Since the dawn of humanity, we've gazed upon the stars in awe. The universe's size is more massive than we can fathom. Few have been to outer space, which is why space video games are so exciting. They provide experiences that you may never have. Space video games are prime examples of why we like video games in the first place. You may never go to outer space, but you can do the next best thing by playing ultra-realistic space video games. The following games are some of the best outer space games and video games created period. These are the 10 best games set in outer space.

10 Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is one of the top games that focus on outer space. Seeing the cosmos in a whole new light is magnificent. Elite: Dangerous is a must play for outer space enthusiasts who are looking for a futuristic space flight game. Docking at starports to refuel is one of the things you'll be doing in Elite: Dangerous. By earning credits you can repair your ship and change its look. Critics gave Elite: Dangerous overwhelmingly positive reviews.


9 Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64 was one of the best space games when it released in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. Before the release of Star Fox 64, space battles were very simplistic. Star Fox 64's gameplay was a huge step forward for space battles.

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People love Star Fox 64 for being a competitive multiplayer game and stellar narration. Star Fox 64 was remade for the Nintendo 3DS and multiple sequels were made for the game. Star Fox 64 is not the first entry in the franchise, but it might be the most fun.

8 Dead Space 2

It is widely debated whether the first or second Dead Space is the better game. It was a close call, but Dead Space 2 seems to have the edge. The original Dead Space was more horrific, but Dead Space 2 has more engaging gameplay; it removed the awkwardness from the first. All-around, Dead Space 2 has a great story, gameplay, weapons, and characters. Still, Dead Space 2 is a scarefest. If you only play one game in the Dead Space Series (three were released), you should try Dead Space 2.

7 Kerbal Space Program

Elon Musk and SpaceX would likely approve of this game. Kerbal Space Program officially released in April 2015, but it was in public testing since 2011. Breaching the ozone layer and launching into space is what makes Kerbal Space Program stand out. From the beginning to the end, you see through the launch of a spaceship. Those who are intrigued by the building phase of space flight will enjoy Kerbal Space Program.

6 Freespace 2

Even today, many people consider Freespace 2 to be the top space game. The price has come down a substantial amount since the game released, so you'll want to get a copy right away.

Freespace 2 is a space combat simulator and a hidden gem video game for Microsoft Windows. The game was a failure in terms of sales, but sales don't mean everything in this case. Freespace 2 released in 1999 and is a sequel to Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War. Please don't overlook this title as you'll be pleasantly surprised by its gameplay.

5 Destiny 2

Sooner than expected, Bungie released a sequel to Destiny. Destiny 2 comes with more planets, weapons, abilities, and missions than Destiny. It's worth noting that Destiny 2 was developed by the same company who made the original Halo trilogy.

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Destiny 2's Crucible mode is jam-packed full of action and is more enjoyable than the original game. Destiny 2 has new weapons such as a bow and a variety of melee weapons. The graphics improved, so if you enjoyed the original game, you should probably pick up this one.

4 Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Star Wars: TIE Fighter is a sequel to Star Wars: X-Wing and is part of the highly acclaimed X-Wing series. This time around players play the villain as part of the Sith. This means you are flying for the dark emperor of the Sith and are attacking the Rebel Alliance.

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With a joystick, this flight simulator becomes very realistic. Critics and fans alike view Star Wars: TIE Fighter as one of the best flying simulators of all time for being such an excellent flight simulator for its time. This game is a PC classic worth playing.

3 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Don't confuse Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic with Star Wars: The Old Republic; they are made by the same developer but are two very different games. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a single player role-playing game that released in 2003. It follows the story of Revan, a former Sith and Force-sensitive individual who joins the Republic after having his memory wiped. With a new identity as a Republic soldier, players embark on a journey choosing a path of the light or dark side.

2 Mass Effect 2

After the release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, it appeared as if BioWare was ready to make a sequel. The project was handed off to developer Obsidian Entertainment, and BioWare would shift their focus to a new franchise.

Mass Effect is a science-fiction role-playing game that allows players to influence the outcomes of the game through dialogue options. By including dialogue options, players became more engrossed in the story. The game contains voice acting performances from well-known actors like Adam Baldwin, Seth Green, and Martin Sheen. Mass Effect 2 is without a doubt, a masterpiece and one of the best space games of all time.

1 Halo 2

This choice was easy since Halo 2 is the game that popularized the Xbox and was the driving force behind the launch of Xbox Live. Online gaming on consoles was rare before Halo 2. Halo 2's predecessor, Halo: Combat Evolved, did not have Xbox Live compatibility. Although many might think that Halo 3 was superior to Halo 2, Halo 2 was more impactful and had a more substantial space component. It's easy to say that Halo 2 is the best outer space game of all time.

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