The Metroidvania hit Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night keeps in the spirit of Castlevania with its gothic themes, vast side-scrolling locales, and thrilling combat. Expanding on this classic formula, the game offers an abundance of secret and barred areas that provide access to even more awesome goodies and enemies to slay.

Despite its seemingly simple retro style, Bloodstained is chock-full of explorable areas and tough enemies to stave off over the course of its 14-hour campaign. There's also a bounty of fun weapons, satisfying abilities, and other items to obtain — nearly tripling the amount of content and time for completionists.

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Among the array of special items to collect are a handful of hidden keys, which are used to unlock special rooms and give way to some tough bonus boss fights. This guide will serve as a blueprint regarding the uses and locations of each key in the game, where it can be used, and what demonic foes lurk on the other side. While most of these aren't required to progress, these secret boss fights can be great for gaining more XP and some awesome goodies.

Village Key

Split image of Dominique Location and shop in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

This key opens a locked door that's located in the upper-right region of Arvantville. The key itself can be obtained in the safe shelter of Arvantville, which is home to a few NPCs in addition to the shopkeeper Dominique.


To get this key, speak with Dominique inside the shelter. This region is on the lower level of the village, just across the way from the save room. She will hand you the key upon unlocking her supply post.

Celeste's Key

Split image of Celeste key in chest and Hall of Termination map in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

This is a key that unlocks a door leading to Celeste's room. Unlike the other keys listed below, this doesn't lead to a secret boss fight, but simply an empty room with playable music boxes. It's meant as a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing room to unwind from the frantic action for a bit.

The key can be found directly east of Iga's room, near the fast travel point, the Hall of Termination. Travel to this location and leave the room. The next room over will have a staircase and a couple of floating faeries.

Hop onto the platform in this room, jump up and break the ceiling above. This will allow you to reach the upper room which holds the key. The key will be found in the middle chest among the three chests.

Celeste's Room

Split image of Celeste room with cat painting and Livre Ex Machina map in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

Celeste's Room itself can be found in Livre Ex Machina, just beneath and to the left of the save room on the upper east side of this region of the map. This is most quickly accessible by using the Hall of Termination fast travel point. Enter this peaceful room, play some music, and take some well-deserved time off!

Carpenter's Key

split image of Carpenters key in chest and map of Dian Cecth Cathedral  in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

This key can be obtained in the Dian Cecht Cathedra, which is fairly close to the area that houses Celeste's key. First, you'll need to use the Invert ability that is in the towering room to the west of the Hall of Termination.

Use Invert in order to "fall" upwards to the ceiling. Then use the move again to flip back to an elevated platform in the upper-left corner. Here, you'll find the chest that holds the key.

Carpenter's Room

split image of fighting secret boss in blacksmith room and Oriental Sorcery Lab map  in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

The Carpenter's room rests near the fast travel point of Oriental Sorcery Lab. Exit this room and jump to the area just above it. The area leading to this room has a gold statue in the distance and a platform with a ramp and a small staircase. A particularly tough boss awaits you here, so be prepared!

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Millionaire's Key

split image of Millionaire's key in chest and map of Den of Behemoths  in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

This valuable key can be found in the Den of Behemoths, specifically in the vast hall in the upper region of the area. Use your Invert ability once again while positioned roughly in the center of this large room to reach the top. While on the ceiling, make your way left (east on the map), and you'll soon come upon the chest. Flip back around to gain access to the chest, where the key will be waiting.

Additionally — you can choose to use Zengetsuto to fly upward and reach the chest that way.

Millionaire's Room

Split image of mimic slot machine chest and map of Hall ot Termination  in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

The Millionaire's room is fittingly home to a ravenous Mimic chest wearing a slot machine top. To reach this tough but amusing fight, simply go to the fast-travel point in the Hall of Termination again, and drop a room down.

Head directly east of the save room, reaching a lavish hall with a staircase. Hop across to the platform across the way from the staircase, and you're good to go.

Warhorse's Key

split image of icy area with Warhorse key in chest and map of Glacial Tomb  in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

For this key, you'll need to head down to the icy Glacial Tomb; one of the final regions you'll reach in the game. It rests in the western part of the region's top hall; a few rooms west of the fast travel point, and north-west of the save room. There is an icy nook and dead-end where the chest resides.

It can be found just after encountering the foes known as G Axe Outsider and Gusion Cannon. The latter can be seen guarding the chest that holds the key. Slay the creature perched atop this chest and you'll be clear to nab the key.

Warhorse's Room

split image of Miriam fighting secret boss in dark cathedral and Garden of Silence map  in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

To reach the Warhorse room, teleport to the Garden of Silence and speak to the Coachman, who will aid you in crossing the gap. Once this is done, head west and drop to the lower region, where you'll see a locked door. There will be a large pile of rubble and some growth in the background just before this room.

This is another difficult skirmish, so be sure you've saved fairly recently and load up on items to heal your HP and MP.

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