This incredible palace in Minecraft isn’t just where people can go to look at neoclassical architecture. It was made to topple dictators.

Welcome to The Uncensored Library. Impressive, isn’t it? The Library is 12.5 million blocks arranged to look like an enormous palace, but it’s a palace of knowledge. Inside its blocky halls are countless articles that would otherwise never be read in the countries in which they were written.

Reporters Without Borders
via Reporters Without Borders

The Uncensored Library is a project from Reporters Without Borders, an organization that defends freedom of information around the world. It’s becoming increasingly difficult in the modern age with countries like Iran, Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia censoring so many websites that dissenting opinion can no longer be expressed.

However, truth finds a way. In this case, that was through Minecraft.

Reporters Without Borders
via Reporters Without Borders

While many websites are censored in various countries, Minecraft isn’t. Minecraft is the biggest game in the world with an average monthly player count of 145 million. That’s more than twice the number of players on every one of Steam’s games combined. Minecraft’s size makes it the perfect back door to sneak articles into a country that is actively trying to snuff them out of existence.

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Of course, it wasn't reporters doing the building. That was done by BlockWorks, a company that makes custom Minecraft maps that are utterly spellbinding. Their team of 24 builders from 16 different countries spent 3 months (or 250 in-game hours) to build The Uncensored Library from scratch, block by block.


“The Uncensored Library is a bold use of Minecraft and really encapsulates everything that is great about this game and the community it has created,” said James Delaney, architect for the Uncensored Library and Managing Director at Blockworks.

Truly, Minecraft is a game without borders and a brilliant way of getting around firewalls and censorship from dictators trying to control what people write online. You can visit the library’s website here, and head to their server at

Source: Reporters Without Borders

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