Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the twenty-second installment of the Assassin's Creed franchise and its best release to date, and takes players through Viking-era Norway before traveling across the seas to rainy, developing England. The bulk of the game takes place in up-and-coming Britain and features plenty of adventures across the map; some in places that players might just about recognize from the country they know now.

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With plenty of characters to get to know, and love, and an extensive map to work your way around—it should come as no surprise that there are, in true Assassin's Creed fashion, plenty of side missions and storylines to explore. Alliances are a big part of this Assassin's Creed game and each comes with its own mission. The Reaver of the South is no different and it's one you'll have to undertake on your journey to save Sigurd and gain the Suthsexe alliance.

Starting The Quest

Reaver Of The South Map Marker

The first thing you'll want to do in order to start this quest and embark upon the Suthsexe storyline arc is to go to your own longhouse and assess your Alliance Map. Here, you'll want to choose the Suthsexe alliance and a brief cut scene will explain that you and Basim have a chance to save Sigurd—pledge to Suthsexe and the mission objective will become readily available.

Make sure the Reaver of the South objective marker is selected; it will have you travel to Croindene to speak with Basim. Once you're close enough, use your eagle to locate the settlement's longhouse and find Basim and Jarl Guthrum together.

Once you've located these two, a brief cut scene will explain Eivor's desire to free Sigurd which leads to a rather tense debate between her and Guthrum—a running theme throughout this mission arc. Eventually, Basim reveals that for her attack to work she must kill Fulke's three scouts first. 


They are located:

  • On the road between Briggsworth and Cicestre
  • On the riverbank North of Crawleah
  • On the hills South of Croindene

You can kill these scouts in whatever order you choose, the markers will appear on the map and on your location bar at the top of your screen immediately following the cut-scene and conversation with Basim and Guthrum. Remember to use your eagle vision when approaching each scout to correctly identify and locate them.

Eliminating Scouts

Scout Locations Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The closest scout to you is the one located on the hills just north of the longhouse—luckily, this scout already seems to be dead so all you'll need to do is confirm the kill. There are quite a few wolves in this area, however, and they will attack, so be sure you're ready to fight them off before confirming your kill.

To kill the scout by the river, it's best if you try and do this as stealthily as possible and assassinate where you can. Going in for a full attack will draw in a large counter-assault and puts you at risk of being killed, or definitely taking a huge health hit and making your job far more complicated. Once this scout is killed, you'll find orders from Fulke on his body.

Similar to the scout by the river, to kill the scout that guards the road between Briggsworth and Cicestre your best bet is to try and assassinate as many as you can. Or attack him without being detected. This area is a heavily populated enemy area and charging in will result in a large-scale attack once again.

Once all three scouts are killed you'll want to head back to Basim and Guthrum who are now located in the woods east of Portcestre. After passing on the orders from Fulke, it's revealed that, despite killing the three scouts, your location has been revealed and Saxons are incoming—much to the displeasure of Guthrum.

You'll need to fight back the Saxons by engaging in battle and helping your allies to kill as many as you can. There'll be a white bar in the top left of the screen that will keep a track of how many you've pushed back/killed—only once this is full will the battle and siege end. Keep in mind that, whilst you are fighting alongside your allies, only your kills will count towards the quota needed.

Fighting Fulke's Champion

Eivor Successfully Pushing Back Saxons

Once you have won this battle, the Saxons begin to retreat but brothers, Brothir and Broder, decide to take matters into their own hands and charge against Fulke's Champion. Their attack is futile however and, unfortunately, he kills Brothir straight away.

This is when Eivor engages in combat with him and it's your job to defeat him for the mission to move forwards. He's a tricky boss to fight, but some things to keep in mind before engaging in combat are:

  • He can attack five or six times, especially when swinging to face you so be prepared to block/parry attacks
  • Wait until he has made a double attack, with both swords, before you make an attack of your own
  • He wields two swords so it's best to try and dodge each attack as, whilst slow, they pack heavy damage.
  • His singular weak spot is his feet, specifically, his right one so use it to your advantage
  • There are resources surrounding the circle you can use to heal, just make sure to keep on the move.

Once he's defeated, you can either kill him or ask him to send a message to Fulke.

Completing The Mission

An Alliance Meeting Reaver Of The South

Whether you let Fulke's Champion live, or die, your next move is to carry Brothir's body back to your camp. Follow the marker and lie him down before carrying out a meeting with your allies. They have arrived following the battle and agree to help in your fight against Fulke, in Suthsexe. Plans are drawn up and new missions handed out amongst your allies.

This completes the mission. After the cut scene, you'll soon be awarded 3400XP for your efforts and can move on to the next part of the Suthsexe story arc.

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