Borderlands has many charming and iconic characters. The franchise also has its fair share of weird and crazy characters as well. Although it would be expected to see people going insane in Pandora, Doctor Patricia Tannis was pushed to an extreme.

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An insanely intelligent, science person, she decided to stay in Pandora after the death of her whole team. All that just to learn more about the Vault. She is quirky, or even crazy, for most of the first game.

However, one can easily empathize with her if paying attention to all that she has been through. Patricia definitely is one of the most well-written characters of the franchise.

10 She Has Showed Up In All Of The Main Series Games

Borderlands - all versions of Dr Patricia Tannis

Dr. Patricia Tannis is one of those memorable characters that the developers just decided to use more. And it seems that the more they used her, the more they liked her because she kept coming back. She is vital to the main storyline of the first Borderlands game. In Borderlands 2, she is there to give Vault Hunters some side quests.

It seems that at some point, Gearbox recognized the importance of the character. They eventually gave her a bigger role in the third game of the Franchise. She also features in the sadly loathed Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in a few easter eggs.


9 Pandora Made Her Insane

Borderlands - Patricia Tannis Art

Due to the harsh environment and death of most of her colleagues, Tannis started losing her sanity. Over time, she started to be emotionally attached to her recording device and her two chairs. Sadly, it was the way she found to cope with her loneliness. She gets better in Borderlands 3, but it is clear that Pandora took a tool on her.

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At first, she was hired by Dahl corporation to find the hidden vault in Pandora, but even her employees lost interest in the planet. Patricia Tannis decided to stay, though. She was alone, but it seems that she could not stop after everything that this hunt cost her already.

8 She Has Never Met A Child

Borderlands - Patricia Tannis Face

This is a bit disturbing, but it does give us some insight into how Dr. Patricia Tannis was raised. She was certainly not a normal kid. For some reason, she never met any child throughout her whole life. This either means that she was completely isolated from other kids or that she was always being carried by her parents to places that were not best suited for kids.

This information is provided to the players by a dialogue line of hers about bandits. It seems that she does not understand why children like candy either. The exact line is: "These bandits naturally migrated to the training area like children to candy. Or so I've been told. Never met a child, but I'm certain I'd hate them."

7 She Wanted To Be A Vault Hunter At First

Borderlands - Typhoon DeLeon

Inspired by the first Vault Hunter ever, Typhon DeLeon, Dr. Patricia Tannis, decided that she'd also be a Vault Hunter. Maybe she was inspired by the fact that Typhon was a good guy who was not really a specialized fighter. It is possible that it made Patricia think she'd be suited for such the task as well.

It did not take long for her to realize that it was not the case. She came to the conclusion that her brain was her strength, and quit her original plan. Instead of becoming a Vault Hunter, she'd study them.

6 She Was Aware Of How Insane She Was Becoming

Borderlands - Patricia was going insane

Observant as she has always been, Dr. Tannis was very aware of how little sanity she had left after several months in Pandora. She started recording every thought and memory. Including the fact that she did not feel anything due to the death of her colleagues. She was also having conversations with her dead mother.

As she was speaking about her mother, she mentioned that she knows her mother is dead. At some point, Patricia even wonders if she is at a point that she cannot go back to being sane anymore.

5 She Had Feelings For Her Ceiling Chair

Borderlands - Patricia says how brave her chair - Phillipe - was when it was being tortured

With her sanity long gone, Patricia became friends with two ceiling chairs. She even developed feelings for one of the two. Once Handsome Jack decided to go to Pandora and take Vault's key, he captured and tortured her. That was one of the worst things he has ever done. Since he orchestrated and observed the events of the first game. Because of that, Jack knew who was holding the key.

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This was not very effective at first, but Jack then realized what Patricia cared about. He made her watch her chairs being tortured. The first chair, Clark, survived the torture. However, the bad guys went to work on Phillipe, the other chair, right after. That was too much for her.

4 She Eventually Got Better And Managed To Awkwardly Have Conversations

Borderlands - Patricia seemed excited after having a conversation

Relocated to Sanctuary by Roland to her own safety, Dr. Tannis was terrified of social interactions. Someone told her that she was pretty, which caused her to stick her head in a bucked for 3 hours feeling like she was about to throw up.

When she was finally able to have a near-normal human interaction with someone else, Patricia recorded her experience. When listening to her Echo Recorder, it is easy to notice that Patricia is somewhat excited by the idea of managing to have a conversation with another human being.

3 Her Siren Powers Came From Angel

Borderlands - Patricia Tannis is a Siren

Handsome Jack's daughter, Angel, was a powerful Siren. She is the one who keeps talking to the Vault Hunters during the first game. Although there is not enough explanation about the events that follow her death. Somehow, after Angel passed away, her powers went to Dr. Patricia Tannis, making her a legendary Siren.

She mentions what happened to Lilith, but they both decided to keep it a secret at first. She got seven years to study her own powers before the events of Borderlands 3. This transformation is one of the most noticeable changes a character goes through from Borderlands 2 to 3.

2 She Gets Much Better Throughout The Years

Borderlands - Patricia Tannis being emotional about Typhon's death

Although she most likely had a weird childhood and lived through traumatizing moments in Pandora, Roland and Lilith took good care of Dr. Tannis. Eventually, she became able to socialize, to an extent, and hold conversations with people. She never stopped making inanimate friends, though.

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Patricia even got to talk to the person who inspired her journey, the first hunter. After he died, she even showed how she regretted not having talked to him more. She was someone who could not withstand the idea of having a conversation with another human in Borderlands 2.

1 She Enjoys Studying Psychos

Borderlands - Patricia Tannis holding a brain

Although she gets better throughout the games, Dr. Patricia Tannis still is a curious, weird doctor. She enlisted Krieg in order to study his brain. She wanted to know what makes someone become a psycho. Krieg was experimented on by Dr. Benedict in order to become what he is. He is one of the characters with a great backstory that people tend to miss.

The results of her research are mostly inconclusive. By the end of Borderlands 3, there's not much about it that we get to know. Krieg's psychosis is described by Anthony Burch as "a man driving an out-of-control truck: he cannot stop the truck, but he can try to steer it."

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