If there is one word to describe Animal Crossing, it would be relaxing. It's a bit strange when you think about it as you spend most of the game in crippling debt. When you're not being stared down by a Tanuki for money, you will find yourself running errands. It's a bit strange because usually both of these scenarios do nothing but cause stress in the real world. Even the act of having to help develop the town seems like a wrinkle inducing job. To help us understand the game better, we have come up with ten reasons that Animal Crossing is so relaxing despite the crippling debt.

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10 It Waits For You

In the real world, debts have a due date, and if you don't pay them, then you can end up losing your house. Tom Nook, however, is probably the most patient loan collector that we have ever seen. You can go years without paying him, and he will just sit there patiently waiting on you. He doesn't even remind you of your debt when you go to talk with him, which is a bit strange.

This is a game that allows you to make reckless financial decisions without ever having to face the consequences.


9 Rewarded For Not Playing

If you stop playing a game with your friends for a week, it's likely you will come back and find you are severely under-leveled. Other games like story heavy JRPGs will have you rewatching videos to refresh on the story. Animal Crossing doesn't have a complex story and makes everything in the game simple to keep up with. Don't remember how much you owe, ask Nook.

This game will even give you new villagers if you stop playing for a few days and come back.

8 No Timed Events

While there are holiday events in most games in the series, you can simply change the system clock to experience them. There is no pressure to play a certain amount of time on a certain day; everything can easily be tweaked to fit your lifestyle. Every day there will be an item worth more bells, and every day there will be a money rock waiting to give your bells a boost.

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There is no reason to feel like you have to rush to participate in a double XP or rare item event.

7 Relaxing Community

If you have ever visited the Reddit for this game, then you have probably noticed just how laid back the community is. Everyone who plays Animal Crossing just seems to be laid back. It's easy to swap fruits or even rare furniture with other players, and there is virtually no competition to be found. Players also share their clothing designs and are happy to share decoration tips.

This is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the more toxic communities in the gaming world.

6 Serene Music

The background music for this series is for lack of better words, peaceful. All the music is played on soft instruments and is never loud or jarring. You can easily hear the roar of an in-game waterfall or a floating balloon over the background music. This helps to put players into a more relaxed mindset as the music is made to be slow to give the game a relaxed feeling.

Even the rowdier K.K. Slider tracks don't make you feel like you need to play more seriously.

5 Light-hearted Neighbors

All of the characters in Animal Crossing are pretty wholesome. While some neighbors can be a bit rude from time to time, the dialogue is always pretty positive. Even some of the more negative comments don't bring on a sense of dread for most players. This is a far cry from the plethora of dark themes that can be found in most gaming franchises that are currently being released.

Sometimes it's great to just tune out all the negativity and focus on talking about positive topics.

4 No Action Needed

Animal Crossing has no action outside of being chased down by a few aggressive bugs every now and then. You simply run around town doing things like fishing or digging up rare fossils for the museum. You don't need to worry about defending your island or making war tactics from a government office. If war even does exist in your universe, it stays far away from your town.

You are free to live a life without fighting or violence, unless, of course, you need to aggravate an annoying villager to get them to move out.

3 You Feel Rewarded

This is a game that makes you feel rewarded for just about everything you do. From catching a fish to popping a balloon, your character will do a little celebration each time. If a villager is passing by when you find a new item, then they will even start happily clapping for you. For bigger events like paying off your debt, there is even special music and a cute dance that occurs.

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You feel like you're actually in a community full of supportive friends in the game, and everything that you accomplish actually matters.

2 Organization Paradise

If you love to decorate or organize, then this is the perfect game to let your self run wild. You can spend hours just getting your house just the way you want it or trying to plant a wonderful flower garden. If you love to clean, then you can even offer your weed picking services to other players to help clean-up other towns. There is nothing more relaxing than having a clean world.

You can also collect matching furniture to help your house feel even more coordinated than it already is.

1 Pleasant Aesthetics

Animal Crossing has an art style, unlike any other game out there. The characters are all chibi- animals other than yourself and other players. The world is colored by bright hues, and even the realistic items have a cute appeal. Everything is made to have a warm feeling and give the player a sense of security as they play. In the latest game, items like fish look more realistic but still have funny puns muttered when you catch them.

The game has found a perfect balance between realism, where it needs to be and keeping a light-hearted tone.

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