The most recent Pokémon Direct has revealed new information about the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield for Nintendo Switch. The Direct ended with a clip showing the two mascot legendaries for the games - Zacian, which looks like a massive metal wolf with a sword in its mouth, and Zamazenta, which looks like a wolf with a shield for a beard.

It didn't take long for fans to notice that Zacian resembled another famous sword-wielding wolf, as they quickly took to social media to point out that the newest Legendary Pokémon resembled the Great Grey Wolf Sif from Dark Souls. 

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The fact that Zacian resembles Sif was also noticed by Bandai Namco, which is the publisher of the Dark Souls series. The company posted an image of Sif battling the player character from Dark Souls on its Twitter account while making a reference to how a bigger shield is needed.

Great Grey Wolf Sif is a massive wolf that carries a sword between its teeth. Sif can be found in the Darkroot Garden, where it guards the grave of its former friend - Artorias. The player needs to slay Sif in order to proceed in Dark Souls, which results in one of the most heartbreaking battles in the game.

The design of Zacian has to be a nod to Sif, as it's unlikely that no one on the Game Freak staff would have missed its resemblance to such a famous boss monster. Zacian's design is distinct enough in order to prevent any plagiarism accusations, which is likely why Bandai Namco is joking about the Pokémon on Twitter, rather than calling its lawyers.


The story of Artorias and Sif in the lore of Dark Souls is a tragic one that results in a battle with a pet who is fighting to protect the grave of its master. Pokémon Sword & Shield isn't likely to go in a story direction as dark as that, so Zacian will probably have a better time in its debut game than Sif did.

Pokémon Sword & Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 15th.

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