The late 90s and early 00s were a strange time for gaming. Basically, anything that could be a video game more often than not became one. By today's standards, a video game based off of the Austin Powers franchise would come across as dated and unnecessary. It almost came to pass years ago, though.

A recent discovery by Fanbyte reveals that developers threw conventional wisdom out the window in an ill-advised attempt to make an Austin Powers kart racer. Austin Powers: Mojo Rally was set for release for the Sega Dreamcast in the summer of 2000. Published by Take-Two Interactive and developed by Rockstar Games, it's a little odd considering the duo would go on to release Grand Theft Auto III a year later. I guess Austin's catchphrase "Do I make you horny, baby?" inspired them in a different fashion.

As Fanbyte's article notes, Mojo Rally would have contained a mixture of known and original characters from the film series. In a recently unearthed interview with then-producer Nick Baynes, it is mentioned that the trademark humor for the series would have gotten the ax. "We won't be shagging and Fat Bastard might find himself being referred to in a very hushed voice," said Baynes. For a series built on its raunchy, cringy sexual innuendo and over-the-top humor, Mojo Rally comes off a bit boring.

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Austin Powers would not go without a series of video games. While none of them would be a proper adaptation of the films, they were all equally terrible. A pinball game, a trivia game and a ghastly collection of mini-games all featured the irreverent spy in hopes that there was a market of Austin Powers super fans that loved terrible video games. If anything, these games are all likely to appear on a future episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd than experience some sort of digital revival.


At the same time, it is fascinating to see canceled projects and hear about the stories that lead to them getting canned. While Mojo Rally is no Thrill Kill or Sonic Xtreme, it's an oddity from a bygone era that will make anyone stop, give pause and scratch their heads. Apparently, someone out there thought this would be a great idea.

Source: Fanbyte

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