The post-launch content for Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been very grand and ambitious. The first one, Wrath of the Druids, was released in May 2021, while the second one, The Siege of Paris, came out in August 2021.

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Both expansion packs have been massive, and fans of Viking history will surely recognize the title of the second one, as The Siege of Paris is thought to be one of the most famous events in Viking history. With this DLC, you'll be able to experience it yourself, playing as Eivor. There are a couple of things that you should know before playing the DLC, which give you a glimpse of what to expect and how to prepare for the grandiose event.

Updated November 22, 2021 by Morgan Denham: With Ubisoft announcing that, unlike any of the other games in the series, Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be updated well into the second year of its release, many are eager to make the most out of the expansive DLC content. Alongside DLCs and expansions, Ubisoft is continually adding new features and time-limited events to the base game as well. Usually coinciding with real-world holidays, the seasonal events are based on Norse pagan celebrations and often feature great weapons and cosmetic additions available for a limited time. Additionally, the most recent patch, 1.4.0, introduced the puzzle-based Tombs of the Fallen, with more seemingly on the way.

13 Season Pass

season pass valhalla

Those who purchased the Gold or Ultimate editions of Assassin's Creed Valhalla only needed to wait for the expansions to arrive in the Spring and Summer of this 2021. On the other hand, if you didn't opt-in for those versions, you can buy the Season Pass for $39.99.

The Season Pass includes both expansions, as well as one additional quest called The Legend of Beowulf. By purchasing the Season Pass, you will have immediate access to these three expansions, as Ubisoft has since released them.


12 It Is Set In France

Francia Landscape AC VALHALLA

As the title of the DLC suggests, The Siege of Paris takes you on an adventure away from England and into the kingdom of Francia. The DLC itself takes place during the popularly documented Viking siege of Paris.

While Assassin's Creed has already featured France as a setting before, this DLC shows a side of France you've not seen in this world. Different from the landscapes in the main game and other DLCs, the four regions of France that you explore display the vastly changing sides of the country at the time, ranging from the sweeping flower-covered fields to the plague-ridden city slums.

11 King Charles The Fat

King Charles the Fat AC VALHALLA

The Siege of Paris expansion pack takes Eivor to Paris as they face the forces of Charles the Fat. During the Siege of Paris, which happened more than a millennium ago, Charles the Fat was the king of the land, on top of also being the king of Germany and Italy. Charles' inability to orchestrate proper tactics in battle would inadvertently recurringly give Vikings the upper hand.

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This historical figure acts as the DLC's main antagonist, who is erratic, unpredictable, and untrustworthy. His conflicting feelings for his wife, Richardis, and his obsessions over his illegitimate son, Bernard, are seemingly what drive him throughout the storyline. It is up to Eivor to reason with this difficult figure.

10 Conquer Paris From Within

Sigfred, hands on hips AC VALHALLA

The Siege of Paris will send you on an epic journey as you infiltrate, gain alliances, and therefore, conquer Paris from within. This formula seems to follow the basic alliance arcs in the game, perhaps with a touch more individuality. As Eivor, you are tasked to make difficult choices between duty and conscience, all in the backdrop of one of the most violent times

In regards to alliances, there are a couple of historical figures that make an appearance in the DLC. One of them is Sigfred, the main commander of the Viking forces and one of Ragnar Lothbrok's sons. Following the death of his brother, Sinric, he sends his niece, Toka, to gather support from other Vikings for the imminent fight, a call that Eivor answers.

9 Historical Significance


The Siege of Paris is a very well-known moment in Viking history. The event was a year-long Viking siege of the capital of the West Franks kingdom. It was notable for the Vikings because of their assault approach during the siege: this was considered to be the first time the Vikings drew a siege out for a long time rather than just attacking and raiding head-on.

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On the French side of the conflict are historical figures such as Count Odo of Paris, Bishop Gozlin, and King Charles the Fat. The Vikings are led by Sigfred and his niece, Toka. Expect to see these figures in this DLC, as the game draws inspiration from history.

8 A Prolonged Siege

Eagle view of paris during siege AC VALHALLA

The Assassin's Creed Valhalla Seige of Paris DLC sets the stage for the siege and follows it through. You will have to infiltrate a highly fortified Paris and sail around the River Seine. With this in mind, the entire DLC is very action-packed and politically driven, arguably even more so than the base game.

Be sure that your Eivor is battle-ready to brave the harsh landscape of a Paris under siege. Upgrade your armor set and weapons of choice, and level up your character as much as you can, so that you are fully prepared for what is to come.

