There are a lot of pets to obtain in Maple Story 2 and any one of them is a tremendous help to your efforts to beat this MMORPG. While Normal pets are nice for added inventory space, Combat pets are by far more helpful. Every pet has identical stats at Epic status and Bonus Talents can be changed around as needed.

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But there are some pets that have additional Pet Tricks that make them far better than standard pets. These are arguably the best pets you can acquire in the game and should absolutely be striving for in this hidden gem. The locations you can find them are also located, assuming you want to grind for them and not buy them on a trade site.

10 Kabo

To get Kabo as a combat pet you’ll need to clear the Labyrinthine Halls and hope it’s rewarded to you. This tough warrior is a great companion to have on your team as each time he hits the enemy there’s a chance that that enemy’s attack will decrease by 2% for five seconds.

This is incredibly helpful for survivability as that 2% can seriously curb a boss’s lethality and can make group fights a little more bearable. It’s not the best pet on this list, but it’s miles ahead of the more common variety that doesn’t come with Pet Tricks.


9 Infernog

The only way to acquire this fearsome pet is to defeat the Infernog boss in the Chaos Raid Wrath of Infernog. Upon his defeat, there is a rare possibility that you’ll be rewarded with the pet version so expect quite a bit of grinding.

It’s worth the effort though as having Infernog on your side comes with the possibility of raising your attack by 2% for 10 seconds each time Infernog strikes the enemy. Having that 2% boost kick in now and then can cut down on how long it takes to defeat tough bosses and your overall grinding time.

8 Celine

Celine is a mermaid boss in the dungeon Song Of The Oracle. Many fans complain that this is a particularly annoying fight as you have to contend with Celine and her sister while Celine uses powerful healing abilities.

Fortunately, with enough grinding you can get Celine to be on your side and provide you with that healing ability. Whenever she strikes an enemy there is a chance that you’ll recover 100 health. Now you can be the annoying boss that makes your foes tremble with fear.

7 Kandura

Kandura is a panther warrior that serves as the boss of the BeyondLink Tris dungeon. There is a rare opportunity for the pet version to appear and can be a valuable member of your team.

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Whenever Kandura strikes the enemy there is a chance that your character will regenerate 100 health much like Celine. This can be a great benefit to glass cannon builds and it’s really helpful if you don’t have a reliable or effective healer on your side. The reason Kandura ranks higher than Celine is simply that the fight to get it is much less annoying.

6 Papulatus

To get this quirky looking pet you’ll need to grind out the Ludibrium Clock Tower which is a Chaos Raid. After spending enough time defeating this boss over and over again Papulatus can be your combat pet and gives you a very powerful ability.

Whenever Papulatus strikes an opponent there is a chance to stun the target for three seconds. This is a phenomenal ability when fighting healers, casters, bosses that are weak to stun, and other dangerous foes that need to be interrupted.

5 Erda

Deep in the Chaos Raid Frostpillar Temple are the warriors Bjorn and Erda. While Bjorn is a decent pet to have thanks to its 2% defense boost whenever your attacks miss, it’s really Erda that shines with her ability to stun for three seconds.

Her ability is no different than Papulatus but having her by your side is better than a sentient clock. It’ll take quite a bit of grinding given she’s just as likely to drop as the Bjorn pet, but it’s worth the effort.

4 Balrog

Maplestory Enemy

When it comes to pets that have a chance to deal a three-second stun on hits the Balrog comes out as the winner. Not because of stats, abilities, or anything that sets it apart from Erda or Papulatus in terms of combat, but just because having this demonic entity on your side is so much cooler.

To get your own pet Balrog you’ll need to grind out the Balrog boss in the Temple of Immortals a Chaos Raid. It can be a tricky fight, but once you get the strategy down and gear yourself up properly you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

3 Ishura

The unique dungeon Eye Of Lapenta has a number of combat pets that are well worth your time and make this area the place to do the majority of your grinding for better pets. Ishura is one you can obtain and he comes with some great abilities.

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Ishura will raise attack damage by 150 and provides a 3% boost to the damage dealt to bosses just by being present in the fight. There is also the ability to raise your attack by 4% for five seconds whenever Ishura gets a hit in. This is a great pet for bosses, though the next ones are just a tad better.

2 Landevian

Landevian also lies at the end of the unique dungeon Eye of Lapenta. This Elder Blade warrior can join your side as a combat pet and comes with a number of extremely helpful bonuses.

For starters, she will raise the player’s attack by 150 and their attack speed by 3% just by being in their presence. In addition to these standard bonuses whenever Landevian hits the enemy there is a chance to inflict bleeding for six seconds. It’s strongly recommended you take her with you into boss fights as the health bar will just drain away with her abilities.

1 Eupheria

When comparing Ishura, Landevian, and Eupheria it’s a matter of taste on which is the best, but most players agree that Eupheria is the best pet you can have in the game. She’s also found at the end of the Eye of Lupenta.

Eupheria provides a familiar 150 boost to attack and a raise in accuracy by five when present. Her unique ability, and why she’s perhaps the best combat pet, will regenerate the player’s health by 200 every five seconds when total health drops below 30%. She will need to have been in battle for at least one minute and there’s a one-minute cooldown, but oftentimes a single trigger is all that’s needed to recover and end all but the most difficult of fights.

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