When you first start in the farming-roguelike Atomicrops, you might think that the world is a bit small. The only biome available is the Desert to the left of the starting farm area and you'll uncover everything that it has to offer very quickly.

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However, there are three other biomes that you can explore, each one filled with seeds and bonuses to uncover. To get to them, you'll need to repair the broken bridge that connects to each biome. This guide will cover everything that you need to know to repair broken bridges in Atomicrops.

How To Get Bridge Repair Kits In Atomicrops

Atomicrops Bridge Repair Kits

To repair a bridge, you need to start by getting a bridge repair kit. These can be purchased from the salesman on the left side of the town hub area for 100 Cashews each.

This price will not change, unlike the Heart Beet seeds which you can buy in town as well. However, you can only buy a maximum of three bridge repair kits each day.

The Desert and Plains biomes, on the left and right side of the farm, can both be accessed without using a bridge repair kit. However, you will have to use a repair kit to reach the Tundra or Jungle biomes.

To use the bridge repair kit, you need to take it to the river that cuts between the farm and the surrounding biomes. If you want to go to the Jungle, head South from the farm. If you want to go to the Tundra, go North until you find the river.

How To Reach Tier 2 Biomes In Atomicrops

Atomicrops Desert Biome

Each biome in Atomicrops has a second tier. In second tier areas, you will face tougher enemies, but you will find rarer seeds and better powerups. To reach second tier biomes, you need to use bridge repair kits.


You will need two bridge repair kits to reach the Tier 2 Desert and Plains biomes, while you will need three repair kits to access the Tier 2 Jungle and Tier 2 Tundra biomes.

This can cost a lot of Cashews, but fortunately, there is another way to cross into these higher-level areas without buying so many bridge repair kits.

How To Get Duck Wings In Atomicrops

Atomicrops Desert Camp

Duck Wings are a powerup that you can earn in Atomicrops by defeating the Tree Guardian miniboss. The Tree Guardian only spawns when you find the Golden Pupa, which has a chance to randomly drop each time you clear an enemy camp.

When the Golden Pupa spawns, follow it until it reveals the Tree Guardian. This has more health than most regular enemies, and it also attacks faster.

To defeat it, you need to keep moving so that its slam attack can't hit you. If you stop at all, it will quickly catch up and deal a devastating slam to the ground nearby.

If you do take damage, learn everything you need to know about healing with our guide here.

When you have the Duck Wings powerup, you can fly across gaps that would usually require a bridge repair kit. This means you can cross over to the Jungle and Tundra areas, as well as every tier 2 biome, without spending any Cashews.

You won't even be able to buy bridge repair kits anymore, as the merchant tells you that bridges are useless if you can fly.

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