Starting up a video game is like opening the first page of a book. They transport players into another world and sometimes that world never existed, while other times it did a long, long time ago.

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It's become a common theme to appreciate the past, specifically the 90's. People of all ages, some who weren't even alive for the '90s, make sure to appreciate what once was. But there are other eras past the '90s that have unique fashion and history that can keep players hanging by a thread.

10 The Council - 1700s

The Council is a choices-matter game that involves episodes and mystery. Many games that claim to be episodic can't be trusted due to the developers ending up never finishing the story. Rest assured that The Council has completed its "season" and will leave players wanting more.

In the game, the player is Louis de Richet. Louis is in an old secret society with his mother dearest, but when she goes missing, Louis finds he has to meet with the society's members at the next gathering and figure out what they are hiding and where his mother is. And what his mother is hiding.


9 Ryse: Son Of Rome - 753 BC–476 AD

This is taking it way further back than just the '50s-'90s. Ryse: Son Of Rome was an Xbox 360 exclusive that dives you into Ancient Rome. The player steps inside the Titus family, more specifically the son Marius.

This is a cinematic action-packed game where Marius seeks revenge on those who massacred his family and left him alone. Through seeking revenge he gains power and an army. During all this, the player gets to fight numerous battles via sword and shield.

8 Thimbleweed Park - 80s

When gamers look back at the first video games they ever played, it can range from pixelated platforms to zany point-and-click adventures. Thimbleweed Park reminisces in the older point-and-click mystery genre, being created by the same people who did Monkey Island.

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Thimbleweed Park is a humorous yet eerie look at two FBI agents looking at a case in a small town. Upon investigation, the player can find that many people are after the same thing, for different reasons. There are up to five playable characters who all have funny quips and dark secrets to shout out.

7 Blacksad: Under The Skin - 50s

Everyone's favorite era for a detective to be in is always the 50's. Why? Probably because of the coats and the hats and the cigarettes. Detective work never looked better. Based on the comic books, Blacksad: Under The Skin gives players all of that and more.

Controlling a husky-voiced feline, the player has a choice to be a dirty cop or a clean cop. One for money or one for justice. A case of a dead boxer is brought to his desk by the daughter herself and things become dangerous and interesting.

6 The Low Road - 70s

Sometimes what certain games are missing is incredible art. The Low Road doesn't skip a beat with that aspect of the game. Soft yet bright color palettes bring the 70's feel to life as the player controls Noomi Kovacs.

Noomi is an over-achiever, which annoys all her superiors enough to only give her an assistants position at high intelligence organization instead of being a spy on the field. The player must spy Noomi all the way to the top, meeting curious people along the way. This is a game that involves mini puzzles, funny interactions, and a gorgeous soundtrack. And playing as a spy!

5 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - 80s

Every boy's dream is to shoot lasers at robots and neon dragons while lifting up the middle finger. Blood Dragon gives players the exact fix they needed. This standalone Far Cry 3 addition is to splurge on just having fun and being obnoxious. What else are lasers and guns for?

In the game, the player controls a cybernetic commando named Sargent Rex Colt with the simplest action-man goal of killing bad guys and saving a damsel in distress. All while looking cool doing so.

4 Wheels Of Aurelia - 70s

Wheels Of Aurelia should be looked at as cracking open a window on a summer day and opening up a book rather than playing an epic video game. Diving into life in 1970's Italy, the player controls a woman named Lella who is on edge as she picks up people and drives them around the roads of the Western coast.

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There are multiple different endings in this isometric driving game that gives players multiple outlooks into what Italy was like back in the day. This is not a fast, competitive driving game, but a beautiful interactive look into the past.

3 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 1500s

A hit success, achieving over 50 awards and nominations, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a challenging action-packed game that lets players traverse through Japan in the 1500s.

The player controls an outcast-ed warrior who travels through dangerous lands to regain some notability for himself and defeat all who are in his way. This game is very similar to Dark Souls but vastly different at the same time. Anyone who likes a hard challenge drowning in deep lore will enjoy this game.

2 Mafia II - 50s

What's a better trope than Italian mobsters firing Tommy-guns at nice cars? Nothing! Tie in the '50s and we got a deal. Mafia II is about proving to the higher-ups that Vito Scarletta has what it takes to be apart of a mobster family and do what is necessary for the family. Even if that means killing and stealing.

Walking through the world of Mafia II, the player will be met with all things attractive about the 1950s, from the cars to the fashion sense.

1 Yakuza 0 - 80s

Yakuza is a Japanese video game franchise that has finally been releasing one by one in America for English-speakers to enjoy. In Yakuza 0, players experience the 1980s in Japan in all its glory.

Controlling two different characters (Kiryu and Majima), the player gets to live different lives that are somewhat similar in a world they may have never been familiar with. Prove that Kiryu and Majima are yakuza, or do what's morally right, either way, the player is able to kick butt in old-Japan.

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