Animal Crossing has become an incredibly successful Video Game franchise with its latest release. New Horizons took over the internet for months and is still growing strong. The game has even generated a black market for popular villagers like Raymond and Zucker, as well as an online turnip market.

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With tons of updates still scheduled to come out for the game, players can't help but to dream about specialty characters being added into the game as DLC. There is a laundry list of characters players would love to see in the game, as well as a few characters that they don't think would fit in.

10 Would: Banjo & Kazooie

Banjo, as well as Kazooie, would be well received and most likely would be more popular than Raymond. The classic duo are now owned by Microsoft, but seeing as how the company has worked with Nintendo in the past, it shouldn't be a huge stretch to get them as villagers.

They could each have their own house and come with some fun DLC items.


9 Wouldn't: Daxter


While Daxter is a beloved and slightly annoying character from Jak and Daxter, he wouldn't do well as a villager. Daxter is the exact opposite of what a peaceful island life would be like and would most likely end up breaking something you paid tons of bells to build.

It would also be pretty hard to imagine him settling down with a nice neat home, that wouldn't get destroyed.

8 Would: Yoshi

Yoshi is one of the most beloved animals in all of the Mario serious. The trust Dinosaur has cared for Mario and Luigi since they were babies and has assisted in saving the Mushroom Kingdom several times. It's only fitting that Nintendo would find a way to make him a villager.

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Yoshi could have a whole house full of actually fun egg-themed goodies.

7 Wouldn't: Goose

Enough things go missing in your town without adding in a true agent of chaos. The Goose from Untitled Goose Game would certainly keep things more lively, but looking for lost items all day would get tiresome. It's even possible that he would take pleasure in burying pitfalls everywhere.

Fans just aren't convinced that the goose would play nice in their town.

6 Would: Chocobo

Square Enix is known for doing all types of cross-overs and already works closely with Nintendo. It would be pretty great if a Final Fantasy Chocobo could be a villager in Animal Crossing. For starters, who wouldn't love to get there hands on some fun themed furniture from the series.

Secondly, Chocobo's are adorable and would probably make a great friend, who's even willing to fight for you.

5 Wouldn't: Cuckoo

Fans have already seen Wolf Link added as a villager, and they hope that is as far as it goes. Other than Epona, no Zelda animals should slither there way into the series, especially if it's those murderous Cuckoo's. Fans could only imagine what a Cuckoo would do if they got mad at another villager.

This troublesome bird needs to stay far away from players' towns.

4 Would: Winston

Via: Blizzard

Overwatch is a fun game with a sequel coming out any time now. It would be great to see Blizzard working with Nintendo to bring some magic to your town. Winston would be the perfect choice for a villager and would most likely have a very interesting house full of team merchandise.

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It would be fun to see what type of villager Winston would be and what DLC items would come with him.

3 Wouldn't: Duck Hunt Dog

If you ever played the game Duck Hunt, then this dog is your worst enemy. He loves to make fun of you each time you make an error and likely hasn't changed his annoying ways. While he would fit the bill of a fun design, fans probably wouldn't like his attitude enough to keep him in now.

He would also probably be a very condescending friend, that no one would enjoy having around.

2 Would: Palico

Palico's are simply adorable and are one of the most helpful animals you can have around. In Monster Hunter, a Palico companion will unquestionably follow you into battle, no matter what creature you are facing. This makes them one of the most loyal cats out there, they could even defend you from possible invaders.

A Palico would probably be the most helpful neighbor you could ever have.

1 Wouldn't: Creeper

Creeper can be cute and are a very unique type of creature, but players wouldn't want them in there town. Creepers have a tendency to blow up when they get excited, which would be horrifying and destructive at the same time. Not only would you lose a villager, but you would also have to re-terraform your town.

Minecraft is a great series, but it should keep Creeper to itself.

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