This is an article about characters who could step to the mighty Mad Titan Thanos. Now, the important part of this list is that we consider every single one of these characters who would fight Thanos as being in their most powerful forms. So that means Thanos has his gauntlet filled with the gems. But that also means Goku is end-of-the-series-level strong with his Ultra Instinct and God-level powers. It's way more fun that way to compare and argue over who would beat who if at their full potential.

We want to start off with an honorable mention. A host of characters we considered to be worthy of this mock battle article but don't make the cut of the top 30. Each of them are some of the most powerful in their respective universes, but they just don't measure up to The Mad Titan with his full Infinity Gauntlet powers. To fire off a few characters we considered: Sauron, Kirby, Dr. Strange, Cthulhu, Voldemort, Itachi Uchiha, Rick Sanchez, and even Hellboy. But as much fun as it would have been to write about some of those fellas fighting Thanos, he'd simply wipe the floor. Even if all of those characters teamed up together, they might not be able to beat anyone on this list. The thought and research put into this list was vast because that is what Thanos deserves.

30 Would Smash Him: Big Blue


Dr. Manhattan, the guy from the Watchmen comic and film, is arguably one of the most powerful characters in all of the comic book and video game universes. He has complete control over matter and can reconstruct or destroy anything on an atomic level. In the movie, he claimed to have walked on the surface of the sun, apparently just for a good time. This is a guy who might run into Thanos in the middle of a galaxy somewhere and immediately deconstruct him and the infinity gems.

Thanos wouldn't really stand a chance.

If Thanos managed to get an attack off, there's no real indicator or knowledge on the internet that says Dr. Manhattan would even be susceptible to the power of the gems. This is one of those battles that would be over in an instant. There'd be no second round and it would take each other's full power to really see who's left standing when the space dust settles. At the very least, Thanos should be a little concerned with coming across a being that used to be a human and now exists as some sort of anomaly of atomic construction. Power over one of the main fundamental building blocks of existence is not something to be trifled with. That's why we give Joel Osterman the smashing win in this fight.


29 Might Win: One Powerful Kid


Franklin Richards is one of those characters who has a unique power that happens to be incredibly powerful. He's so strong that even as a baby he was at risk of releasing psychic power or energy that was capable of ending everything in the Solar System. And that was just by accident because babies don't really do anything on purpose. They're sort of like little monsters that eventually learn to become humans. Mix that with magic powers and you have a whole lot of danger.

All that power aside, what really makes him a volatile combatant is that he is utterly insane. Probably due to all his manifested powers at such a critical age. And it's not like you can truly blame his parents, Sue Storm and Reed Richards, even though they were exposed to all sorts of cosmic energies to turn them into the fantastic four.

Franklin Richards, after all, is still anatomically a human being, so we don't think he'd be able to handle Thanos for the long haul. But if Thanos wasn't careful, Franklin Richards has the ability to create universes with his imaginations and thoughts. But the cool thing about Marvel is that basically everyone has fought everyone. Or at least fought a character that has won or lost to another character so comparisons can be made. And Thanos with the IG just wins this the majority of the time. But we actually think they might join forces.

28 Would Smash Him: One Punch!


If you haven't heard about the One Punch Man yet then you are certainly missing out on a good time. One Punch Man was released in 2009 and immediately became a popular comic. It follows Saitama, a seemingly average hero who lives in a world that is constantly assaulted by over the top villains that decimate entire sections of civilization. Heroes are a sort of police force that defends against these threats. Saitama is a low ranking hero and not really on the radar of any characters of real strength at the start of the series. He soon proves himself by stopping a meteorite from hitting the planet by simply punching it into oblivion. Though a bunch of little asteroid fragments break off and destroy half the city, he still saved the planet with a punch.

The reason he is the One-Punch Man is that he's never fought an opponent who's been able to withstand one of his punches. They're simply just way too strong. And he's way too durable. For an example of his feat of strength, at one point in the anime, Saitama was thrown into space and landed on the moon, so he decided to just jump back to earth. That's some superior leg strength if we've ever seen in.

There's just no way that Thanos could stand up to one of Saitama's serious punches.

27 Might Win: To Valhalla!


Odin is one of the coolest, most popular deities in all of the world. And we're not just talking about Odin in the Marvel movies. We must include Odin's actually mythology, viking television shows, and most importantly in Final Fantasy as a summon. He's always the god of war or something in Final Fantasy and when he shows up in battle, he either has an awesome sword or rides a horse into battle and obliterates the enemy.

