Electronic Arts has announced its next Apex Legends event, and it appears to signal a new phase in the game's overall development.

The Apex Legends Voidwalker Event, which will take place from Sept. 3 through 17, will feature a Wraith Town Takeover, a new Limited Time Mode, special challenges and a series of event-limited cosmetics.

via: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can look forward to a new map area, which will tie into the lore surrounding the game's interdimensional skirmisher, Wraith.

A portion of King's Canyon will change to include a decayed Project: Wraith facility with "a functional prototype portal that can be used to get an early jump on the base – or to escape and reinitiate skydive," notes EA's announcement.

Wraith woke up one day in a mental health facility with no recollection of her past, according to the game's lore. She began to hear voices in her head, which she has learned to manipulate to aid her as she fights in the Apex Arena. Aspects of the event and the facility will likely offer clues to her background, and what it means within the context of the game.

The event will include a snipers-and shotguns-only Limited Time Mode titled Armed and Dangerous. It will also be more difficult for players to find loot in the game mode.


A series of special challenges will offer rewards including badges, crafting materials and weapon skins, as well as a Wraith-themed music pack and loading screen.

via: Respawn Entertainment

The game's event shop is also set to introduce a series of limited time cosmetics. While the Legendary Voidwalker Wraith skin will be available for a price point of 1800 Apex coins (the equivalent of about $18), most other cosmetics will cost 500 Apex Coins (about $5). The Voidwalker skin will come with a custom character selection screen animation.

via: Respawn Entertainment

This is a stark contrast from the game's recent Iron Crown Collection Event, which offered numerous unique skins and a Bloodhound Heirloom but required about $154 to acquire all items. Additionally, the event's monetization strategy involved randomized loot box drops, meaning players couldn't select which skins and items they would receive.

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Fans retaliated against the event's pricing model, prompting a Reddit exchange in which a Respawn team member referred to players as "complete ass-hats to developers." The heated back-and-forth culminated in an apology from Respawn CEO Vince Zampella.

The Voidwalker event also includes a double XP weekend for Top 5 placement and wins, which will run from Sept. 6 through 9.

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