Horizon will be the new Legend arriving in Season 7 of Apex Legends, but we don't really know much about her. We know she's got fiery red hair, she's an astrophysicist that will probably have abilities all centered around gravity, and she's got a distinct Scottish accent, but that's about it.

Now, thanks to the latest Stories from the Outlands, we get to see more of Dr. Mary Somers' back story.

It starts with the familiar impetus of solving an energy crisis. To do that, famed scientist Somers decides to get in a spaceship to check out a black hole. She thinks she can extra a new type of energy in the form of a black crystal if she can only get close enough.

Complicating matters is Horizon's son and an ambitious assistant who wants to take all the credit for herself. After promising her son to return with a crystal that'll save all of Olympus, Somers is forced to break that promise after her assistant severs the umbilical that tethered her shuttle to the larger spacecraft, stranding her near the event horizon of a black hole.

We're getting into some complicated physics here, but even being close to a black hole without going inside of it can cause some time dilation effects. Although Horizon only spent a little over five months stranded in space, it was actually 87 years for the rest of the universe.

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She returns home to find everything and everyone she’d loved gone. But she promises to somehow find a way to meet her son again, which we’re going to assume involves time traveling but in the opposite direction.


Thanks to some earlier datamines, we've got an idea of what to expect in Horizon's kit. As befitting her backstory, Horizon is all about gravity, with a passive that lets her avoid fall stuns and gives her a buff after landing. Repulsor will displace or elevate players near the point of contact, while Black Hole will be her ultimate crowd control ability that sucks everyone into an easy-to-shoot singularity.

Horizon arrives with Season 7 of Apex Legends on November 10.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

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