All that coolness aside, Odin in Marvel is one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

He's well respected by all and often seen as a great pillar of wisdom among the cosmos. The problem is, no matter how cool he is and how many of his magical weapons he possesses, Odin in his prime might not be able to handle Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. But the fight wouldn't be an easy one for Thanos, or at least it wouldn't be short. Either because Odin would throw some serious blows, or Thanos would want to beat him down inch by inch to shame and humiliate the All-Father. But even if Thanos showed up in Asgard to pick a fight, we think Odin would without a doubt fight to the end and leave a mark on Thanos he'd never forget. Odin loses, but it's a demise more epic than Boromir's.

26 Would Smash Him: Force Of The Phoenix


We all know who Jean Grey is, correct? Well, as a young mutant, Jean Grey's mind was so powerful that the Phoenix force felt a type of kinship with her and decided to share its power. Jean Grey sort of embodies the Phoenix force which is an immortal child of the universe itself. The Phoenix Force is a cosmic entity that was birthed from the link between life and demise. Or something along those lines, so it's easy to say that a guy with a couple of stones wouldn't be able to defeat it. When Jean Grey fully adopts the power of Phoenix Force, she travels the universe destroying whatever doesn't work, as is the purpose of the Phoenix Force itself.

So we imagine Thanos coming across this cosmic monster would be a pretty bad day for the Mad Titan.

It'd probably go something like this: Thanos would ask the Phoenix Force what it's doing and then Jean Grey would reply that she was going around making things better for the universe by destroying it. Thanos would say "same," and the two might actually get along for a millisecond. Until one of them got jealous of the other trying to steal their universe downsizing powers and duty for themselves. That's when the finger snapping would start. But Thanos would snap his fingers and realize that it doesn't affect Phoenix Force. And then Jean Grey would proceed to turn Thanos and his glove into a pile of ash that would dissipate over the entire universe.

25 Might Win: Is His Fate Sealed?


The thing about Dr. Fate is that he's not just one person. There have been multiple Dr. Fates and the true power of the good Doctor is from the helmet that the user wears. Being one of the Lords Of Order, every other Dr. Fate that has existed has transferred or stored all of their knowledge into the helmet for the next user to adopt when the don the headpiece. But even the most powerful version of Dr. Fate wouldn't be able to defeat Thanos, but this wouldn't be a cakewalk.

There has to be a version of Fate that would have knowledge of how to beat Thanos in a one on one cosmic battle.

This, of course, would have to mean that a previous Dr. Fate had lost to Thanos in the past and accrued some information on the conflict. This way, the new Dr. Fate would be able to have some prep time, sort of, before the battle begins. Most of these fights against Thanos wouldn't really make a real difference if the combatants were given prep time, but in this case, it might.

It wasn't easy placing Dr. Fate on this list because some of those we consulted with thought he would beat Thanos no problem. But some people need to realize the extent of Thanos power with the Infinity Gauntlet.

24 Would Smash Him: Copy Cat


So if anyone grew up watching the cartoon shows featuring the Justice League than you probably saw the episode where Amazo showed up and wrecked everyone. Amazo has the power to copy and adopt any ability or power that he sees. So when Green Lantern and Flash show up to fight, they basically gave Amazo super-speed powers and the power of the Lantern Corps. Amazo even recreates the Green Lantern ring on his finger to access the full powers of GL. During that fight, Bruce Wayne, or Batman as he likes to be called, sort of stayed away from the fight because he had a plan to take Amazo down. That planned involved Superman not showing up.

But guess what, Superman showed up.

He wrecked Amazo for a few seconds, not letting Amazo copy his abilities, but once the blindfold came off, Amazo copied Superman and started to destroy the Justice League.

If Amazo and Thanos met, and Amazo was able to view Thanos in a fair fight, then that would mean Amazo would gain all of Thanos power along with being able to replicate the infinity gauntlet powers as well. Depending on who Amazo had fought before running into Thanos in this mock battle, he might even have a few other powers to stack on top of the Thanos powers. At the very least they'd wipe one another from existence, which would certainly tick Thanos off. But we just do not see him winning outright. It's been pretty difficult to not type Amazon every time I mention Amazo's name. Silly geese.

23 Might Win: The Man Of Steel


A bunch of people are probably going to give us some trash for including Superman on the section of the list that has him losing to Thanos while Goku is on the section where Thanos gets destroyed. But the truth is Superman in any form is not going to defeat Goku. Maybe that's some of us being biased and wanting to love Goku too much, but mostly it's because of this scenario.

Superman Prime One-Million is super powerful, but there is simply just no way that he's going to enjoy fighting Thanos. Supes is going to do his best to defend a bunch of people and be the super boy scout he always is. While Goku would spend a few decades searching for all the infinity stones so he can fight Thanos at his full power.

