Today's biggest gaming news has a prominent theme - companies not acting on complaints and allegations of abuse. Beyond that ongoing situation, we've also got rumours regarding the upcoming State of Play and a reminder through the medium of games that we're all getting older with each minute that we don't hear about Metroid Prime 4.

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Activision Blizzard Is Still "Uninterested" In How Employees Feel

The biggest news of the day is unfortunately not a happy one. A new report from PC Gamer reveals that Activision Blizzard is still "uninterested" in hows its employees feel. Among promises from the strike not being acted on, current Activision Blizzard staff aren't happy that CCO Fran Townsend is still working there, with one anonymous employee saying, "The fact that she's still in charge of overseeing improvements in this area makes me have very little belief in whatever she wants to tell us".


Employees Say Ubisoft Has "A Way Of Burying" Abuse Complaints

Here's another example of a company that hasn't made any progress in its promises. A recent interview with Kotaku has revealed that several current and ex-employees claim that Ubisoft has done nothing with the abuse complaints that it has been receiving and has "a way of burying" them. Since the allegations came out earlier in the year, Ubisoft has made several promises to its employees that things are going to get better, but comments from this interview show that Ubisoft "are not there yet".

final fantasy 16
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Final Fantasy 16 News Coming Soon, As Hinted By PlayStation Website Update

Moving on from companies not living up to their promises, it looks like the long wait for Final Fantasy 16 information is going to come to an end soon. Gamers noticed that PlayStation has recently updated the game's official page on the sly, actually breaking the page in the process and removing all information from it. The best bet for this update is the upcoming State of Play, which will focus on third-party games. You can bet your Cactuars on it.

Mass Effect 3 Screenshot Of Reapers Attacking Earth

Original Mass Effect 3 Ending Had Paragon Shepard Become "King Of The Reapers"

It's fair to say that Mass Effect 3's endings are one of the low points for the series, but did you know that at least one of them was originally going to be very different? A documentary from People Make Games revealed that Shepard was originally meant to have a showdown with a Reaper Queen and be given the choice to usurp her, essentially becoming the "the big king Reaper". Weird, but it probably would have caused less issues.


Let's All Crumble To Dust - It's Been More Than 1000 Days Since Metroid Prime 4 Restarted Development

Finally, let's all take a second to appreciate just how long it takes for games to be made. Metroid fans realised that it's now been more than 1000 days since Nintendo announced that Prime 4 had restarted development. A lot has happened since then, including a brand new console generation, but even worse is the fact that it's actually been 1593 days since Metroid Prime 4 was originally announced. Let's just hope we don't reach 2000 before we see any more of it

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