It's been a busy year for Obsidian, as Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2, and another unannounced game are said to be in playable states of development.

This comes from studio design director at Obsidian, Josh Sawyer, who dropped the news on this Twitter account. In a tweet listing the last five games he played, he has a separate category for the ones that are unreleased. Here, he says he has been playing, "Avowed, Outer Worlds 2, and my game."

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Avowed was announced last July, with The Outer Worlds 2 only revealed two months ago. Considering the development would have overlapped with 2020's Grounded, the studio appears to be working very efficiently, especially if the two highly anticipated games are in states that can be playtested.

Sawyer also mentions that he has been playing "his game", which he does not share any details of. This would suggest that Obsidian is working on yet another title, perhaps one that will be revealed at the upcoming Gamescom event.


Avowed currently has no set release date, but after skipping E3 this year, the team did say that they would share an update soon. This makes an appearance at Gamescom all the more likely, especially if it is in a state that Saywer was able to play. As for The Outer Worlds 2, not much is expected of that. We only got the reveal in June, so the gameplay that Saywer experienced is likely very basic, and not ready to be shown off to the public.

Obsidian is perhaps best known for developing the much-loved Fallout: New Vegas back in 2010, with the studio actually being formed by ex-developers of the first two Fallout titles. This, combined with the fact that both Obsidian and Bethesda are now part of Microsoft, has fans hoping for another Obsidian-led Fallout game.


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