Star Wars: Battlefront II to receive final update, “The Battle on Scarif”.

Not even a full week after the Battlefield V final update was announced, Star Wars Battlefront II follows suit. Last week, Battlefield V fans were surprised to find that the game's final standalone update would be coming in June. They are no longer alone in the EA universe.

This week, Star Wars Battlefront IIs Creative Director Dennis Brännvall authored a seemingly loving epilogue to the game and paid homage to its 25+ free content updates. The update also highlighted what to expect in the April 29 update, “The Battle on Scarif”, which returns to the setting from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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This news follows on developer EA DICE’s announcement not to expect an additional series addition to Battlefield until late 2021. Given the highly publicized and rocky launch to Star Wars Battlefront II, and the continuous criticism facing the poorer than expected launch of Battlefield V, fans are hoping this signals the entire team at DICE is gearing up to ensure a successful and smooth launch to the next Battlefield franchise sequel. This news is not lost on Anthem hopefuls, who faced a similar launch from EA’s live service game, and experienced the subsequent flop (failing to achieve a 60 on Metacritic).

The silver lining comes with the way in which EA is handling the departure of updates for Battlefront. For Battlefield and Anthem fans, criticism came immediately in response to a fully priced game launched in competition to EA’s own free to play Apex Legends, in the midst of concerns of not being heard, a paywall guarding Battlefield’s first Battle Royale mode, and controversial microtransactions placed into all three titles. In contrast, with the departure of Battlefront II updates, EA DICE created the below trailer, and also shared a detailed message of all that was intended to be accomplished, followed by quick acknowledgment of how those goals were achieved. A message is shared at the end of the trailer speaking to an entertaining future on servers for years to come.


Similar messages have not been shared about Battlefield, in fact, former DICE producer David Sirland has been quoted as saying that the Pacific update to Battlefield V, “...was supposed to kickstart that journey…” to rebuild trust between the player base and the developer, rather than discovering it to be an abrupt closing chapter despite promises for much more.

What then, is to come for Star Wars: Battlefront II in the wake of the epilogue of Battlefield V? It would seem a similar end of updates, however, a very playable and enjoyable title remains for fans for the years ahead while awaiting their next adventure.

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Source: DICE shifts focus to next year's Battlefield

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