7 More Distrust Areas And Stealth Missions

Angry looking Eivor assassination cue AC VALHALLA

The Siege of Paris heavily emphasizes infiltrations and uncovering enemy secrets, also reviving the concept of Black Box Infiltration missions, as seen in Assassin's Creed games Unity and Syndicate. These missions give you multiple options when approaching an assassination, however, the majority of them require a high level of stealth, as they usually take part in distrust areas. Carefully look around areas and try to pick up on any dialogue that may give hints on how to approach the situation.

To prepare for this, you may want to upgrade your assassination damage, perhaps taking care to stock up on stealth-heavy items and abilities. Fans of the stealth mechanic will enjoy these missions and, even if quietly sneaking around isn't your idea of fun, there is more than one way to approach these Infiltration missions.

6 Rebel Missions

Pierre Rebel Missions descriptor, eivor and pierre

Alongside the main questline, you are able to carry out Rebel Missions, which are given to you by Pierre. After the Warlord of Melun main quest, you'll have the option to talk to Pierre, who will request that you aid the rebels in killing Francian soldiers.

You're able to complete these missions either on your own or with a team who, with the currency you earn from your missions, you're able to upgrade. Additionally, when gaining Infamy Levels by completing missions, you'll be able to purchase items and gear, such as the Reaper armor set. Rebel Missions are also a great way for you to earn XP on the side, helping you level up Eivor faster.

5 Scythes

Bloodied Scythe image, AC VALHALLA

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has a range of weapon options to choose from. Just like how the Wrath of the Druids DLC introduced the one-handed weapon, the Sickle, to the game, so the Siege of Paris DLC brings a new addition as well. In Francia, you are able to find and use Scythes, two-handed weapons which cater to those who enjoy a melee fighting style with a bit more distance to maneuver.

With options such as 'Scythe of the Revolt', 'Wretched Scythe', and 'Bloodied Scythe', each one comes with its own specific perks, so reading the weapon description of each is advisable. Overall, there are more than enough Scythe choices to fit whatever aesthetic you may be going for as well as, more importantly, whichever skill tree and playstyle you are prioritizing.

4 Weapons And Armor

Short sword and paladin armor AC VALHALLA

With an already expansive list of armor in the base game, the Siege of Paris DLC offers even more new armor sets and weapons for you to upgrade and equip. Alongside the iconic Reaper armor set and the array of Scythes to choose from, there are many other options, especially if Scythes don't fit with your style of play.

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The Paladin armor set, for example, aligns with the Bear skill tree, offering added resistance against melee attacks. In terms of weapons, there are also many Short Swords to choose from, such as 'Joyeuse' and 'Durendal', which are discoverable in Gear Wealth Chests.

3 Cosmetics

Eivor on Bear AC VALHALLA

The base game of Assassin's Creed Valhalla has given players the utmost customizability with Eivor's tattoos, hairstyles, and mounts. The Siege of Paris DLC is no different, offering players all-new sets to add to their current cosmetic, mount, and companion collections.

There are six sets of tattoos to collect in total, which can be collected either by chasing Flying Paper or by purchasing them from a merchant. Alongside these are the Rebel Cut hairstyles, short styles available in all hair colors, which you can purchase from Pierre by completing Rebel Missions. There are also opportunities to collect new companion options, such as the Rebel Raven and the Ursa Major Bear Mount.

2 New Regions


All the geographically-based maps in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, apart from Vinland, have different regions within them, making it easier for players to divide up their missions and choose the best fast travel points.

The four regions of Francia in the Siege of Paris DLC are Melunois, Evresin, Amienois, and, most importantly, Paris. Although the DLC seems to suggest that the events of the main storyline focus on the setting of Paris, this is not entirely the case. The main quests alone will take you to nearly every corner of the map, allowing you to explore the beautiful setting and all its curious characters to the maximum.

1 Discovery Tour

Discovery Tour Poster AC VALHALLA

A month after the arrival of the Siege of Paris DLC marked the arrival of the well-loved Discovery Tour, which was introduced in Assassin's Creed Origins. It was also a feature available in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and now, it has made a comeback in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Free roam and play through storylines on the maps of Norway and Anglo-Saxon England, learning not only about the history of the areas, but also the main game research and development process. With eight 'Memories' to explore, this is both an educational and entertaining inclusion to the game following the Siege of Paris DLC.

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