The fight would be incredibly close.

I don't think Superman would win 10 out of 10 fights against Thanos and I don't think he'd lose them all either. This is actually a fight we'd all want to see. We'd much rather watch Thanos trip into the DC universe and come in contact with this version of Superman. He'd definitely be a little worried. After all, Thanos is terrified of Adam Warlock, the Marvel version of Superman.

22 Would Smash Him: One Tick Below A God


Not too many people know much about the Living Tribunal. Rightfully so as he's not often brought into the pesky squabbles of Iron Man or Wolverine. He's something of a god but really he's just one step below the actual god of the Marvel Universe, One Above All. The One Above All guy is basically the ultimate God for Marvel and is the one who created The Living Tribunal for the sole reason of keeping balance in the multiverse. So basically, because God didn't feel like having to keep balance, he gave that power to a subordinate to handle. This places Living Tribunal in a position of insane power, nearly incomprehensible power, but he doesn't often have to use it.

But then some psycho named Thanos comes along and feels that it's his job to create balance in the universe and wipe out half of the living things that exist within it. Sort of sounds like this Thanos bum is trying to encroach on LT's job.

Living Tribunal against the Infinity Gauntlet just isn't even fair. Thanos might get an attack off but there's a solid chance that it'll have no effect on the master of balance in the entire multiverse. Not to mention, Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet doesn't even work outside of his universe anyway. It's the classic universal threat not being able to affect the multiverse.

21 Might Win: Powerful But Just People


Anyone who's seen this anime knows exactly why the final form of Gurren Lagan is on this list. Sorry for the spoilers, but have you ever seen a show where the final boss involved the bad guy and the good guy hurling entire galaxies at one another as if they were ninja shurikens. Because that happens. Not to mention, the bad guy in this scenario is called the Anti Spiral which happens to be the enemy of all sentient life in the entire universe.

And let's talk for a moment about all of the galaxies that were, yes, thrown like shurikens at one another.

That's how huge these guys get. What happened to all of those people in those galaxies? did they just get flung into outer space, with their last images being of a giant finger or something? That's the sort of collateral damage we don't even think the Seven Dragon balls could fix. Talk about spilled milk, try a spilled galaxy.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan is a ship that hundreds of humans help pilot into the Universe. Which means Thanos could snap his fingers and wipe out all of the people on the ship and basically, the fight is over. We'd like to think that something so big would be able to defeat Thanos, and maybe it could, but we're talking about one of the smartest villains around.

20 Would Smash Him: A Super Saiyan God


This is another controversial member of the list as many people try to compare all powerful creations to Goku whenever they get the chance. The biggest debate out there is If Superman could beat Goku with both of them at full power. But after watching Dragon Ball Super and seeing how powerful Goku eventually becomes, it's a no-brainer why he is in this section of the list.

Goku has been in fights with other powerful characters that shook the multiverse and nearly destroyed a few universes themselves. The power to do this as a by-product of their fighting is only an appetizer to what Goku could do directly when it counted. Now, it makes sense to think that if there is anything that can stop Goku in Dragon Ball then Thanos could smash him. But the reality of DB is that Goku literally did the same sort of stuff Thanos did. Traveled around and beat people up who were in disagreement.

But we have to think that if the Marvel and Dragon Ball Universes merged, the strongest beings in Marvel would certainly have their hands full with the Z Fighters, not to mention their enemies. If you're not convinced, imagine Goku showing up during Infinity War when Thanos was about to snap his fingers. Goku'd have like 10 lines of inner monologue and in those 10 lines, he'd realize he needs to stop Thanos from snapping his fingers. Then BAM! Instant Transmission Goku smashes Thanos' entire arm to dust. Game over. Winner, Goku.

19 Might Win: The Ultimate Space Lizard


For any of you people out there who thought that there should be some Kaiju on this list, we totally agree, and here he is. The big baby lizard himself. Now we'd like to pick and choose the strongest Kaiju to take the fight to Thanos and who it'd be, so we decided to go with the version of Godzilla that was born inside of a black hole. That alone should offer up the durability stat to keep him in this conversation long enough to matter.

Space Godzilla is pretty powerful as far as cosmic dragon turtles go.

Just take a look at those shoulders. How many push-ups does one have to do to acquire such majestic deltoids? We're guessing that Space Godzilla can military press well over 2 planets. While that may not be as strong as Thanos, we think their paths cross would be a pretty intense scene.

