After plenty of begging and grief-induced bargaining, Respawn will be taking an axe to a single tree in Apex Legend’s Kings Canyon map due to popular community sentiment. While the tree’s removal will take time to implement, Respawn developer Absurdist has committed to solving the “pain point” and promised that an update to Kings Canyon will go live sometime in the future.

Apex Legends has had a number of weird issues, such as a glitch allowing Rampart's Ultimate to shoot through Gibraltar's shield, or a bug making anyone using Rampart's Ultimate invisible to Crypto's drone. See a trend? Well, the issue of the Kings Canyon tree has nothing to do with Rampart. The tree's inconvenient placement has led to many players' untimely deaths and has been a source of community frustration for some time now.

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Reddit user u/kolkein brought the much-hated tree to the Respawn developers’ attention by posting a video demonstrating one of the ways players tended to be killed by its presence. In the video, kolkein is taking cover behind a wall in “Salvage”, a new area in the south-west corner of Kings Canyon. After a while, kolkein is ambushed and tries to escape by moving backwards, only to be trapped and murdered against the killer tree.

According to kolkein, the “tree has caused so many tragedies it’s not even funny”. Looking at the sheer number of Apex players who responded to the video (almost 200), a large number of players agree. It is certainly frustrating to be caught in a firefight and lose only because your escape route was blocked by a tree, of all things. Absurdist replied to the kolkein's video thanking them for documenting the issue and noted that it was "helpful to see pain points" like the tree, as it would guide what Respawn had to pay careful attention to in future updates.


Furthermore, Absurdist isn’t the only developer paying attention to the tree. Although Absurdist warned that removing it would take a while, Respawn producer Josh Medina replied to developer Chad Armstrong’s recent tweet about fixing bugs with, “This was after he fixed the tree cause he broke it”. Although players may take solace in the murder tree apparently being fixed, there’s still no confirmation about when the changes will go live on Kings Canyon. Players should keep an eye on the patch notes for future updates.

Source: Reddit

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