Larian Studios recently posted a new community update article for Baldur’s Gate 3 on their Steam community page. The post covers how BG3s combat, stealth, and forced turn-based mode are coming along in development, and how those mechanics will operate in single and multiplayer modes.

In Community Update #4: A Little About Combat & Stealth, Larian begins by stating they are making good progress in prepping BG3 for Early Access, but are not yet ready to announce when that will launch. They also reiterate that BG3 will use the class-based system of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, and will “go into what that means per-class later this year.” This post focuses on how far along BG3 combat has come since the initial gameplay reveal in February, and how it’s become better in both single-player and multiplayer.

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Larian explains that no magic spells were used to improve the look and feel of combat in BG3. Instead, the team delved deep into “what drives our animation pipeline”, specifically, how animations are created and processed. They’ve applied numerous tweaks to animations that have allowed the team to whittle down the time it takes animations to begin, run, and end. During combat in turn-based mode, the team has even managed to combine animations, allowing two or more characters to animate actions at the same time, shaving whole seconds off total combat time.

This breakthrough in animation brought about a “totally overhauled” order of combat system. Each combatant still gets their own turn, but the team has been able to improve upon that by allowing you to simultaneously command multiple combatants of the same faction who follow each other in the turn order.


On the stealth front, Larian has introduced a new mechanic called forced turn-based mode. This new feature “allows players at any moment during exploration to switch to turn-based rules.” In single-player and multiplayer modes, this means you can take the time needed to set up and launch surprise round first strikes against foes, or quickly react to situations involving enemy movement, puzzles, and other potentially hazardous encounters.

Larian also explains in the update post how they’re applying light, darkness, and darkvision to the stealth mechanic. They also mention how you will be able to use the dynamic lighting and dynamic darkness to your advantage when in stealth, and how forced turn-based mode ties in to make exploration all the more advantageous and exciting.

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Source: Community Update #4: A Little About Combat & Stealth

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