Odessa is one of the NPCs in Assassin's Creed Odyssey which is one of the more memorable characters throughout the game. She also serves as a love interest for a player's character and will award a player her rare bow which any archer will see as a valuable asset. Many fell in love with her story, but there are some things that fans of the game might have missed.

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This list compiles the key facts about Odessa that were revealed throughout the game. Many were snippets taken from quests as it was easy for players to miss these small details. Keep reading to learn more about Odessa from Assassin's Creed Odyssey!

10 She Lived During The Peloponnesian War

Odessa first met the misthios is 431 BCE which was also the start of the Peloponnesian War. It pitted Athens against Sparta and this is the entire premise of the game as a player helps both sides for their own gain. Odessa didn't really play a part in the war itself unless a player recruited her to be a part of the crew on the Adrestia to fight in naval battles against both sides.


9 Odessa Is An Only Child

This character is an only child, and this fact shows through in her personality. She acts a bit self-entitled but also has a deeper connection with her father, the man who raised her. A player's character offers a romantic excursion that no one would dare pass up, although, she turns them down as her father is sick and needs her by his side.

8 Megaris Is Her Home

Megaris was an actual city-state in Ancient Greece, and in the game, it serves as Odessa's home. This was an area during the war that saw a lot of action as both sides battled to control due to its prestigious location on the water. Players will pay a visit to her home during the game in order to complete the quest called A Family Ordeal.

7 Her Father Was A Wealthy Farmer

Odessa seems to have a lot of freedom for a woman of this time period and part of it is due to her father's wealth. He is a farmer, and a good one on that, as he is the owner of a large estate.

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It is so great that even the leader of Megaris wants it for himself when Odessa's father falls ill. They never say exactly how much he is worth, but it must be a fairly decent amount to afford Odessa's adventures.

6 The Legendary Odysseus Is Her Ancestor

Odessa claims that a part of her heritage is that she is related to the legendary Odysseus, the former King of Ithaka. A player will help to take her to Odysseus's Palace where she had hoped to gain a better understanding of who this great man was and how she was like him. Her efforts were futile as she found nothing more than a pile of rubble and a lot of disappointment.

5 A Few Suitors Were Offered To Her

The leader of Megaris wanted Odessa brought back under his control, which he thought could be done with a suitor. She was offered two men, named Palermon and Praxis, although Praxis somehow ended up dead after he tried to court her.

Palermon served as the leader's last hope because of his loyalty to him and the ability to handle Odessa's spirit, but this plan also failed.

4 She Hired A Mercenary

When the leader of Megaris heard that Odessa's father was sick, he did everything in his power to win their estate. He sent bandits to their home and even attempted to kill both Odessa and her father on several occasions.

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She decided to hire a mercenary named Xenokles the Hyena for protection, but he died after killing countless men on their behalf. It might not have ended well for him, although, the leader of Megaris began to doubt his ability to subdue Odessa after this debacle.

3 Odessa Was Targeted By Many

Odessa had several targets on her back as both the leader of Megaris and the leader of the Cult of Kosmos had it out for her. The leader of Megaris was doomed to fail the second that the player's character joined her side, but the Cult of Kosmos could have gone either way.

A player had to decide whether to kill Odessa to free a slave or refuse the offer and leave a target over her head. The two options have their own pros and cons, but many decide against it in order to have Odessa as a part of their crew.

2 A Misthios Always Comes To Her Rescue

Odessa seems to constantly find herself in the midst of trouble as she searches for her next adventure. It is even true when she returns home to her father and still has to deal with issues involving her potential death, but a player's misthios always seems to save the day. It could be that she is trapped in a cage or fighting off hoards of bandits at her home all while her safety is guaranteed by either Kassandra or Alexios.

1 Odessa Searches For Adventure

It has already been mentioned how she was named after the great Odysseus, but she strives to be like him in more ways than one. She wants her own name to be remembered like his and for others to tell her story long after she is gone. It is why she is so keen on seeking out adventure and taking risks as she hopes it will allow this dream of hers to come true.

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