In a world where Battle Royale games are becoming hugely popular, it's no surprise that Battlefield V has extremely popular multiplayer modes. The game is set in World War 2 and you get to experience historical battles through either the story mode or the online multiplayer modes.

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One of the most loved parts of the online modes is the ability to fly planes. However, flying is not as easy as it sounds and it is especially true in a game where there are massive guns ready to bring you down. There are a few key tips that should be helpful in making you a better pilot and possibly even the hero of your team.

Updated October 24, 2021, by Marie Pritchard: With Battlefield 2042 coming out soon, now is a good time to look back at the game's predecessor. We've laid out some Battlefield V flying tips below and we've now added a section that has been tailored to those of you who are playing the game on PC!

11 PC Controls Can Be Tricky, Practice Makes Perfect

Unless you're a seasoned pro-PC gamer, learning Battlefield V Plane PC controls can be a little daunting. You need to have serious coordination to be able to become a pro-pilot in the game but that's where the format of multiplayer mode comes in handy. In each match you will have chances to re-spawn directly into a plane if you've been downed, death is quite literally not an option so you can practice and fail as freely as you like. There are a few controls you should try to learn at first:

Throttle Up W
Throttle Down S
Roll Right Right Arrow
Roll Left Left Arrow
Fire Space
Reload R

There are many controls for you to get your head around but these 6 are the basic ones you should try to master first.


10 Configure Your Controls

Battlefield V Options Menu Controls Section

In the main menu of the game, before you choose which mode you want to play, you can access the options menu. Here you can customize a variety of aspects of the game but if you're going to fly then you need to go to the Controls section. You will see a variety of options where you can alter the controller's sensitivity to certain movements which can help with flight controls.

You can also change the flight controls to the layout that you prefer. You should play a few games first to get to know which you want to change. In the options section, you can flip your controls, invert them or you can choose to stick to the default ones if they work for you. It always pays off to look at altering game settings to suit you where possible.

9 Get To Know Your Favorite Planes

Battlefield V Front View Of Fighter Plane Multiplayer Modes

When you are first playing as a pilot it's a good idea to get to know which plane model is your favorite. Each team (country) have their own plane types and models too. Where possible, you should switch between the plane types that you are flying.

Some players enjoy the swift-moving fighter planes as they suit their play style. Others may prefer heavy-duty, hard-hitting bomber planes. Finding the right aircraft for you will pay off in the long run as it means you can choose it more often and get more practice with it. The more you practice, the better you will become.

8 Look For Resupply Markers

Battlefield V In Flight Resupply Markers Multiplayer Mode

If you are a pilot then just like the ground soldiers you can run out of ammunition. There are resupply points that are marked by a white symbol that resembles a box sat on two other boxes. Where the resupply points are will depend on which map and mode you are playing on.

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By flying close to or through one of the markers you will fill up your ammunition again. You do need to wait a few seconds before dropping any of the bigger bombs. Be careful, each side has the same resupply points for aircraft so it is very common for enemies to ambush you at the supply point or for enemy planes to shoot you down.

7 Bailing Out Is Acceptable

Battlefield V Crashed Plane Failed Bail Out Multiplayer Mode

Sometimes even the best pilots can be beaten and when this time comes, you should bail out of your plane. If your plane has been hit or you have lost control of it and you think that you aren't going to make it then bailing out will save you. There is no shame in bailing out, especially in multiplayer modes where respawn tickets are valuable to your team.

However, to successfully do this you need to think fast. Bailing out of the plane can take a few seconds so if you are halfway out of the plane and it crashes or explodes then you are going to go with it. If you bail out too late then you will not have enough time to open your parachute.

6 A Tight Turn Trick

Battlefield V Tight Turn Trick In Fighter Plane

When you are in the midst of a battle with another plane or if you are trying to avoid being gunned down by ground soldiers then knowing this trick about tight turns will help. It may seem like it doesn't make sense but it does work.

If you decelerate your plane's speed whilst turning, it will help you do a tight turn and give you more control over your plane. This is very helpful if you are fighting another plane and want to avoid being hit by their weaponry. Also, it can be useful when flying through resupply markers as it gets you out of there quickly.

5 Upgrade Your Plane

Battlefield V Plane Customization Screen Menu Your Company

Many players know that having upgrades on your favorite weaponry can significantly increase your chances of winning. This is no different with aircraft or any vehicle in Battlefield 5 for that matter. The more you customize and upgrade your plane, the better it will be. You can do this by going to the ''your company'' section in the game and going to the aircraft option at the top.

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You will earn the upgrades by consistently playing and using that type of plane. For example; If you play as a Spitfire then you will get upgrades for the Spitfire. The upgrades are mostly functional although there are cosmetic ones that can give your plane that little personal touch.

4 Bomb Drop Tip

Battlefield V Low Flying Shot Fighter Plane Multiplayer Bomb Drop

Whether you are in a heavy-duty bomber plane or a fighter plane, this tip remains the same. The lower that you fly your plane over the area that you want to bomb, the more accurate the drop will be. If you want to bomb a generic area then flying high up and dropping bombs is fine.

However, if you want to drop bombs on a specific area like a warehouse then you stand a better chance of hitting it by flying a little lower. The only downside to this is that you do run the risk of crashing by clipping buildings or by being gunned down by the enemies.

3 Look For Enemy Markers

Battlefield V Enemy Markers From Aircraft

When you are zooming past areas in a plane it can be difficult to pinpoint where enemies on the ground are. However, if you are flying and people on the ground have tagged the locations of enemies then you will be able to see them. Some of the maps are so intricate that some fans have recreated one of the maps on Minecraft.

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These can be useful when you are using the gun attachments of the plane as they can help you get a precise hit on an area. Also, whilst you are playing as a ground soldier on a map it can be a good idea to scope out where certain heavy-hitting artillery guns. If you try to memorize where they are, you can drop bombs in that location on the map.

2 Not Being A Pilot? You Can Still Fly

Battlefield V Bomber Gunner View

Even if you're not piloting a plane, you can still fly in some circumstances. In some types of bomber planes, you can spawn into them if one of your squad is flying. You will be able to sit in a gunner seat and use that to shoot down enemy planes or to fire on specific spots on the ground. The immersive experience is one of the reasons it has been classed as one of the best first-person games.

By being in the co-pilot role in a larger aircraft you can give your team a better chance at winning. In most of the multiplayer modes, the team that is more likely to win is the one that has control over the most and biggest planes. This typically means the bombers.

1 Protect Each Other

Battlefield V Front View Of Fighter Plane Enemy Plane Crashing Behind

As far as Battlefield V flying tips go, this is arguably the most important one. Whilst you are up in the air you tend to have the advantage over the ground troops and you can often protect them. In some of the multiplayer modes, you get attack or defend orders that will tell your whole team which area they should go to next. If you are in a plane you can defend your ground troops as they get close to it.

If you're in a fighter plane and your fellow pilots are being attacked by another plane, you can fly over to them to help them. If you are a fighter pilot you can protect your team's bomber plane. It's slow-moving compared to other planes so as a fighter pilot you have more speed and maneuverability to protect it.

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