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Harry Alston is a writer based in the UK. He was once number one in the world on Call of Duty: Black Ops and now spends his days chasing that past glory.

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new world spear

New World: Best Spear Build

The Spear is a versatile weapon in New World. This best Spear build guide covers the best attributes, masteries, and which weapon to pair with it.

new world endgame squad

New World: Level 60 Guide

Hit max level in New World and not sure what to do next? This comprehensive guide covers your first steps into the endgame.


New World: Best War Hammer Build

The War Hammer is a two-handed, heavy damage weapon in New World, but it's very slow. Here's everything you need to know to make the best build.

Split image of New World

New World: Best Rapier Builds

The Rapier is a PVP duelist's dream in New World, Amazon's new MMO. In this build guide, we cover masteries, weapon pairings, and gameplay tips.

no mans sky and cities skylines

The 17 Best Sandbox Games

The sandbox genre covers dozens of different games. Here's our list of the best titles you can enjoy in 2021, on console and PC.

new world iron vein

New World: Where To Find Iron

Iron is a key crafting material in New World, and you're going to need a lot of it. This guide covers some of the best spots to find iron.

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