Often hailed as the best superhero game, and certainly the best of the Arkham series, Batman Arkham Knight has no shortage of intense scenes. As a story-driven game, Arkham Knight puts a lot of effort into getting the player involved and emotionally invested in the plot.

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The gameplay is an important aspect of any videogame, but the story-driven scenes are what stick with you; the more emotional, the better. As the epic conclusion to a beloved franchise, it does not fail to deliver. Here are the 10 most intense moments in Batman Arkham Knight in chronological order.

10 The Joker's Cremation

Right off the bat (pardon the pun), you're thrown into one of the most intense moments of Batman Arkham Knight. The game opens with the cremation of the Joker. As you look down upon his sickening grin, you'll quickly realize that you, as the player, must progress the scene. The game forces you to burn the Joker's body yourself, all the while listening to a jazzy score, watching his mouth stretch impossibly wider as he burns. This moment is extremely tense and quite intimate. It really sets the tone for the rest of the game and helps to ready the player for anything.


9 The Diner Scene

As the first playable scene in the game, the diner scene is unique, because rather than playing as Batman immediately, the first playable character is a cop. Shortly after entering the diner, you are asked to tell the man in the back to stop smoking inside. Said man turns out to be Scarecrow, and you are immediately dosed with his fear toxin, experiencing first-hand the horrors it brings. As the toxin spreads, all hell breaks loose, and patrons start attacking each other. This scene is truly horrifying as you are forced to kill what you think are monsters. The scene ends when the cop is killed.

8 Manbat

Manbat is an interesting aspect of the game. His involvement basically boils down to a side mission - a rather gruesome and emotional one, but a side mission none the less. The most interesting thing about Manbat's involvement in the game, however, is the way he is introduced.

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Throughout the beginning of the game, Batman will pick up on radio chatter of the criminals as they are discussing seeing Batman - or at least something that looks like Batman flying around the city. After a long and subtle build-up, Manbat is finally introduced in the biggest jump-scare of the game. While climbing the lip of a roof, he appears as if from nowhere, screeching in your face before flying off. What makes this scene especially intense is that there is no fixed location or time it will occur. It's always unexpected.

7 Barbara's Suicide

After being taken by Scarecrow, Barbara Gordon is seemingly driven mad by fear gas, and Batman is forced to watch from behind bulletproof glass as she shoots herself. Though we later find out Barbara is still alive, this scene is frightening and dark. It makes the player feel some of the same hopelessness as Batman as the night just gets worse and worse. At this point in the game, defeating Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight is starting to seem hopeless.

6 Poison Ivy's Death

Batman recruits Poison Ivy to help save Gotham. After Scarecrow releases his fear gas across the city, Poison Ivy uses her plants to purify the air and save everyone. In doing so, however, she gives too much off herself and dies, crumbling away like dried leaves.

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It’s a gripping scene, tragic. Poison Ivy, the plant villain of Gotham, saved it and died a hero. The tone of the game had been dark before, but to see a main character actually die is chilling.

5 The Destruction of the Batmobile

The destruction of the Batmobile is truly one of the most intense moments of the game. After a hair-raising underground chase with the Arkham Knight - one of the only times in the game in which Batman becomes the prey rather than the hunter - you are backed into a corner with seemingly no way out. Grappling up through a hole in the ceiling, all you can do is watch as your beloved car is totaled by the Arkham Knight's digging machine. Batman has a prototype car as back up of course, but the loss still stings.

4 The Reveal

For anyone who knows the comics, or has perhaps seen the Under the Red Hood film, Jason's reveal as the Arkham Knight wasn't overly surprising. Regardless of how expected or unexpected this reveal was, however, the intensity of the moment was undeniable. The pain, frustration, and betrayal Jason feels toward Bruce are laid bare for the first time when he takes off the mask.

The Arkham Knight's identity was a long-anticipated revelation of the game. There was so much build-up, so many hints; the terror and destruction the Arkham Knight wrought are made all the more impactful when it is revealed that he was a former Robin - a former hero.

3 Bruce Wayne

Batman is captured by Scarecrow. He's been defeated and things are looking bleak. Scarecrow orders Jim Gordon to remove Batman's mask and reveal his identity to the world. Usually, this is the point at which our hero breaks free and saves the day. But that's not what happens. Before a camera, broadcasting live to the world, Batman is revealed to be Bruce Wayne. This scene is incredibly tense; as a player, you think there is no way they would go through with something like that, but they do. Batman loses.

2 Joker Takes Over

After being captured by Scarecrow and being revealed to the world as Bruce Wayne, Batman is injected with fear toxin. The fear toxin combined with his increasing madness from Joker’s poison blood drives Batman to the brink of insanity.

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The following scenes become more and more twisted and you play as the Joker through a nightmarish hellscape, constantly stalked by the Batman. It's a dark and twisted side to Batman we've never seen; murderous and insane. He’s losing his grip, and it shows.­

1 Knightfall Protocol

The Knightfall Protocol - the epic conclusion to an epic game series - is unlocked only when everything else in the game has been completed. The Knightfall Protocol is Batman's fail-safe if his identity is ever revealed. Once Gotham is finally safe, everyone has been saved, every mission completed, Bruce Wayne returns to the manor, entering it only to have it explode seconds later before the crowd of reporters gathered at the gate. It's a surprising way to end the series for sure. But the cutscene doesn't end there. Later as a family walks down an alley and is mugged, Batman appears once more, darker, and scarier than ever before.

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