a real condition some cats have called heterochromia iridis! Though it is most known to be a trait in white cats, but Raymond's gray fur is close enough to the real deal.

No other Animal Crossing villager has different colored eyes like Raymond. While there are many cat villagers, he is still one-of-a-kind.

3 Marshal: Nostalgia

While Raymond's newness makes him popular, Marshal's oldness can also make him more desired. There are players who had him in their New Leaf villages, so of course, they would want him again. It is nostalgic and perhaps even poetic to have your old villagers in a new game.

Raymond has no such past. While he is new, he does not have nostalgic players going after him.

2 Raymond: The Maid Outfit

Honestly, the Raymond craze might have begun with this detail. When you give a villager clothes, they may or may not wear it. To the joy and surprise of fans, Raymond will love and absolutely wear a maid outfit.

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This has inspired tons of fan art. Fans especially love to take pictures of him in the maid outfit while he is cleaning. It is hard to not love that he wears this feminine outfit.

1 Marshal: He Has An Amiibo Card

Getting Raymond on your island might be an awful experience. If you try the black market, you might get scammed. If you go Raymond hunting on islands, you will be looking for a needle in a haystack.

Marshal is just plain easier, if you have his Amiibo card. They are selling for more than 100 dollars on eBay. If you are lucky though, you may have already had him before the New Horizons craze even began.

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