Martyr Logarius is one of Bloodborne's toughest optional bosses. You’ll need to face him if you want to gain access to Cairnhurst Castle and the Vilebloods. He has a fair amount of health, a large arsenal of physical and magic attacks, and is very aggressive. But, with this guide, you should be able to beat him no problem.

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Logarius has three phases. The first will see him being kind of cautious and mostly choosing to use magic attacks against you. These come in the form of bloodred skulls that float at you. Not only are they straight-up creepy, but they track you, too. Use the spires on the roof or dodge past them to get back into the fight.

When you’re too close to him, in melee range, he’ll often cast a large skull that can blow up and hit you for area of effect damage. Dodge to the left to avoid this. As you might have noticed, the first big tip is as follows.

Timing Is Everything

logarius in front of cairnhurst castle

He will still do some melee attacks and these are your chances to get off big damage. Logarius telegraphs his attacks very easily as he brings his staff up high before swinging it back down on you. Shoot him just at the peak of the swing and you’ll stagger him, enabling you to do a visceral attack for huge damage. Equip any Clawmark Caryll Runes you have to boost the damage of these attacks.


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Once you’ve taken off half of his health, he’ll stab his staff in the ground and start charging. This will buff him, but you can cancel the buff. Just run up behind him and perform a charged R2 attack then visceral attack. This should cancel his buffs, though he’ll still use a new moveset.

In this new phase, he’ll whip out a sword and start to do some crazy jumping attacks. These will break your lock on him and make him hard to spot, but just keep dodging and you should be fine. When he lands, he’ll be vulnerable to a few hits, so take advantage and hammer away. He gets a lot more aggressive in this stage and starts to use more melee attacks. Keep trying to stagger him to take big chunks off his health with visceral attacks.

Opt For Physical Damage

logarius in his arena

Once he’s down to a third of his health, the final phase for this optional boss will begin. Now, he’ll start leaving his sword in the ground; destroy it immediately by shooting it or attacking it. If you leave it, the sword summons a cloud of flying swords that will try to attack you. A pistol will let you shoot this at a distance, so bring one of those to the fight. Just keep opening him up for visceral attacks and you should be fine.

Some final tips:

  • Logarius has very good fire, bolt, and arcane defenses
  • use a physical weapon against him
  • he cannot fall off the roof, but you certainly can

Keep an eye on your surroundings and try not to slip off that roof. It’s a long run from the lamp back to the boss fight. And remember that if you keep struggling against him, just level up a bit more or upgrade your weapon and try again.

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