Bluepoint is renowned for its work on the likes of the new Demon's Souls remake and Shadow of Colossus' own, and the studio even helped out with Titanfall, but it isn't slowing down anytime soon. Rather, Bluepoint is hiring with the intent to "push the bounds" in its next game.

The next game from the studio has reportedly been in development since November 2019, but that's about the extent of what's known. Bluepoint was at the epicenter of swirling rumors regarding remakes of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, but there's no way of telling right now whether or not those rumours hold any ground. All we know right now is that the company is indeed working on something else, which shouldn't be a surprise since Demon's Souls released last year.

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There's still a wealth of potential, though, as Bluepoint has no doubt learned a great deal from playing around with some of PlayStation's biggest hits, but what should be noted is that Bluepoint isn't owned by Sony. There have been rumours for a while, but as it stands right now Bluepoint isn't a first-party studio, and therefore could technically be making a game for anyone right now.

Demons Souls Remake Changes

Even with that in mind, it's still pretty likely that Bluepoint's next game will be a Sony exclusive. Bluepoint's last few titles have all been related to PlayStation, so it would make sense for them to continue that working relationship into whatever is coming next.

If you've not kept your ear to the ground, you might have missed some of the rumours swirling around Bluepoint. The team has remade several high-profile games over the last few years, so it's almost always speculated that whatever they're working on next is a remake of some kind.


The prevailing rumour is that they're currently working on a Metal Gear Solid remake. David Hayer, the voice of Solid Snake, has recently been convinced that the game is more than just a rumour after seeing an insider text.

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