Spider-Man comics writer Dan Slott has said that Insomniac Games almost cut Aunt May from the game due to her being too wrinkly to animate.

Speaking in an interview with GamesRadar+, Slott talked about Aunt May's role in the game, revealing that Insomniac wanted to keep her as a "voice on the phone", or cut her entirely due to the difficulty of animating wrinkles on older characters.

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Slott said, "They wanted Aunt May to just be a voice on the answering machine or over the phone. In a very early version, they didn't want Aunt May to even be an NPC. They were telling me the reality of it; according to them, old characters - wrinkly characters - to make them look good and realistic, it takes a big amount of work. Equal to what they could use to create five other characters."

Despite Insomniac's objections to putting the character in the game physically, Slott pushed for May to be in the game, arguing, "'Look, Marisa Tomei isn't that old. Aunt May doesn't have to be super wrinkly; she can be less wrinkly." This line of argument seems to have worked in convincing Insomniac, as the Aunt May that we see in the game is certainly older than Tomei's portrayal, but is a lot younger than the portrayal of the character we saw in Raimi's films.

Considering Insomniac's Spider-Man is supposed to be an older version of the character with a lot of experience, it sounds like Insomniac was originally going to make the character more in line with the comics, where Aunt May is portrayed to be much older. That would explain the trepidation towards including the character, as the extra wrinkles would have made her much harder to animate, rather than the slightly older than middle age version we see in the final game.


Despite Aunt May being "an early bone of contention I had with them", Slott said that Insomniac was "fantastic" to work with and that he was "very happy they ended up using her".

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