It'd go something like this. Thanos would be taking Lady Death out on a space picnic somewhere where there is a beautiful view of a supernova occurring when Space Godzilla shows up and barfs blue laser beam fire on them both. Whether or not Thanos survives this random act of aggression is up to you. But we're gonna go with The Infinity Gauntlet on this one. After all, Space Godzilla is just a monstrous cosmic beast.

18 Would Smash Him: The Cosmic Champ


So, first of all, Thanos is terrified of Adam Warlock. Adam has a pretty wild backstory involving traveling through space and time and also capturing different versions of himself within the soul gem. In basically every version of Thanos trying to mess with the universe, Adam Warlock has been there to aid in stopping him or even guiding Thanos to a better path.

Some of the attributes that Adam Warlock has are better explained by saying he is the Marvel version of Superman. He has all the super abilities that Clark Kent has, but with a few added features. Warlock can control and utilize cosmic forces and he is effectively immortal. Even though he can actually perish, apparently Lady Death cannot take his soul away. This probably has something to do with Adam Warlock's control over the Soul Gem itself as well as the earlier mentioning of him capturing the soul of alternate and future versions of himself in the soul gem, then going into the soul gem himself only to take part in some sort of soul soup featuring the multiple Warlocks.

Perhaps Thanos would get him with a few of the other gems, but we have to think that without the ability to affect Adam with the soul gem, the infinity gauntlet itself wouldn't be full power against Adam. That'd leave Thanos a bit soft for some attacks. Warlock wins and takes the infinity gauntlet for himself.

17 Might Win: He Toppled Galactus


There's a reason Silver Surfer has to be on this list. He's had more run-ins with power than many of the superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He's been stuck working for Galactus before and was traveling the universe devouring planets at Galactus's whim. But at the end of all that, Silver Surfer defeated Galactus and sealed him away or something like that. So you have to give Silver Surfer his credit.

Silver Surfer was given some serious powers by Galactus and they include Matter manipulation and energy absorption. Which sort of places SS in league with characters like Dr. Manhattan. And we all know how powerful the bare blue guy is. But the reason he's not on the part of the list with Dr. M is that Silver Surfer, or Norrin Radd, has actually fought Thanaos and lost several times. This is a major decision-making scenario.

The fight would go something like this, Silver Surfer would be cruising through the cosmos on his board, and Thanos would show up because he wants SS to work for him and help him do whatever it is Thanos likes to do. Silver Surfer would definitely say no, and the fight would begin and then most likely end with a reluctant Thanos turning SS into a pickle jar or something.

16 Would Smash Him: The Guy Himself


Now, to start off with the main man Lucifer Morningstar, we're going to go into some conspiracy theories regarding the history of this character in general. So we're talking about the devil. Many know the story of Lucifer challenging God for control of heaven or freedom of the angels. But God slapped him down to Heck where he lives in the fire village. But here's where it gets tricky. History is written by the winners. And when we're talking about cosmic battles in Heaven or Olympus or wherever these histories that are written could end up in the hands of millions of religious people ready to accept that word.

The conspiracy is, what if Lucifer actually won the battle for heaven and cast God out.

Then Lucifer changed his name to God so no one knew the deal, and rewrote all the histories as if the one who was cast out, God, was actually Lucifer. History is rewritten in a light that keeps everyone on task with what the original Lucifer actually wanted, and keeping the original god of the creation locked in a place filled with sinners.

All that being said, those sort of powers attributed to the Christian Lucifer also apply to Lucifer Morningstar. He's powerful enough to overthrow God and take over all of creation. This is something Thanos would definitely struggle with.

15 Might Win: Who's This?


Anomander Rake. Many of you are probably looking at this photo and thinking about who this guy is. What is he doing here? Does he even really exist or is this the writer pushing his own deviant art? The important answer is yes, Anomander Rake does exist, or rather, someone created him in a novel series and therefore sort of exists. Use your imaginations.

Rake is from the series Malazan Book Of The Fallen, a fantasy series with the size scope and lore of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings. There's multiple races, gods, and history of violence that all sort of come crashing to a head over and over again as these vastly ridiculously powered magical beings strive for more power. And all the while there's this guy Anomander Rake who rolls around in a floating mountain called Moon Spawns, with a sword that has its own dimension inside of it that captures its victims called Dragnipur, and he can turn into a massive Black Dragon whenever he wants. Not a weakling.

The reason he's on this list is because Rake is a lot like Kratos in that he likes to end Gods.

And not only does he like to slay them with his sword, but he likes to trap those Gods inside of his sword. Thanos would have some trouble with this guy and would certainly show him some respect. After all, Anomander Rake is the favored Child of Darkness. Plus he looks super awesome too.

