Biomutant released last week to tepid reviews, with most criticizing the surprisingly lackluster combat, a boring opening section, and an overly talkative narrator. Developer Experiment 101 has been taking in feedback all week long and just released its first patch late last night hoping to address player concerns.

Starting with the narrator, who now comes with a couple of options depending on whether or not you like the voice of David Shaw Parker. New game settings allow you to toggle between just hearing the narrator, just hearing the "Gibberish" of the game's furry NPCs, or both. If you opt for both, the amount furry-speak critters say before the narrator kicks in has been reduced so as to enhance the game's pacing.

The early tutorial area of the game has also been tweaked to improve pacing and ensure players are presented with plenty of action and a little extra loot. More enemies and loot containers have been added to the opening section so players set off on the right foot, while superfluous dialog has been removed from Out-of-Date and Best-Before's conversations so you're not assaulted by a wall of exposition right off the bat.

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Combat has received an overhaul, although perhaps not to the extent that players have requested. The Dead-Eye class's Sharpshooter perk now does merely 25% enhanced damage on rifles rather than 100%, greatly reducing gunplay's effectiveness, while Psi and Bio abilities have had their damage greatly enhanced by allowing them to critical hit. Enemy attack speeds have been adjusted to make them easier to parry, while melee sound effects have been updated "across the board" to feel more impactful.

Biomutant - Interacting With The Gnoat After Fighting Off Lupa-Lupin
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A new "Extreme" difficulty setting has been added for players that find the regular difficulty settings too easy, while New Game+ now allows players to unlock perks from all classes rather than just the ones they started the game with.

Various bugs and glitches have also been squashed, but you'll have to read the full patch notes read about 'em. Keep in mind this patch is only for PC, and console players will have to wait a week or two before these changes go live.

Biomutant is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

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