Apex Legends may never reach the sustained heights of Fortnite, but Respawn Entertainment has stated they're committed to supporting the game. The various legends in the game all bring a unique bit of representation and personality to the world and very few make an impression like Octane. He's the wild and crazy adrenaline junkie who burst on the scene with his bionic legs and edgy appearance.

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He's more than just crazy and has an interesting backstory. Let's look at 10 facts about Octane, the Apex Legends character who just can't say no to a dangerous time.

10 Pain And Gain

Octane may be all about the stunts, but it's rooted in understanding that everything great comes at a price. During a match in the Apex Games, he's able to inject himself with a stim that gives him exceptional speed but comes at the loss of losing a little bit of life. This is due to the idea that by injecting himself he's partially doing damage to himself.

Thankfully Octane has the passive ability to recover his health back over time which balances the use of the stim while also allowing him to always gain back his health despite a lack of first aid items.


9 Where Is He From?

The world of Titanfall is expansive and takes place across space and not necessarily all on one planet. Though Octane partakes in the Apex Games in King's Canyon on the planet Solace, he hales from a different planet in the same solar system called Psamathe.

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Little is known about his homeworld outside of a little information about his parents and his upbringing there. As the game continues to grow and evolve, it may be in Respawn Entertainment's best interest to flesh out even more of the world.

8 His Real Name

Octane's real name isn't just a play on the high-octane type of stunts he loves to perform, it's a play on his real first name. Octavio Silva, more widely known as Octane is a legend of Latino descent and helps diversify the Apex Games in several ways.

Octane represents the disabled community as well as Latinos who both often find themselves unrepresented in most modern video games. His last name is pretty well known and is the first half of his parents largely successfully business, which we'll touch on later.

7 What Happened To His Legs?

Imagine being so addicted to getting an adrenaline rush that you think using a grenade to set a course record is a great idea. Octane did exactly that, and it resulted in him losing both of his legs. Luckily for him, he had friends capable of putting him back together.

He's very lucky that it only blew off his legs because a matter of inches could have resulted in him losing much more of his body. Maybe he'll have a counterpart who lost their arms and is introduced as a legend in the game in the future.

6 Up, Up, And Away

Octane's ultimate ability allows him to throw down a trampoline that can be used by friends or foes and launches people in the air as they come in contact with it. If the person using Octane is strategic and skilled enough it can be used in several ways to create real tactical advantages on the battlefield.

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It can be used as both a retreat device as well as a tool to give you leverage and the high-ground during an aggressive instigation of combat. Using it to get to ziplines is also another pro-style maneuver.

5 Who Built His Legs?

When Octane decided a course record was more important to him than his body he found himself in a world of hurt. It also didn't help that he now had no legs and would likely live the rest of his days in a wheelchair. Luckily for him, his friend Lifeline helped him get situated with a pair of bionic legs that he can now replace at a moments notice.

This has since given Octane even less of an appreciation for his legs and has led to bigger and wilder stunts. Lifeline probably still doesn't feel well knowing he successfully guilted her into doing it.

4 Inherited Privilege

When you look at Octane the first thought running through your mind is that he likely came from a less than stellar household. He reads like the type of kid who had it rough growing up and used high-adrenaline stunts as a way to forget about things and find happiness.

Well, it turns out that Octavio Silva's parents were CEOs at Silva Pharmaceuticals. This means that he was born into wealth, and could have easily taken the path his parents had and lived a life of wealth and leisure. It seems near-death experiences were more his speed.

3 Youtuber?

In the modern age, there's an obsession with a younger generation to perform incredible feats and post them to Youtube in hopes of getting tons of views, subscribers, and eventually money. Octane is exactly this and in the world of Apex Legends, he would film and post his insane stunts so everyone could see what he was willing to sacrifice to do something that's never been seen or attempted before.

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Thankfully he's a fictional character, and we don't have to see headlines of an online personality blowing his legs off with a grenade.

2 Attention Span

A big reason why Octane turned to extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping activities was due to him often getting bored and being unable to sit still. These types of behaviors have often been linked to ADHD, and instead of receiving medication from his parents, he turned to near-death experiences.

How do a pair of parents who run a pharmaceutical company not notice their son's issues and help him rectify them? It seems that Octane was just another rich kid who turned the neglect from his parents into an unhealthy addiction.

1 The Apex Games

After Octane received his new bionic legs he felt that he had to push himself to bigger and bolder things. As an adrenaline junkie, he was focused on chasing his next high in hopes of entertaining the masses in the process. The Apex Games were a timely opportunity that sparked his interest.

Being from a planet near King's Canyon, he was more than willing to try out this new adventure alongside his friends and colleagues. It also helps that his abilities give him a real advantage on the battlefield.

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