You’ve heard of console bundles and controller bundles, but have you ever heard of RAM bundles? It seems Western Digital and EA want your rig to be in peak condition for when you play Battlefield 2042. The WD_Black SN750 SE NVMe SSD Battlefield 2042 PC Game Code Bundle will upgrade your PC and also get you a code for the game.

As spotted by GameRant, Western Digital’s Battlefield 2042 bundle comes in 500GB ($114.99) and 1TB ($139.99) options with the game’s branding on the chip. It will come with a code for the standard edition of the game, as well as pre-order codes for those interested in taking part in the beta. The SSD delivers sequential read speeds of up to 3,600MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 2,000MB/s for the 500GB model and 2,830MB/s for the 1TB model.

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Battlefield 2042’s PlayStation 5 technical test was recently cancelled due to critical issues. “We’ve already identified a Critical issue with our submitted build on PlayStation 5 and have notified folks that we will not be testing on PlayStation 5 this weekend,” said Dice lead community manager Adam Freeman. No more details were provided about the issue. Freeman added that PS5 players should stay tuned to EA's playtesting site for future opportunities. However, it seems unlikely there will be further tests before Battlefield 2042's planned beta in September.

The game has also been plagued with its share of gameplay leaks. Freeman took to Twitter to tell players partaking in the technical tests that leaking any information will end badly for them. “Codes for Xbox have started to roll out, and if you're thinking about sharing them to a friend, don't - they won't work,” he wrote. “You also don't want to share your account information with folks either, that's going to end badly for you. Super Badly."


"You're under NDA for this Playtest, so Videos, Screenshots and Streaming from this Playtest result in Strikes on your channel,” he continued. “Break the rules, expect to lose access to both the Technical Playtest, future EA Tests, and potentially access to 2042 itself when it releases. We've already removed plenty of people from the Playtest in these past 48 hours, and they won't be able to play this weekend."

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