The ability to speak to animals in RPG's can be both useless or the most important key to the story. In the early access of Baldur's Gate 3 so far, speaking to some creatures, naughty or nice, can grant you new companions or more lore information.

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There aren't many beasts you can speak to in the limited area available, but there are sure to be more added to the game in the future. Especially with the third unnamed patch update that will contain new changes to the story.

8 The Addled Frog

There is a strange frog in the Fetid Bog hiding near the Hag's house. If you use Animal Speaking, it speaks of needing ingredients for something, but it seems as though whatever you do doesn't help him. This is true unless you deal with the Hag first. The frog has had dealings with the owner of the swamp and investigating her before pushing favors onto the frog may be your best bet. There is a reward for helping the frog.


7 Scratch The Dog

Everyone loves a good dog in a video game. You can find a dog guarding its dead owner's body to the right of the entrance of the Goblin Camp and above the Owlbear cave. You must use Animal Speaking and choose the right dialogue to show the dog you mean no harm. By doing this you gain a good boy in your camp who you can pet at any time.

6 Mindflayer

Maybe one of the lesser furry, lesser friendly beasts on the list, the Mindflayer could count as a creature worth speaking to. It certainly isn't human, anyhow. You don't need Animal Speaking to speak to these slimy dudes only because you have the magical power to by way of your brain worm.

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Speaking with any Mindflayer you bump into after crashing aid in the story and future quests. One particular Mindflayer will come up later in the early access and the situation can escalate depending on if you previously spoke to him or not.

5 Intellect Devourer

We cannot be sure what manner of conscious organism this is, but speaking to it is an interesting experience. These are one of the very first creatures you run into when starting up a new campaign and one of the very first disturbing as well. If you don't know much about DnD lore and can't put two and two together, speaking to these creatures begs various questions. Questions that lead you to speak to it more even when you have a feeling you shouldn't!

4 Rats

The rats in the game may not look like the strong, handsomely glitched critter in the photo, but they do wander around most parts of the map with lots to say. Speaking to them before and after completing heavy story decisions reveals where the rats stand morally and politically. If you care about what the rats are thinking, anyway. It isn't entirely worth it unless you speak to the rats that follow important characters.

3 The Sheep

You may or may not run into some Sunlit Wetlands blooming with healthy flora and humble sheep. You also may or may not have failed a Perception check. Sometimes speaking to anything that you have the ability to speak to is useful because it gives you a second chance to understand what's going on.

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Speaking to the sheep allows them to show their true form. They aren't friendly mammals who care to speak to you, but rather minions in disguise. This can also allow you to prepare by placing all your companions accordingly before one of you speaks to the sheep and initiates combat.

2 The Goblin's Spiders

This is one of the most important uses for Animal Speaking in the early access so far. Destroying the Goblin Camp can be such an intimidating feat that you may want to side with them for the easy way out. The battle can be hard. But you can speak to their pet spiders by simply opening the metal door and convince them to side with you in battle. Multiple spiders will aggro onto the goblins once you convince them. It's better to have backup.

1 The Owlbears

Meeting the owlbears is a weird and hard encounter. Hard because of combat with the mother. If you kill the baby before you kill the mother she goes into one to two-hit mode. Weird because if you kill the mother before the baby, the baby will start to eat her. This is what you want to happen though, because the baby will become strong, go off on its own adventures, and become trapped in a goblin camp. This is where you can win the owlbear cub over and keep it as a second pet in the camp next to Scratch the dog. Who knows, maybe in the future of the game the developers will allow the cub will grow and he can be used as a familiar to fight in battles.

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