Players who reach the 500 level cap should get something special for their achievement. Apex Legends players who've managed to reach the highest level in the game don't get anything for the effort and have faced unnecessary issues.

Apex Legends increased its level cap in December from 100 to 500. As part of the cap increase, Respawn also included more Apex Packs And gun charms as players progress. Players already on level 100 were retroactively given 14 Apex Packs to bring them in line with the new system. Despite all the new rewards, one reward, in particular, was conspicuously missing. There's no reward for reaching the 500 level cap.   This is how the system works.

  • Level 2 - 20: One pack every level (19 Apex Packs total)
  • Level 22 - 300: One pack every two levels (140 Apex Packs total)
  • Level 305 - 500: One pack every five levels (40 Apex Packs total)
  • 600 Legend Tokens per level and per 18,000 XP at level 500

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Not only do players who reach the cap get no reward, but the first players to do so were locked out of the game due to a bug. According to Daily Esports, once players hit the 500 level cap, the bug would lock them out of their accounts completely. The only way for them to play was to create a new account and start afresh. This didn't go down well with players who felt like they were being punished for pulling off one of the biggest milestones in the game. Respawn was a bit delayed to fix the problem but eventually released a patch to sort it out.


A Twitch streamer named Crust was the first person to reach the 500 level cap. To get an idea of what it involves, we can take a look at some of his impressive stats. It took him more than 4,350 games. Out of those, he had 1,300 wins and was placed in the top five over 1,360 times. To reach those figures, he made over 24,000 kills and dealt over 5.5 million in damage. He also had a K/D ratio of 7.33.

Since then, many other players have reached the level cap. It's a pity their only prize was a badge. Surely respawn should come up with something better for the most dedicated Apex Legends.

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Source: Daily Esports


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