Automachef is a resource management puzzler which puts you in charge of designing automated kitchens. Over time, your kitchens will evolve and become more complex as new machines are introduced. Work alongside your, definitely human, companion to produce efficient, fully-automated kitchens of the future.

Preparing Your Kitchen

Automachef begins with a tutorial which will introduce you to the basic concept. Your task is to produce a series of automated kitchens and use them to deliver orders to hungry customers. Each level offers a new space and combination of recipes.

There is a recipe book which will help you figure out the ingredients needed for each dish. Some of these will need to run through different machines in order to prepare or cook them.

To help figure this out, each stage of preparation is displayed in the recipe and you just need to work out which machine takes the food from one stage to the next. Some are obvious, such as burgers needing to be grilled, while others are more complex, such as breaded chicken needing several ingredients to go through an assembly machine before it is cooked.

Each kitchen can be prepared with as much time as you need. The level will not start until you have finished the kitchen and hit the start button. If you want to check how an individual assembly line runs, you can go into the recipe book and hit simulate order to watch the process.

Serving Your Customers

Once your kitchen is complete, you can begin the level. As it progresses, orders will come up and your kitchen will need to fulfill them. As well as tracking how many orders are delivered, the game will keep a note of your power usage and the number of ingredients used.


You can adjust several settings on the machines in order to help your kitchen run more efficiently and effectively. Mastering and balancing these settings is one of the trickiest parts of the game. Often, fulfilling the order requirement to progress to the next level is relatively simple. However, managing to stay within the ingredients limit and power usage goal is much more difficult.

Cooking Up Something Interesting

So far, the game has been enjoyable to play. The first few levels ramp up at a reasonably sensible pace, becoming gradually more difficult. While it is challenging to hit all three goals for every level, achieving enough to unlock the next stage is much more manageable, which stops it from becoming frustrating.

My only gripe so far is that some of the machines are trickier to understand than others and not all are explained to you. While there are optional tutorial levels scattered in the game, which explain concepts such as power usage and disasters, I would have liked to see a few more similar tutorials for some of the more complex machines.

Overall, my initial impression is that this appears to be a complex, interesting, and engaging game, and I’m looking forward to exploring the later levels and other gameplay modes.

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