There are cool weapons invented within a game and the Insect Blade, or the Insect Glaive, from Monster Hunter: World is no exception. Not only is the Insect Glaive a sword-and-spear-like weapon, it has a Kinsect, which allows you to control an insect that harvests extracts from monsters. The Kinsect allows you to boost your abilities, and the Insect Glaive gives you the ability to even vault. In other words, aerial abilities are definitely guaranteed.

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There's no denying that this weapon is a versatile and dynamic weapon - the attacks are fast, fluid, and reaching. To make the most of your Insect Glaive arsenal, here are the top ten Insect Glaives every hunter should at least touch in Monster Hunter: World.

10 Vice

First on the list is Vice, an elegant blade made from the Odogaron Monster and has a great affinity for sharpness. Vice’s natural White Sharpness makes it a reliable weapon, unlike the other glaives that require gear or Handicraft to achieve a high sharpness. In addition to the White Sharpness, Vice has 496 Raw Attack Power, 20% Affinity, 150 Fire Element Damage, Speed Boost, and has one augmentation slot. It’s important to note that the Fire Element Damage doesn’t affect Vice until the Free Elem/Ammo up skill is active.

The only reason it comes so high on the list is due to its low strength from its low raw attack damage. When using this weapon, be sure to use abilities that raise its low base strength. With the right setup, high damage can happen because it does have white sharpness and high affinity. Honestly, with it’s high affinity, it’s best to simply focus on optimizing critical damage. Other than that, this glaive is a must-have.


9 True Gae Bolg

The True Gae Bolg is an extremely cool weapon. It’s a weapon from the Behemoth Monster and looks more like a spear than anything else. This glaive is styled with the Drachen Alpha Armor Set, a set of gear most popular for hunters that use the insect glaive. This weapon has 20% Affinity, 589 Raw Attack Power, Blue Sharpness, has an Element Boost, adds 300 Dragon Element Damage and has a high Elderseal. Combine its raw damage with its high Elderseal and you have a weapon with great potential. Its ability to reach White Sharpness (with the Handicraft skill) and its high Affinity also gives hunters a reason to keep this in their weapon arsenal.

8 Tyrannis Glaive II

Coming in at number eight is the Tyrannis Glaive II. This weapon comes from the Diablos Monster and is styled with the Diablos Armor Set. It has 1 slot available and has 2 augmentation slots! It also has positive 15 Defense, negative 30% Affinity, a hidden 180 Ice Element Damage, and Stamina Boost. It also comes with 713 Raw Attack Power, and Blue Sharpness, making the damage output insane. This weapon has the highest base damage of any insect glaive and can go up to White Sharpness with the Handicraft skill. Not only that but it looks amazing - it comes styled with Diablos horns and scales decorated all throughout the blade.

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In addition, the Non-elemental Boost skill can be used to further its boost damage. Just make sure that you don’t use the Free Elem/Ammo Up skill to unlock the ice element or else the Non-elemental Boost won’t work. Hunters also need to make sure to also take the negative Affinity into account.

7 Hazak Entoma II

This one-of-a-kind glaive comes from the Vaal Hazak Monster and is styled with the Vaal Hazak Alpha and Beta Armor sets. It has 620 Raw Attack Power, Blue Sharpness, 0% Affinity, 180 Dragon Damage, and Blunt Boost Kinsect Bonus. It has 1 slot available, average Elderseal, and has two augment slots.

The Hazak Entoma II can achieve a high amount of White Sharpness with Handicraft and once attained, it can deal even more damage than Catastrophe’s Light. This translates to this glaive having the highest raw attack damage potential of any elemental insect glaive. All you need is a gear set with Handicraft in order to unlock this potential! While unattractive, this weapon is useful and pretty powerful. With the raw damage, Dragon damage, and average Elderseal, hunters can get some good blows.

6 Xeno Shmaena

The Xeno Shmaena is a solid weapon with its pros and cons. It has 15% Affinity, 120 Dragon Damage, and Stamina Boost. It also has 2 slots. Derived from the Xeno’jiva Monster, it contains 558 Raw Attack Power, and White Sharpness.

Just like the glaive above, this weapon is also not something worthy of looking at. But, also like the weapon above, this weapon is anything but boring. While the raw attack power and Dragon damage are lower than the Hazak Entoma’s, Xeno Shmaena has a 15% affinity boost and white sharpness by default. You can always Handicraft for improvements, but right off the bat, this glaive is already good to go.

5 Kjarr Glaive "Paralysis"

The Kjarr Glaive Paralysis is a mighty weapon. It has 620 Raw Attack Power, White Sharpness out the bat, 10% Affinity, 210 Paralysis Damage Element, Blunt Boost, and a Critical Status Skill. This is easily one of the best options to pick from in the Kjarr family. The Critical Status skill paired with a nice Paralysis build-up that’ll have you immobilizing enemies a couple times every fight. Generally speaking, any weapon that has paralysis is a need for any hunter, and the Kjarr Glaive Paralysis is definitely one of those weapons.


4 Taroth Glaive “Water”

This water-based insect glaive is a mighty fine weapon. It has many high aspects to it - a high Raw Attack Power, high Sharpness, and high Elemental Damage. The Taroth Glaive "Water" has 620 Raw Attack Power, Purple Sharpness, 0% Affinity, 300 Water Element Damage, and Blunt Boost. Derived from the Kulve Taroth Monster, this weapon is a need for those that can get use out of water weapons or to use against monsters that take considerable hits against Water Element Damage. This glaive is also great to use with a Non-element jewel.

3 Grunge Storm

Grunge Storm is easily well worth your time and well worth the trouble it brings. It is a weapon from the Deviljho Monster and is styled with the Deviljho Alpha Armor Set. It comes with 682 Raw Attack Power, Blue Sharpness, negative 25%, 210 Dragon Element Damage, a high Elderseal, and a Health Boost.

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This glaive can easily become White Sharpness with one Handicraft skill. The Health Boost, Dragon Damage, and the high Elderseal are also ever in your favor, making it an easy weapon to claim for hunting Elders. While the negative Affinity isn't ideal and the Raw Attack Power is lower than Tyrannis Glaive II, all the previously mentioned make it well worth the trouble.

2 Empress Cane "Ruin"

Derived from the Lunastra Monster, the Empress Cane "Ruin" has 620 Raw Attack Power, White Sharpness, 0% Affinity, 120 Blast Element Damage, Speed Boost, and a Hasten Recovery Skill. It also has one slot available. Empress Cane "Ruin" has great Raw Attack Power, but the reason it comes in the top five are two reasons: the default White Sharpness and the Hasten Recovery skill. Combine these two elements together you get the ability to build amazing builds. This glaive will make you a worthy opponent to any monster you face.

1 Catastrophe’s Light

Catastrophe’s Weapon is the ultimate insect glaive. It has the highest base damage of any elemental insect glaive. This glaive comes from the Nergigante Monster, and like any weapon from Nergigante, it is extremely versatile due to its incredibly high blue sharpness level and high base damage. The stats are: 651 Raw Attack Power, Blue Sharpness, 0% Affinity, 150 Dragon Element Damage, Sever Boost, and a high Elderseal. It also has one augmentation slot.

Unfortunately it can’t reach White Sharpness, BUT the Blue Sharpness durability will let you focus on dealing damage! This weapon has rank above all others since it can be used effectively no matter what armor & skills are being used, making it an extremely versatile and reliable weapon.

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