14 Would Smash Him: Drinker Of It All


This entry of the article is probably going to be a bit controversial because not too many people are as familiar with Alucard's powers. He's Dracula. But like not the normal Dracula or vampire you see on cereal boxes or in the movies. He's a human being who long ago became a vampire, the first vampire, by drinking tons and tons of his people's blood and absorbing their souls through that blood. It's pretty gross, but he did it, and he became the most powerful thing on his planet.

He was actually able to become this thing, this anomaly of nature in a world of some magic. But it was at the end of the series Hellsing Ultimate that he gained the powers to even be considered for this conversation. On top of his un-endable body, magical reality bending capabilities, and millions of regenerating souls that act as extra lives, Alucard adopts the ability to become a paradox that is immune to paradoxes. He exists everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. So he's basically immortal in any realm of existence or non-existence.

Thanos and Alucard would mess with each other for a while and engage in some pretty epic dialog, but after a while, Thanos would not be able to outlast Alucard in any form of fighting. If Alucard gets any of that Thanos blood in his body, he might be able to absorb some of Thanos's soul. And that would be a pretty awesome scene.

13 Might Win: Hulk Gets Smashed?


Anyone who's seen the movie Avengers Infinity War will probably wonder why the Hulk is even involved in this discussion. In the movie, he shows up for about three minutes to fight Thanos and gets annihilated. He gets beat up so badly that Bruce Banner isn't even able to get Hulk to emerge again. Yeah, Hulk gets scared and we get stuck with over 2 hours of Mark Ruffalo showing us how talented of an actor he really is. But no one cares.

We want to see the green guy.

But the Hulk that we want to talk about here is the World Breaker Hulk. This is basically the name given to World War Hulk using all his unleashed powers when he really lets it all come out and holds nothing back. Yes, Hulk gets smashed by Thanos, but that's just the regular Hulk. This other version might give Thanos a run for his money and it has a lot to do with Gamma Radiation.

We're not really sure what Gamma radiation actually is or does, but we know it's what makes Hulk the Hulk. So we think Thanos fights this guy and doesn't snap him out of existence, but rather indulges the green beast in a fist fight. Which may or may not be a good idea, because in this battle, as Hulk gets angrier, he might tip the scales to where a landed punch on Thanos is the final nail in the Titan's oversized coffin. Not saying Hulk's going to win, but we are saying some dragons are slain with a single arrow.

12 Would Smash Him: An Upgraded Spawn


Anyone who doesn't know who Spawn is probably didn't watch too many films in the 90s. Though the film Spawn was not super great and had some pretty ridiculous CGI, it definitely showed the world the power Spawn was capable of and his place as the leader of the underworld's army. You'd have to be pretty tough to get that sort of position among warrior demons and certainly have a well-developed resume.

But that version of Spawn would get wrecked by Thanos in basically every single scenario. But the Divine God Spawn is a different story and the focus of this entry. Divine God Spawn is what happens when the Man Of Miracles gives him the strength of a God-ender or something along those lines. Man Of Miracles has to find a way to stop Heaven and the underworld from battling each other, So he gives his powers to Spawn to destroy Heaven and the underworld and all the people involved. This destroys the armies of the two H's and then God and his enemy can battle one on one for Earth.

With the amount of power bestowed upon Spawn by the Man of Miracles, Thanos would now have met someone with the infused powers of God plus the powers of the underworld. This would be a much closer fight than say Thanos vs The Man Of Miracles himself, but that should offer a bit of perspective of how strong Spawn becomes with these divine attributes.

11 Might Win: Mightier Than The Sword


The reason Light is on this list is that he gains the power of a demise god. For those of you who don't know who Light Yagami is, he's the main character of the anime Deathnote. Demise Gods in this anime carry around a book or journal called a Deathnote. And whoever's name they happen to write into this book end up perishing in whatever way is written in the book. If the unfortunate end of the person in the book isn't specified, they simply have a heart attack and that's that.

So let's say for a minute that this Guy Thanos shows up to Earth and starts slapping people all over the place talking about stones and cutting the universe in half. Light Yagami is totally going to take it upon himself to exact justice on this guy. So maybe Light writes his name in the book and Thanos becomes a pile of dust.

The win goes to Light Yagami with the stroke of a pen.

Unfortunately, that's all just a silly theory. But it totally could work logistically. The big problem is Thanos's super close relationship with the manifestation of Lady Death. Perhaps this manifestation is known in the Demise God realm as a hero and would never allow a note to work on Thanos. Since they're both friends. Still, it's fun to think that our old friend Kira could take out the mad Titan with a pen. A pen, we might add, that is mightier than the sword.

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