Bayonetta is known for her impressive magic, stylish weapons, and questionable outfits, but there is more to the witch than meets the eye. In both Bayonetta games, she can additionally equip Accessories that make all the difference in combat by giving her even more abilities.Usually appearing as some kind of brace or piece of jewelry, each Accessory has a backstory and drastically different effects depending on which ones are equipped.

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Though their powers vary, Bayonetta can equip up to two at the same time, giving players the opportunity to create a completely unique build. While some of these accessories are available from the start of the games, others must be earned by completing certain achievements.

10 Pulley's Butterfly (Bayonetta)

Pulley's Butterfly accessory in Bayonetta 2

Available from the beginning of both games, Pulley's Butterfly is an accessory created by the witch Turandot. When activated, the accessory summons four butterflies that fly in a circle around Bayonetta. These butterflies absorb damage from four enemy attacks, though they deplete Bayonetta's magic gauge while they're activated.

Some enemies that attack with combo strings are able to cut down multiple butterflies at once. Pulley's Butterfly is activated by pressing down the punch and kick buttons and can be deactivated the same way. While active, the Pulley disables the use of Bat Within. It can be purchased from the Gates of Hell for 100,000 halos.


9 Sergey's Lover (Bayonetta)

Sergey's Lover accessory Bayonetta

Only available in the first game, Sergey's Lover is a Russian doll made by the Moscow-born witch Matryona. The doll summons two shadows of Bayonetta, appearing in the form of Madama Butterfly. These shadows mirror Bayonetta's movements, adding two extra hits per attack that she makes.

This is useful for improving combo scores to gain the elusive Pure Platinum medals at the end of a verse. Sergey's Lover drains the magic meter while it is in use, and is activated and deactivated in the same manner as Pulley's Butterfly. It can be purchased at the Gates of Hell at any point in the game for 100,000 halos.

8 Star Of Dinèta (Bayonetta)

Star of Dineta accessory Bayonetta 2

In both Bayonetta games, the Star of Dinèta is a brace created by the witch Yenaldooshi. As a magical talisman, this accessory allows Bayonetta to restore her health mid-battle. To do this, Bayonetta must taunt and enrage an enemy, which causes them to attack faster and hit harder.

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She can do this up to four times in the middle of a verse, restoring a small fraction of health each time. Taunting outside of battle will not restore Bayonetta's health. The Star of Dinèta is available for purchase from the Gates of Hell for 100,000 halos at any point in the game.

7 Bracelet Of Time (Bayonetta)

Bracelet of Time accessory in Bayonetta 2

One of the harder accessories to obtain, the Bracelet of Time has different requirements to unlock it in Bayonetta 1 and 2. In the first Bayonetta, the Bracelet of Time is unlocked by completing the entire game in under three hours on normal difficulty. In Bayonetta 2, the Bracelet of Time is unlocked after completing all chapters with a Gold trophy or higher. After accomplishing these tasks, the accessory can be purchased from the Gates of Hell for 200,000 halos.

The bracelet allows Bayonetta to use Witch Time on command, without having to dodge enemy attacks. After activating it with the left bumper, it depletes the magic gauge quickly as long as it is activated. This accessory is implied to have been made by Eva, Dante's mother from the Devil May Cry series.

6 Earrings Of Ruin (Bayonetta 2)

Earrings of Ruin accessory Bayonetta 2

The Earrings of Ruin are available in Bayonetta 2 after completing Chapter 14. One of the pricier accessories, these earrings cost a whopping 500,000 halos. According to their description, The Earrings of Ruin were worn by witches that were permitted to use Umbran Armor; large, magic-powered war machines that can take down giant angels.

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This accessory is activated when Bayonetta enters Umbran Climax and puts her in the Umbran Armor instead of summoning demons. This is the default for her mother, Rosa, so this accessory has no effect and cannot be worn by her.

5 Mallet Of Rewards (Bayonetta 2)

Mallet of Rewards accessory in Bayonetta 2

This accessory is only available in Bayonetta 2, available for purchase from the beginning of the game. The aptly named Mallet of Rewards allows Bayonetta to reap larger rewards from her enemies and is activated automatically once it is equipped.

In order to receive these rewards, Bayonetta must use a Torture Attack against an enemy, causing it to drop more halos than usual and green laurels that restore health. This mallet was created by the witch Okuni, who was allegedly a chivalrous thief. The Mallet is available from the Gates of Hell for 100,000 halos.

4 Climax Brace 2 (Bayonetta 2)

Climax Brace 2 accessory Bayonetta 2

The second edition of the Climax Brace from the original Bayonetta, this new-and-improved accessory is even harder to unlock than the Bracelet of Time. The Climax Brace 2 is unlocked after completing all chapters in Bayonetta 2 with a Platinum trophy or higher on at least 2nd Climax difficulty. This accessory allows Bayonetta to attack with even greater strength when she enters Umbran Climax and is activated automatically when equipped.

Its drawback is that Bayonetta will also receive increased damage from enemies, and is unable to set records with the accessory equipped in the Wii U version of the game. In the Switch version, Bayonetta can set records wearing the accessory. Once unlocked, it can be bought for 500,000 halos.

3 Moon Of Mahaa-Kalaa (Bayonetta)

Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa accessory in Bayonetta 2

One of the most widely-used accessories in the games, the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa is an accessory created by the witch Yaksi and blessed by the goddess Shiva. These powerful braces allow Bayonetta to repel incoming attacks from enemies by conjuring a magic shield that knocks them back. Able to protect Bayonetta from almost every attack, the braces are activated by pushing the left joystick in the direction of the attacker.

If timed perfectly, the Moon will allow Bayonetta to counterattack with a Wicked Weave, regain magic orbs, and prolong the effects of Witch Time. This is one of the most useful accessories for the challenging Witch Trial chapters after completing the main campaign in Bayonetta 2. It can be purchased at any time for 200,000 halos.

2 Selene's Light (Bayonetta)

Selene's Light accessory in Bayonetta 2

Selene's Light allows Bayonetta to instantly activate Witch Time when she is hit, making it one of the most useful accessories in the games. Created by the Egyptian witch Cleopatra, the accessory takes the form of two golden braces with crescent moon adornments.

Some players consider the use of this accessory cheap, due to its power and the fact it can be bought at any point in either game. When Witch Time is activated by this accessory, it rapidly drains the magic gauge but allows Bayonetta to flee or quickly counter fast enemies. It can be purchased for 100,000 halos at the Gates of Hell.

1 Climax Brace (Bayonetta)

Climax Brace accessory in Bayonetta 2

Like the Climax Brace 2, the Climax Brace is so powerful that it prevents Bayonetta from being able to set records when she uses it. To unlock it, Bayonetta must first collect all Umbran Tears of Blood scattered throughout the games. This feat is incredibly difficult due to the fact that most of these Tears are hidden and fly away when they are found. Even stronger than its successor, the Climax Brace allows Bayonetta to have unlimited magic.

In the original game, Bayonetta will always be in "Serious Mode" which she usually reserves for boss fights against the Cardinal Virtues. In Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta will always have access to Umbran Climax or a Torture Attack, without having to fill the magic meter herself. Once unlocked, it can be purchased for 500,000 halos.

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