Apple has so far remained secretive on how much it made from Fortnite’s run on the App Store, and for good reason. At the centre of the Apple vs. Epic war is revenue: with Epic arguing that the 30% cut it had to give Apple is too high.

However, based off industry estimates and information given in the ongoing trial, we now know that the mobile phone giant made no less than $100 million from Fortnite, and even as much as $350 million in higher estimates.

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The $100 million figure comes from testimony provided in court by Apple App Store’s gaming business development head, Michael Schmid, who gave this as a rough estimate. He refused to elaborate further on the figure, saying it would not be “appropriate”. However, from Epic’s testimony we know that it made around $700 million from its two year run on Apple products. Taking into account the 30% cut, this would actually put Apple’s profits at $210 million.

Further still, as highlighted by Bloomberg, app market analysis site Sensor Tower puts Fornite player spending on Apple products at over $1 billion. Therefore, this would instead put Apple’s cut at $300 million, over double what it is admitting to in court.


The Apple vs. Epic lawsuit was propelled back into the news recently, as the ongoing trial kept revealing interesting titbits about the industry as a whole. For example, it came out that Microsoft has never sold an Xbox for profit, and instead makes its money through software sales. On top of this, we found out that Sony actually charges publishers for games to enable crossplay, explaining why PlayStation players have missed out on playing with their Xbox, Switch and PC buddies. But it hasn’t all been business orientated - somehow, the case has also managed to platform a debate about a naked banana. That’s right, in between talks on revenue and crossplay functionality, the companies found the time to discuss whether or not Peely is an appropriate character to have in a video game.

The trial began May 3 of this year, following Fortnite getting booted off the Apple App Store last August. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like the industry giants are far from reaching a settlement.

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