In a set of beautiful images posted on Reddit, user parxy_art1 reimagined all of the Pokemon Gen 3 starters for a fictitious Hyrule region. They drew inspiration from the Lizalfos, Cuccos, and Zoras from a variety of Legend of Zelda titles.

The third-generation starters, Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, are from the Hoenn region and came about in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. As one of the most exciting parts of a new Pokemon game, the starters are always heavily anticipated and scrutinized. These three were met with some love (Torchic is a particular fan favorite), although most of the focus was on the new region and features that the “series reboot” of the new generation added in.

In this fun cross-over fanart, parxy_art1 incorporates interesting Hylian elements into each of the starters to create variant evolutions of each starter for the fan-made Hyrule region. They cross Treecko with the Lizalfos of Skyward Sword to create an epic Dragon/Steel type Sceptile for the final evolution. Torchic takes on a cute Breath of the Wild Cucco makeover that evolves into the Hyrule (Normal)/Battle (Fighting) type Blaziken. Mudkip gets a River Zora makeover and evolves into a fascinating Water/Fire combo in Swampert.

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Fans seem to be universally in love with the concept art presented here. The comments are full of compliments to the artist’s loyalty to the original style and creativity in the choice of colors and design changes. People seem to love all the Hyrule variants nearly equally, although there might be a slight lean toward Treecko’s final evolution and his awesome wrecking ball tail and gauntlet.

Overall, people just seem to be extremely excited to see two of their all-time favorite series cross over in such a fun and innovative way. The artist’s profile is filled with more crossover art including Link as a trainer and mock-up battle screens. They also expect to post more crossover variants soon. Maybe we can hope for a Hylian Oshawott someday?

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